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How to Hang a chandelier right

For many, it may seem difficult to survey, how to hang a chandelier with his own hands. In fact, this problem is quite simple in the decision, and it seems difficult simply because of the lack of experience. To install chandeliers enough to know a number of specific rules and take into account the features of the installation. It should be taken into account, that work with electrical appliances dangerous business, and that's why, Follow all the action strictly according to instructions to hang a chandelier with his own hands

required tools

First, let's find out, What we need the tool for work.

To properly set the chandelier on the ceiling with his hands need:

  1. Ladder;
  2. Electric drill with the function of the gun:
  3. Screwdriver indicator:
  4. Pliers with insulated handles;
  5. Nippers;
  6. Screwdriver;
  7. adhesive tape;
  8. Unit for clamping wires.

The tool is not much, while in certain cases it is possible to abandon some devices

Installation Steps chandeliers

Now consider, what processes we will need to perform, within the installation. There are only five:

  1. Preparing for chandelier hook.
  2. Prepare wires.
  3. chandeliers.
  4. Checking the system health.
  5. Installation of ceilings.

In total, all the work will take no more than an hour, the right approach and strict adherence to the instructions and even less.

Setting the suspension hook

installation hook for attaching the chandelier
Install special hook

The first thing you need to find the right hook. His choice depends on the size, type and weight of the chandelier. Accordingly, when selecting should be carried out by Strength.

The next step is the installation of the hook, that is carried out as follows::

  1. Prepare the hook, to which will be attached chandelier.
  2. LH in the center of the ceiling (close to the wire) via hole punch or hammer drill.
  3. A hook attached to the ceiling anchor means, and then wrap it with two layers of adhesive tape.
  4. An important factor is the light of the recommendations of the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer chandeliers. It can be specified to the ground, in which case it is connected as mandatory.

After installation, mounting, proceed to the next step.

Preparing the wiring

In order, how to hang a chandelier questions should arise, but the main task, and the most difficult becomes its connection. To do this, and it is necessary to prepare in advance the wire, that is done as follows::

  1. Disconnect the power supply from the room, using the circuit breakers at the distribution switch box. If it does not exist, then completely switch off the power supply via plug on the counter.
  2. The next step, check the voltage on the network. This will require an indicator. If the lamp lights up on it, then the network has a current.
  3. Now look for the ceiling three wires "zero" and the two phase, they are required to connect the chandelier. The neutral wire goes into a wiring box, and the phase output to the switch.
  4. Once again, check the voltage, convinced of his absence from each wire, remove the part of the insulation peeled and spread the ends apart, to prevent accidental closure.
  5. Remove the insulation must be at least 3-5 millimeters.

Initial training takes place over, Now you can go directly to the connection, but before that you need to determine, which wire phase, and a zero.

Determination of tension in the wires

Now define, which wire is "zero", and what - phase. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Re-enable the electricity in the room, as well as the switch in the room.
  2. In turn touch the indicator to the tips of the wires. A lit LED will indicate the "phase", no bulb glow indicates, that you have found the neutral wire.
  3. Mark the "neutral" with a piece of adhesive tape, so as not to lose it.mains voltage check

Taking into account the current requirements for posting such actions do not need, since electrical devices rules require pre-printed label. In this way, If you have installed new wiring, you can distinguish between the wires as follows::

  1. Phase denoted by the standards of a black or brown.
  2. Neutral conductor - blue.

But it is necessary to take into account, that they could not be properly connected to the panel, because it never hurts to check.

Determines the phase connection in chandelier

Now it is also necessary to determine the wire at the very chandelier.

  1. Usually, Electric lamps are marked accordingly. Usually three business wires laid in the tube and displayed on a mounting block with terminals. Block subsequently removed under a decorative lamp cartridge.
  2. In the absence of labeling in turn include the power outlet of any two wires, extending from the lamp, without touching at the same time to the third output.
  3. When the lamps ignite half, mark included wires with electrical tape.
  4. One of them leave in the socket, and in the second place the third wire set.
  5. If it lit up the other half of the lamps, it indicates, that you have found a second phase concluded. The wire, which during the operation remained in the socket, It will be "zero".
  6. When, if the second half are not lit., then a zero will be carried, which has remained untouched.

detail, how to connect the chandelier with a large number of contacts.

Suspension and connection Chandeliers

Now it remains only a few steps, namely, hang the chandelier and connect the wires.

  1. Carefully hang the chandelier on the hook.
  2. Connect "zero" chandeliers carried to the same end of the electrical network on the ceiling.
  3. Connect with each other and also the phase conductors.
  4. Do not use soldering or twisting for connecting copper and aluminum wires. Use for mounting special clamping block. It connects two wires serving as a conduit between them.chandeliers connection with their hands

Checking system

And we have almost come to the end of work. Now it's time to check the result, before the final steps:

  1. Turning on electricity supply.
  2. Turn on the switch.
  3. Chandelier should normally burn or spark.
  4. Inclusion should take place immediately without any problems.

If there are any faults, here are two options:

  1. Or faulty itself chandelier.
  2. And second it becomes a wrong connection.

In any case it is necessary to turn off the power supply, check connection, if all is well with him, then go to the store to return the defective chandelier.

Setting the ceiling

To install the ceiling chandelier hook is no longer needed, it is fixed directly onto the ceiling with fastening at the bottom of the housing.

The hook serves as a temporary holder for work, after fixation chandeliers, he removed. Fixing is carried out in different ways, depending on the type of base:

  1. When the wooden ceiling mount can be carried out by conventional screws.
  2. For concrete foundation anchor bolts are used.
  3. metal dowels are used for drywall.
  4. When, if the weight of the chandelier more 15 kilogram, in any case used the anchor.consolidation chandeliers

In this installation completed. For better absorption of the material is recommended to see a few videos on the installation of such devices. And remember, installation process is not complicated chandeliers, just takes the right approach and a little time. We also recommend the lighting options, and maybe you decide to abandon the chandeliers in favor of another system.

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