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How is the self-replacement of glass

Plastic windows have a solid design and have a long service life. But the replacement of glass due to various reasons it may be necessary over time - broken or cracked glass or a desire to replace the obsolete model to a more modern. This will eliminate the appearance of misting and ice on them in the cold season, increase noise isolation and reduce the thermal conductivity of the window.

Constituent elements of the glazing unit

Of course, you can hire the services of companies, specializing in the manufacture of, plastic window installation and repair, but many home owners are interested in, how to replace the glass unit in a plastic box on their own. Before ordering and installing the new structure should be carried out of the old product measurements. Consider the characteristics of the elements, members of the PVC windows.

Glazing is a sealed system, comprising a certain amount of glass - 2, 3 and more. The glass sheets separates the perforated aluminum frame, containing granular silica, efficiently absorbing moisture and preventing fogging of the glass surfaces. During manufacture construction sealant is poured, preventing penetration of moisture and dirt into the.

replace glazed

Replacing the glass in the window

If you need to replace broken glass in the pane, should be considered, This operation is much more difficult, than replacement glass unit in a plastic box and quality can be performed only at the factory with modern equipment.

This is because the, that part of the silica window structure when contained depressurization chamber absorbs moisture in the ambient air.

As a result, the newly established glass after a while begins to act dew. There is another option - on the internal elements of the product will begin to appear in the form of a fluid yellow mass absorbed moisture gel. Therefore, replacement of glass in a plastic box must be carried out only in cases, when to replace glazed same problematic or even impossible. for example, when used in the composition of its unique stained glass windows in the form of, having original invoice, shading, etc.. P.

How can you replace the glass in the pane with his own hands? It is necessary to remove the glazing, positioned on the table so, to require the replacement glass is top. It must be removed, eg, cutting off the sides of the profile with a sharp knife. Perforated aluminum frame is changed to a new, after filling with granular desiccant air. This prevents fogging of the glass. To fix the frame in place, you can use double-sided tape. New glass should be cut neatly, its inner surface wipe with alcohol. Installation is made with silicone sealant, applied on the perimeter. After drying, glazing silicone put into place using the adjusting plates and fixed with glazing beads.

Replacing the glass in the pane with his own hands

How to remove the size of glass

Before, how to replace the glazing, you must order its manufacturing, contacting a specialized company, providing this type of service. To do this, you need to determine its size.

Looking closely to the structure of the window frame, it can be seen abroad, It is based on dividing the framing glass bead. Measuring the width and length of the rectangle, formed by the glazing bead (including its thickness), obtain preliminary dimensions be replaced broken glass.

Between the glass and the frame, you must have the strain of the gap, promoting free adjustment of design and preventing its destruction during the expansion of materials under the influence of temperature fluctuations. Therefore, the final result can be obtained, subtracting from the pre 1-1.5 cm. Further, it should determine the number of cells in the packet.

Replacing broken glass unit

Replacement of glass with their hands

To carry out the work needed with a rubber mallet and a boot knife (instead of a knife, you can use a chisel). The first phase of the replacement of glass in the windows - the dismantling of previously established. To protect the frame from scratch is recommended to paste over her masking tape.

Sequence of dismantling of the window element when replacing the double-glazed window with his hands:

  1. Insert the tip of a knife or a chisel into the opening, separating the fillet from the frame. In order to separate and remove the bead, you need to carefully tap the blade with a hammer. One should start from the middle of canvas, gradually moving towards the edges. All operations must be carried out as carefully as possible, to avoid accidental damage to the base.
  2. Initially removed bead, on the right side, then - to the left, then - the upper and the last - the bottom.
  3. Remove the old glazing. Self is not easy to perform this action, so it is advisable to take advantage of the help of others. Facilitate the operation can be special sucker, intended for fixing canvases.

How to replace the glass unit in a plastic box on their own

Installation of new glazing

When installed in a new plastic window glazing for the proper arrangement of smooth products are used special straightening plates. These details allow us to fix pack, adjusting the accuracy of its placement. If the window blind, You can restrict installation plates in the lower part of the structure. The opening casements - additionally be positioned at the two corners of the - in the lower hinge region and upper opposite, stepping on 10 see the side.

Glazing mounted fixed on the perimeter of the sealing rubber, then - shtapikami, reverse order of their attachment sequence removal. It should begin with a short lower, and finish - long right. Initially inserted into the frame corners bead, then tapping a rubber mallet to slam on his runs designed for him a place. In order not to confuse the glazing beads in dismantling them, you can mark. The total duration of the replacement of glass windows is about 25 minutes.

Replacement of glass in a plastic box

The nuances of the replacement of glass

Replacement of glass plastic windows may be needed in case of damage or workmanship glass windows. A crack in the glass may occur due to a number of reasons:

  • Incorrect performance measurements;
  • Incorrectly performed installation of windows (not left the necessary clearances, shim plates are displaced or missing, applying foam abuse), resulting in a breach of its geometry;
  • Failure to comply with rules governing the storage of materials, used for the manufacture of window;
  • Sudden changes in atmospheric pressure during operation of the product;
  • Application of the critical pressure of the sash window, leads to disruption of the glass and damage geometry.

Work on insulating glass replacement service centers

In some cases, replacement of glass with their hands is difficult or impossible. The best way out of this situation - to use the services of specialized service centers, guarantees fast and qualitative performance of the replacement of damaged glass or glazing of all. for example, it is impossible to independently replace glass unit, if the window is designed to be soldered onto the seal.

You can also contact the service center to replace the high-value glass. Additionally, the installation may be provided escutcheon, decorating product false perpletov, energy saving, firefighting, or any other anti-vandal glass. In this way, at the same time the glass can be improved by replacing the entire window structure.



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