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How to put a tile on drywall – Tips for Providence jobs

Recently, the question becomes quite popular tiling on plasterboard. Even though, that many are skeptical of such work, and consider such cover short-lived. arguing, that destroy the lining of the weight of drywall sheets and all work will be done in vain. But it is not so, We live in a world of new technologies, and modern material - plasterboard, It has a lot of opportunities.

As known, recently drywall is considered an excellent base for laying tiles, because it allows perfectly level the surface. That is why, if you wish to carry out repairs quickly in compliance with all state standards and technologies such grounds would be a good helper.

tiling on plasterboard

It is not strange, but the phenomenon is leveling plasterboard walls for laying tiles in recent years is not uncommon. And it can be found almost everywhere, from corridor, finishing kitchen and bathroom. This becomes quite convenient way, because the framework manages niche successfully "hide" insulation, waterproofing and all necessary communications. And in the end, can only properly prepare the surface and lay the tiles on plasterboard.

The advantage of a base

Before, we move on to the rules of tiling, It should determine the issues of advantages such material. What is it that he is good.pravilnopolozhit like tile on drywall

Consider a number of advantages, that determine the choice of exactly this material:

  1. Firstly, the role played by the relatively low cost of the material. That in most cases more economical leveling out of walls with plaster.
  2. Material pomogaetmaksimalno quickly create an ideal surface for laying tiles.
  3. Besides, as mentioned, there is an opportunity to hide insulation and communication in his cage.
  4. By itself, gypsum board further insulates the wall and improves waterproofing.
  5. Also avoids mass dusty work plastering.
  6. And most importantly, saves time, since it is not necessary to wait until the drying solution, Insert the paper in the frame and you can immediately start laying.

And this is only part of the benefits, in fact there are many more. But this list is enough, to stop the choice on this material.

For better and reliable basis, use two layers of sheets GCR. If still in doubt about the reliability of fixing tiles to plasterboard, then go further Betokontaktom.

Selection of drywall

In fact, the choice of the gypsum board depends directly on the premises, which will be held styling. The only thing, which requires a very correct laying of tiles in this case,, so it is perfectly flat surface. That is why GCR selected on the basis of the requirements to be placed, there are different variety of drywall.

In this way, for example, when it comes to creating a plasterboard partitions for further tiling, it is permissible to use standard sheets. In some cases, fire resistant.

But when it comes to the kitchen or bathroom, there is already need washable GCR. Such a coating on the premises will last much longer, despite the high level of humidity.

No matter what type of sheet used is required before laying the tile surface is primed drywall.

Also in other cases,, when it comes, for example, about preparation for laying the floor tiles drywall, you should choose a stronger version, that would be suitable for high load.

tiling on plasterboard

The choice of adhesive

As we know today there are several hundred manufacturers and varieties of cool mixtures for tiles. That is why for each individual case is chosen its mixture. Its choice depends on many factors:

  1. terms of Use.
  2. Compatible with plasterboard (ie. mixture should have a sufficient level of adhesion to securely bond materials.
  3. High level of quality, because in this case it is important simplicity and easy to use.
  4. Toxicity, or rather its absence. You should not feel uncomfortable when laying, and even more so to get chemical poisoning. And then, coating does not subsequently, Operating excrete toxic substances in the air.

Considering the recommendations of professionals, regarding preparation for laying tiles, also in the choice of materials, there are several types of glue, that best fit in this situation:

  1. Ceresit CM17;
  2. Vetonit Renovation Fix;
  3. gloss Profix;
  4. Knauf flex.

It is important to note that, that attention should be paid to the preparation and adhesive. Everything must be done strictly according to instructions. Usually it nahodimtsya packaging, or attached to it. Besides, cook it necessary portions, it's desirable, no more, how much you will be able to use one approach over 20-30 minutes.

training base

used tools

The procedure for laying tiles on gypsum board is virtually identical and the characteristics of the surface covering of another type. And that's why, tools for work subject to the same.

In particular, We need the following equipment:

  1. Tile Bulgarian or cutting tile pieces.
  2. Building level.
  3. Drill with a nozzle for mixing a solution or building mixer.
  4. crosses and corners (as an alternative to using special systems for laying tile).
  5. Rubber mallet to align the tiles.
  6. As well as a few spatulas, plain and notched.

Tools for tile

Preparatory stage

originally, for arrangement of tiles on plasterboard, must, of course, build a plasterboard wall. Accordingly, following all the technical requirements necessary to build the frame and set it on GFC. Directly facing walls with plasterboard technology can be found in a separate article.

The important factor is to think in advance the location of all communications, insulation and other factors. Since after installation and lining it can be done only dismantling the cover.

Particular attention should be paid to additional warming and waterproofing and water-repellent treatment compositions (when it comes to the floor in the bathroom preparing for laying tiles.

Also, to ensure reliable adhesion and will need primer surface.

Now we are about to prepare the surface for laying tiles. You can note, that the process does not differ from any other preparation for facing.

First and foremost are the preparation for laying tiles - surface leveling and removal of defects. The wire filler surface, special attention is paid to the seams and joints. Thereafter the base is primed, preferably in several layers.

Thus, and being prepared for laying tiles.

tiling on the basis of plasterboard

Laying the tiles with their hands

And it's time to consider the sequence tile laying. For the most part for fixing tiles using a standard tile adhesive. It is purchased in a dry mix, accordingly fully prepared following the instructions.

This is what we have already mentioned, Now there is only a question of how to put the tiles on plasterboard, and there are some features. Consider the step by step instructions:

  1. The first step, respectively, it is the preparation of the adhesive mixture.
  2. The next step, first using a conventional spatula to apply and spread with adhesive, then further aligned using special gear. Wherein, application area should not be more than, than you can handle at 10-15 minutes. In particular, about 0,7-1 square meter. The adhesive layer is not more 5 millimeters.
  3. Also, the adhesive is applied on the tile itself, which helps to avoid the occurrence of voids and to improve adhesion.
  4. Laying is possible until, while the adhesive is in consistency, at which adheres to hands. If he had started a little fasten, its use is completed.
  5. The prepared tile is pressed against the wall with a certain force, pressed until, until you reach the necessary density fit (about 2 mm from the wall).
  6. To create identical seams use crosses and corners, which are inserted between two adjacent tiles.
  7. Upon completion of the masonry is necessary to give a dry coating, and after drying glue wipe the seams.

laying tiles on a plaster base

The important point to be noted obligatory placement of tiles horizontally. Many beginners believe in laying, that self, without professional help to make it impossible to, but less tragic.

To this end, throughout the process should have a level of hand, plummet and roulette. They will help all carefully calculate, check the level of cover, its slope, and in a timely manner to eliminate all defects.

Important work carried out in several stages, performing one approach laying only a few rows of material, The coating thus obtain better quality.

Along with the question of, how to put tile on a plaster wall.

but note, that laying tiles on gypsum fiber board, It is quite feasible task for each.

In this way, Guided by these instructions, you will be able to perform the trim areas with gypsum tile walls easily. For greater clarity, we offer to watch a few movies, who will talk in more detail about this process,, as the tiling on plasterboard with their hands.



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