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Using gashes under 45 in the design of angles

The greatest difficulty in laying tiles should be named after the finish of the interior angles, as well as external. Especially if you need to produce washed down under 45 degrees. In this case, the main thing - the right to choose a specific version of its execution, as well as to take into account possible errors.

Using a grinder

Few people know about, how to make the corner tiles with high quality and in a fairly short period of time, with the least financial cost. The most successful option to create an angle on the tile in the 45 degrees - application angle grinder, which is equipped with a diamond disk. The disc is designed to carry it dry cutting. To work with such tools should be carefully and with caution, to follow laying tiles corners successful.

Washed down tiles under 45

If there is no skill of creating washed down under 45 degrees, the best pre-workout, that is to take unnecessary items and tiles on its experiment. Cutting tiles at an angle - a very laborious process, requiring skills. The trial version will allow more precisely and accurately work, that is good to train the hand.

stages of work

Work is carried out in several stages:Washed down tiles under 45

  1. First tile set on edge, to undercut angle is perpendicular to the surface.
  2. Angle ceramic tile is chosen at SEWING 45 degrees. When this work is carried out on the reverse side of the tiles - glinennoy.
  3. When the irregularities, they may try to hide by using the same grinder. In conventional bolgarka can be used as a tool for grinding, to which is attached a special drive, with the possibility of fixing the sanding circular shape corresponding coarseness (Velcro circles, which can be easily replaced with new if SEWING).

When performed correctly cutting the tile at an angle 45 degrees, docking will thin and with little or no education gap. But even in this case it will be very noticeable. All prominent place, tile joints at the corners, They will feature the best way.

To work can come completely any tile, any modification. Important to keep all properties and quality of the decorative top layer, glaze. Avoid damage to allow execution of works not in proximity to such surface. Will be sufficient to maintain a distance of 2 mm.Washed down tiles under 45

If there are irregularities formed on the corner at the dock, you can use special solution, designed for joints. With it, hiding all the flaws and errors. Tile seams in the corners will be almost negligible.

If there are doubts about the quality of the saw cut tiles under 45 degrees, it is best to seek professional help, having some experience.

Working with the grinder in the device under washed down 45 It is simple, but the selection of the disc is required. No harm will consult a specialist. The main disadvantage is that, that a large amount of dust. Do not be amiss to move in the room, where it will be less influential, such as a balcony.


Here already we are talking about professionals, are engaged in similar activities on an ongoing basis. The most popular are two models of the company Feida:

  • Feida TC 200;
  • Feida TC 250.

Washed down tiles under 45

Despite, that is the production of Chinese companies, they are of high quality and precision cutting.

Using them completely performed every tile angle, which will be necessary for stacking. Most often it is 45 degrees and is popular.

Also among the reliability of firms and different Einhell Proton.

A lot of problems here arise when working with wavy tiles, As to when the glaze of the tile cutter. It becomes chipped and "ragged", which is considerably spoils the appearance. Working with tiles will normally be performed by professionals. After all, no one will not buy for personal use expensive equipment. Such work performed extremely rare:

  • at the device outside corners;
  • when entering a particular room.

When ordering services from the construction firm, it is best to pre-clarify its status and experience in this area. Not rare, when "destroyed" a large number of tiles. Every nuance necessary to register beforehand in the contract concluded, that in the future there were no problems in the proceedings.Washed down tiles under 45

The quality of execution washed down under 45 degrees with the help of a professional Tile noticeable immediately and will each. In addition, work is being done in a short time, that allows you to proceed with the laying of tiles almost immediately. This tile corners design will appeal to every owner of premises, which will be glued tiles.

Using sandpaper

This material often comes to the rescue, to conceal the discrepancies prior work, when damaged or were chipped glaze. In addition, there is another version of the application of sandpaper.

Instead of professional tools and the need to preserve the glaze layer, on the front of the incision using a glass cutter. Thereafter, the back side grinder made inscription the letter «V», to be performed over the entire width of the tile. It remains only to break element, and the remaining work is completed using sandpaper.Washed down tiles under 45

Some craftsmen are trying to cut back on work costs, using only conventional sandpaper. In this case, washed down corners under tiles 45 degree carried out independently, monitor the state of the clay and the glaze itself. Washed down tiles under 45If you overdo it, the damage will affect the tile, Consequently, You have to spend money to buy a similar material. Essential to play and very rude nazhdachki, which should vary.

For exact alignment approach two options for the material to create a bevel 45 degrees:

  1. №40 and №60.
  2. №40 and №80.

The first number will be used as a rough adjustment of the tiles, and the second, to how to create a higher quality is really smooth and high quality surface. Only then can you put the tiles on the corner, without fear, criticism from. Subject to the requirements and recommendations of the experts in the performance of gashes under 45 degrees, is not the question arises, how to decorate the tile corners. As a result, even be possible to say that, that turned tiles without corners.

For greater clarity should see themed movies, a selection of which we have made a little lower.

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