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Sliding plastic windows - advantages, features, kinds.

Currently, no one is surprised plastic window constructions. All are aware of the advantages of plastic profile and install all chosen more and more often it is their. However, a disadvantage of classic plastic windows is some structure bulkiness. In this case, the aid will come sliding plastic windows, you will not lose anything of the positive properties of PVC, but will be able to diversify your house considerably and save space.

Advantages of sliding structures

Of course, the main advantage, enjoyed Sliding PVC windows, It is, they significantly save space and visually increase your room, balcony or loggia. What are the other advantages of constructions?

  • Much more efficient use of the area of ​​the sill. Since the open casement windows is not required, you can place on the surface of the desired items, and not to think about, that they will have to rearrange or remove.
  • It plays a vital role in relation to ergonomics windows installation of mosquito nets. You do not have to remove the grid, if you need to look out on the street. Moskitka moves on rails and can be moved at will in a convenient direction you.
  • Sliding windows are much more affordable option, than the purchase and installation of plastic windows classic.
  • Extendable plastic system can be installed on the balcony and window boxes of any shape and size, design versatility is another of its great advantage.
  • The operation of such a system is extremely simple, they do not require special care. A lifetime of these windows, no less, than in classic designs and is a few decades.
  • Excellent sound insulation - you do not hear the annoying noise outside and you can rest and relax at home.
  • The windows are sealed, perfectly retain heat inside the house, and do not give to penetrate into the adverse manifestations of weather, especially in winter. Besides the construction and protect against dust and dirt.
  • Ease of use - the system is designed in such a way, that the flaps are moved easily and firmly fixed.
  • Sliding systems are available in a variety of versions - you can order a box of any color and size, decorate their accessories to taste and choose the window at the interior of his apartment.

As you can see, design really have a huge number of advantages and deserve, to further consider the question of their installation. But what kinds of divided sliding windows?

Sliding plastic windows for balcony
Sliding plastic windows on the balcony

types of structures

Tilt-sliding windows system
Tilt-sliding windows system

sliding PVC windows the mechanism of movement divided into several types:

  • In parallel, extendable flaps,
  • leaf, expandable vertically,
  • tilt (obliquely) sliding sash.
Vertically sliding window
Vertically sliding window

leaf, moving in parallel - this is the most common type of construction, often installed in homes. The principle of operation of the mechanism follows the principle of the sliding compartment system. sash windows move along the rails on the rollers. On the edge of the window casement is installed deaf, to the moving part is not traveled outside the box.

Vertical windows is much less popular with consumers. The flap is lifted up plumb, thereby opening, and is fixed in position.

Tilt-angled sash - the most complex system of all existing. The principle of operation is, that for the movement of its sash must first nominate the. The advantage of this design is the possibility of opening windows for vertical ventilation.

Having defined the system, which results in the movement of the window, you need to understand, and from which the material can be made of plastic sliding windows to the loggia or balcony?

Materials for making sliding windows

sliding system, as well as any other structure, It has two variants of the glazing: warm and cold. In this varies depending on the material and, from which made the window, after performance of the various materials differ from one another.

  1. Aluminum profile - great for cold glass. With aluminum pros already know everything, This material does not burn and does not corrode, protects against weather disturbances, extremely durable. But in other way, Aluminum will not be able to keep warm, It has a low level of noise isolation. Aesthetic and functional aluminum shutters installed in cases, When not spending time on the balcony or the balcony in winter.
  2. Wood - a noble material, from which the sliding windows are performed rarely. Despite the environmental, beauty and the ability to retain heat well, a tree is hardly used for the construction of sliding frames, since it tends to crack with time. Solution may be special impregnation, but even that will not save from the gradual decay of the tree.
  3. Sliding plastic windows most acceptable option. Repoussage It has the ability to store heat, not to miss the noise, moisture, mud. Windows are resistant to deformation from high or low temperatures, blows, very durable. That plastic windows - ideal for sliding systems.
Sliding plastic windows in the loggia
EXAMPLE cold glazing balconies aluminum sliding windows

Features installation of designs

Sliding plastic windows for the balcony or loggia have some special characteristics. Mount the box and you can own hands, if you have minimal skills building. so, here's what you need to know, setting a sliding plastic windows on the balcony.

  1. Pay attention to filling the gap between the mounting blocks and window openings. Inside the gap must be filled denser, than outside.
  2. Pay close attention to the integrity profile, do not let it bend or kink.
  3. The window box should be very strong and durable, it is best if the base is made of bricks or concrete.

Another small feature, which only allow a sliding plastic windows in the loggia - the expansion of space. Windows are installed with the removal and you get a little more space on your balcony.

Sliding windows - this design, which has many advantages, and all the small flaws easily thwarted the benefits of this type of frames. Installing sliding frame ensures you years of comfortable use of your balcony or loggia.



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