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Choosing the towel dryer system and proper connection

Heated towel rail - this is a mandatory bathroom accessory, often not only carry out their direct responsibilities, but also plays the role of an additional heater. If present in the room decreases the likelihood of developing is not the most useful putrid microflora and reduces condensation - which is why in all apartment houses Installation towel was provided for the project.

However, over the past few decades, since such devices - represent, in fact, connected to the heating system pipe-bridge - obsolete not only morally, but also technical. Contemporary towel rails are not only easier to use and reliable in operation, but it can easily be included in the most unusual interior.

Beautiful towel rail decorate bathroom interior

Types towel

According to the type of coolant all heated towel rails are divided into two broad categories: water and electric. In this case, the heat source does not affect the appearance and size of the dryer - as regular curved "snake" tube, and refined abstract model configuration is equally excellent job with his functional duties.

but, almost no differences in appearance, these two types of towel greatly differ in their internal structure. The heating is carried out first circulating therein hot water, the electric towel dryers are, in fact, a conventional heater with a low degree of heating and a small consumption of electric power: water in them simply do not have - it it is contraindicated.

connection options

Water towel may have a different connection to the hot water circuit, so, acquiring such a device, necessary to provide a factor, make it easier to carry out its installation. so, by the method of installation, these accessories can be:

  • Bottom connection.
  • top connection.
  • Angular feed water.
  • side connection (left or right)
types of connection
types of connection

The most practical and the best is the side connection, since the pattern with such a structure can be adapted to any mounting location.
Such an installation option can help make the connection node virtually invisible, so the type of connection will not spoil the interior design. Necessarily required to clarify the spacing between the pipes connecting to the WAN, if you do not plan to spend the pipe liner again. Typically, this option is 500 mm, but there are exceptions. It will certainly need to consider, Going for purchase.

Hot water or heating?

Since as a coolant in conventional hot water of towel used, the most obvious way to connect them - tapping into the existing hot water system. But, Unfortunately, this method is not always available, and more often we have to act in a different way: connected to the district heating system. Unfortunately because, that as a result of such a connection schedule towel warmer becomes rigidly attached to the heating season - and in the warmer months, the dryer turns from a heater in a simple towel rail ...

The houses or apartments with individual heating two-planimetric boiler question connectivity towel warmer is solved much easier; There are also special models of boilers with a third, it is intended to connect the water circuit dryers.

In such boilers one circuit is used for heating tap water, and the second is designed specifically for towel warmer

Features connection in homes with central heat and water supply

Technologically "plunge" towel warmer in the heating system - a procedure, requires stopping the heating and removal of the coolant system. Therefore, in apartment buildings do this best summer, in the "dead" heating season. In the dead of winter to persuade komunalschikov on even a temporary shutdown of heating is very difficult, reaction of the neighbors, in case of positive results persuaded to stay for a few hours without heat, predict is not difficult ...

However, during the work is not so simple in summer: the heating system must be empty, without coolant. In the case without the aid of public utilities to make sure the central heating of apartment buildings, that the water from the pipes completely drained very difficult; In addition to be blocked by "feeding" system - and this again is managed by Housing Services.

Connection to the central hot water system also requires, if not personal involvement, then to sanction the work of the representatives of public services - is necessary temporal overlap coming into the house hot water. It also needs to be removed (dismantling) starыh models towel, not equipped with "cut-off" valves and bypass ...

Connection methods towel

Depending on the design of the towel warmer water ways of its connection to the system may be as follows:

  • lower - inlet and outlet are located below the heating device and in the plane of,;
  • side - the side nozzles located one hand dryers and rotated with respect to the plane on 90 degrees;
  • central - connection is made to the location in the middle of the bottom of the device nozzles;
  • diagonal - "connectors" for connection to the system are located in diagonally opposite points polotentsesushiteley; modelyah- found in the "ladder".
Option lateral connecting drying

connections Specificity

Side connection is used for concealed installation of pipes for hot water supply or heating. accession process is relatively time-consuming - but the result is worth it! Bottom connection is used in models of towel rails, intended for installation in open systems, and it is most often used in the homes of old housing. it without too much difficulty, if necessary, can be transformed into a lateral (but not vice versa!) - enough to "input" and "output" to connect the dryer to 90-degree angles. But the appearance of the finished design is not very attractive ...

When choosing a towel warmer models should take into account - the device with little side connection (order 10%) powerful products with the lower attachment system.

Side coil connection method in the bathroom

A few tips on connecting heated towel rails

  • When noncoincidence pipe diameters and pipes connecting the dryer through adapters, Tools which cross section should not be less than the same parameter of the system of pipes. In the case of non-compliance with this condition is a high probability of occurrence of excess pressure in the system, resulting in a violation of its performance.
  • Distributing hot water or heating and axial dimensions (the distance between the geometric centers of the pipes) towel dryer should be "linked" to each other. Otherwise, the installation will have to use different adapters and fittings, that does not improve the appearance of the assembled system.
  • The more is used when assembling additional adapters - the higher the probability of formation of leaks at the joints. So do not skimp on sealing of pre-roll or special structures.
  • In the selection of taps and fittings for connecting the towel dryer to be sure to take into account the compatibility of their electrochemical system. Some metals in a physical contact with each other to form a galvanic couple, which leads to their quick mutual corrosion. for example, Brass and steel - bad neighbors.
  • The longest service life and the biggest heat transfer models have chrome towel rails. true, and the value of their respective ...

Installation and connection of dryers for towels

Mounting water towel dryer includes the following main operations:

  1. Removing the old device.
  2. Install bypass.
  3. Mounting the top (input) and lower (output) cranes.
  4. Mounting directly towel warmer.
  5. Crimping the assembled structure in order to detect possible leakages.

remove old

Work begins after the full "dewatering" of the system, to which you are connecting. Dismantling of old towel warmer is usually made "Bulgarian" - even screwed the nut and clutch often "take a strong liking" to the pipes tightly and loosening can not be. If this has not happened - the old dryer is simply unscrewed and removed from the brackets.

Should be considered, that the remains of pipes for the connection should have a length, taking into account the subsequent cutting them thread or welding the mating fitting.

the need for bypass

Bypass - is a piece of pipe, Employee bridge between the "supply" and "return line", to which is connected a heated towel rail, mounted cranes to, control operation of the instrument. Its purpose - to ensure the system performance by removing from its membership of one of the elements (in this case - dryers): in the presence of the bypass circulation system, hot water therein will not stop. When it is the case in the absence of which will have to completely block the water ...

To bypass pipe main line may be welded or attached via tees, but the diameter of its working section must be smaller than the diameter of main pipes.

The bypass tubes can be welded to the main line or via tie ternary adapters


To control the operation of the towel warmer, two shut-off valves are installed in front of him with the corresponding section of the main pipe. The construction and has no special significance of these cranes device - are equally suitable as a DIP (open / closed) ball, and multi-product. true, Accidental formation in the dryer for towels airlock, resulting in a sharp decrease of efficiency of the heater, remove it by means of such cranes will not work. Initially, air may bleed through the nut, but if they frequently twist the seals will quickly come into disrepair.

The best option - installation of at least one crane Majewski, allowing to easily remove air from the system. A model of such automatic valves allow to forget about the problem, as a towel warmer airing!

Cranes are typically threaded connection - so, in the absence of main threading tubes, it is necessary to cut or weld the corresponding fitting.

Bleed screw set in such a way if the system often zavozdushivaetsya

finishing work

Final assembly polotentsesushitalya lies in its strengthening on special brackets and joining pipes to taps. In some models of dryers telescopic holders are used instead of brackets or, eg, clamps - all these fasteners are typically included in the towel warmer set.


infrequently, but there are devices, installation of which is made in the reverse order: first unit is connected to the pipeline, and then - fixed to the wall. But in any case the distance from the pipe towel warmer to the wall should be at least 1,4 their diameter.

Adherence to common threads of linen better seal reeling, but for tapered threaded connections make better use of FUM-tape. And in the, In either case, the number of the seal must be such, twisting to happen with little, but perceptible interference. Excessive force is unacceptable!


crimping towel warmer

After completing installation work and supply of water in the system is checked towel dryer performance and check there is no leakage from threaded joints and welds.

In apartment buildings with central heating and hot water in the summer to conduct such a test may be difficult and leaks can be detected only after the "start" of heat - so before the dryer must be mounted cranes.

Solution to the problem, This electric dryer

There are times when it is not technically possible to use the main riser heating or dislike his place, then there is another way. Electric towel rail to work does not require heating or hot water supply, therefore, all the work on its connection to the reduced installation device on the wall in any way possible and incorporating the device into an electrical outlet. The power of these devices is not that great, Installation is extremely simple and, in some cases, they are more economical of water heated towel rails.

Electric heated towel rail

The main requirement when installing an electric dryer in the bathroom - the unconditional compliance with electrical safety. Be sure to use an RCD and socket with an IP protection class is not lower than 54.

Video for selecting and connecting the towel dryer





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