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Bathroom design in black and white: interior secrets

Every morning, every person begins with a visit to the bathroom. This place is one of the main premises, where we give himself up, We wake from sleep, and after a day of relax. Our mood depends on, that surrounds us, so the bathroom interior should inspire the working spirit of the morning. Bathroom design in black and white is the original decision, which has its own peculiarities and secrets in the design.


Advantages of two-color design

The main features, characterizing the bathroom in black and white, They are its style and elegance. It is not enough to be only the presence of these shades, they must also be in harmony with each other. The presence of decorative details as necessary, because it makes the interior more saturated. In general, the union of black and white is popular for bathroom design.

The main advantages of black and white design can be called:

  • Classic style. These two colors will never go out of style, so always find adherents among people, decided to carry out design of the room in this style;
  • Regardless of the style of the interior - minimalism, high-tech and classicism, Black and white is always fit into any design registration;
  • Black and white are the colors - antagonists, they create a contrast, so easily in any design decisions;
  • If the correct accents, and to prioritize white, you can achieve the visual expansion bathroom;
  • We recommend the use of decorative accessories, provided, that they will not be particularly bright color, so as not to detract from the style the bathroom;

If on the contrary, I want to draw attention to any particular object in the room, it will be enough to make it any color, and he immediately profitable will stand out among all of the interior.

Tricks bathroom design in different colors

If it has been decided on their own, make interior design, you need to know a few features, which will make it harmonious. It is important to determine, which of the two colors is dominant tone. Designers recommend to resort to a few tricks in the interior.

The choice of main colors

In determining the predominant color, pay attention to the dimensions of the bathroom space. Even when there are many options available to visually enlarge a small room and make it attractive. To begin, select the dominant color white. Black is the color, conversely, though slightly, but still it can create the illusion of losing some space.

If the bathroom has impressive dimensions, You can use black as the main. Experts believe, Black is capable of very elegantly emphasize the walls and become profitable background for additional decor. But do not overdo it with this color, because then the bathroom will become kind of a mourning.

The dominant color of the tile does not have to be monotonous. Do not forget, that today is offered a variety of options tiles with patterns. In this case, ornament or design which is dilute contrast two opposite colors. Also with the help of a pattern, you can create a visible border between the bathroom areas.

The choice of geometric shapes

Change geometric shapes bathroom is not so difficult. Room design can start with the floor surface.


  • option put tiles on the floor in a checkerboard pattern is a traditional, and will always look a winner. If a small bathroom area, designers are advised to lay the floor is not straight, and diagonally. Such a maneuver to visually expand the space on the floor.
  • Another good option combining black and white - laying tile on the floor in the form of a carpet: such as a black border on the perimeter of the bathroom, further square tiles, comprising patterned ornament, and the middle of the so-called "mat" put white.

To make the walls visually longer, you can arrange them in different colors: two opposite walls - white, Two others - tiles black color. Another trick: use contrasting stripes in the design of the walls and thus make them visually above. This will add rigor and expressiveness of the interior space.

If the apartment is low ceilings, there is no reason to make them even lower and use a darker color in the decoration. To do this, simply use the white waterproof paint for ceiling. White will always create the illusion of increase;

Also, there are some features, that will occur when black-and-white interior. The first is soiled white. Of course, Bathroom - the place, where basically no dirt, because permanent access to water is present. However, be prepared to, that will have to be regularly cleaned the surface of the white tiles.

Black pieces of furniture and sanitary devices also require careful maintenance. for example, if not to wash off the remnants of detergents with black plumbing, then on it will remain divorces, that looks ugly. Also, on the black object is very well seen the settled dust.

When choosing ceramic tiles, do not give preference to low cost options, better select products reputable manufacturers.

Selection of necessary furniture and sanitary ware

Black and white sanitary ware is widely represented in the sanitary ware stores, so the problems with its search does not arise. Do not overlook also the option of making furniture in the bathroom under the order.

In addition to purely black and white bathing in the shops you can find extravagant black and white sanitary ware, especially, Free standing baths, black outside and white inside. To be sure, that the color layer on the bath will not fade or scratch in a year or two of use, make, that the manufacturer has taken care of its strength. If this acrylic bathtub, the top side of a black bath should be covered with a transparent layer of acrylic, that even if the bath is scratched, and it will have to grind, this is not reflected in its color. Baths made of artificial stone in black and white colors will last a long time and not lose their bright colors, if applied high calcination technology when staining.Bath in the black and white photo Viva Lusso

Basic rules of selection and combination of plumbing and furniture:


  • It is not necessary to install plumbing in black near the wall, performed in the same color. Such a move will not add original effects in the room, but rather the other way around, sozdast nahromozhdenye. All items will merge into a monochrome picture, however preferable to use the contrast;
  • In some areas, the location of plumbing may use zoning. for example, in place, where installed toilet, You can use tile mosaic, Laid with decorative patterns and ornaments;
  • When selecting furniture for the bathroom, pay attention to the high-gloss surfaces. Gloss is very advantageous looks among black and white design, thanks to its reflective surface.
  • Stick to one story line of the selected design, carefully select every detail of the interior, not in a hurry with a choice of finishing materials. It is better to plan everything in advance, then to enjoy the result.

The choice of lighting and accessories in the bathroom

Proper lighting will help to divide the bathroom into functional areas, as well as add comfort and coziness.

If the interior of the main color is black - lighting should be ample, otherwise the small presence of light make the room gloomy.

Besides, dim lights create the effect of a small bathroom. Therefore, in order to better emphasize your invented design, increase the number of light bulbs: it can be ceiling or wall lamp, and spotlights, shelf lighting, cupboard with mirror and other elements of the room.


Mirror - one of the elements, radically changing the general perception of the room. Proper placement of mirrors in the bathroom will also create the visual effect of increasing the space. It is not necessary to do so, that mirrors the black elements in the bathroom: eg, cabinet hardware, Shelves and other pieces of furniture. It is better, to look in the mirror you can see the reflection of the white objects. It is not necessary to hang a mirror there, where there is a place for this, better to think carefully about the location of this important element.

Decorative accessories also complement the interior and give the bathroom design is complete. Optionally, give preference to black and white subjects, Details of other colors, for example red, Yellow or Blue, markedly revive monochrome bathroom design. It is also necessary to ensure that, to all the accessories for taking bath - towels, bathrobes, which will be located in a prominent place, perfectly fit the interior.

Bathroom design in black and white - is always original and at the same time rigorous solution processing facilities, which is always topical.



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One comment on the record "Bathroom design in black and white: interior secrets

  1. Bathrooms are in black and white colors always looked gorgeous, rich and very stylish. In the hotel, when I was resting was the bathroom in such colors, own bathroom by the way, not great, but such design, somehow increase its, it seems more spacious. I also saw the kitchen in black and white, my aunt is such, repairs done about a year ago, it is generally a fan of dark colors. And I want to tell you, as the kitchen in black and white looks superb. Lozhili floor tiles in the form of rhombs, the wall is, the transition, from black to white, cabinets are white with black accents. Type of course I liked, though I've always been the kind of tone in the house. In general, black and white is always in fashion, therefore making the bathroom in these colors, you will always be in trend!

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