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When doing repairs better

Planning for repairs in the apartment can be compared with the preparation of a large-scale offensive operations, carried out on several fronts. It is important not only correctly calculate the forces and means, determine the number of units of equipment, but also to correctly align the timing of a crushing blow to the "enemy". so, and when it is most advantageous to begin repair work?

Where to begin repairs in the apartment

To begin, define, What do you intend to make repairs. If the event involves only the replacement of windows and radiators, better take this to one of the summer months. In the warmer months it is also recommended sealing cracks in walls, updated plumbing, repair in the bathroom, because during such repairs will have to cover the hot water supply.

When choosing, consider the timing of repairs and, that many building materials designed for use in positive temperature range, otherwise they may lose their useful properties. This applies to certain types of mixes and paint coatings. Ask the properties indicated in the procurement of materials.

If you aspire to make repairs cheaper, transfer of the work still to winter, because at that time some construction and repair services are significantly less. At the autumn-winter period, you can plan, for example, parquet or laminate stacking, replacing linoleum.

Когда делать ремонт
When doing repairs

On winter or spring time schedule the preparatory work - design planning renovation Apartments, purchase of necessary materials and appliances. With the beginning of summer season, usually, prices on finishing materials increased more.

If it is impossible to carry out a quick one-time repair, break the entire scope of work on several stages. Part of the activities to perform the repair in the summer, a separate transfer operation for a cold season. such works, like wallpapering the room, painting walls and ceilings, laying tiles It can be conducted at any time of the year.

The installation of air conditioning systems, Mounting the unit presupposes, as well as the arrangement of a balcony or loggia spend in the warm season. Otherwise, you will not be able to maintain temperature in the living room during the works. In some cases it is possible to perform many works in the winter, if the period of repair is possible to move the whole family to a rented housing. Now you know when to make repairs in the apartment. You can read the article to begin repairing the apartment.

We organize and plan control

Since you will not be able to 2-3 month quit your job, in order to devote himself to all the issues of supervision over the performance of repair operations, save this situation you will only clear planning and organization.

Where to begin repairs in the apartment
Providence repairs in the apartment

If you can not visit every day on site, then you need to determine the moments, when without your presence simply can not do. You must clearly understand the purpose of each object on your arrival. Because just drop in to look, without a purpose, it's like leaving your object without all control.

For you must have a schedule of works, this will be one of the best ways to address this issue. The document you should contact the organization, dealt with by, with the contract and the estimate. It would be best for you, if a company makes an integral part of the schedule of works contract. Since then, they will be required to comply with their obligations.

Thereby the firm immediately adjusts its workers a serious mood, and you will be able to monitor any deadlines for the completion of construction operations, on absolutely any stage of their production. Since all will be obvious, if working late with the construction of walls for a week, the wallpapering too late, and delivery of the object in this case will move out of this indefinitely.

Know, Construction work - this is a very complex process, and it is not always possible to give acceleration, adding a few workers at the facility with the transition to three shifts to two shifts schedule. Such a thing as a "production cycle" in the construction of great importance.

With a schedule of work on your hands you can already do something.

Schedule of repairs in the apartment
Schedule of repairs in the apartment

First of all, You can easily determine the control point. T. it is. what actions and when you will check on compliance with the terms of their performance and, accordingly, monitor the quality of.

for example, if your residential area is carried out waterproofing of bathrooms, naturally check its performance quality you need before, how to hide beneath the screed. And so you can check the quality of the screed, you have to be on site until the, when they start to lay tile flooring or settle.

With the schedule on their hands to do it is not difficult. You only have to look, when that operation is to be completed, at the end of which you will check its quality. You tell professionals hired, that you will be at the site through such a time, to check the quality of work. They are not allowed to perform the operation, who will hide from you the results of work performed, you are going to check out.

helpful hints

Usually, the execution of those works, which are then hidden under the implementation of other, in the construction of the name are "hidden works". Their implementation must be recorded in great detail by special acts. It is common practice in the construction measures.

Of course, builders in any case will claim, that you hold their own checks. you need only to get tough. How are you, and builders need to know, that the schedule contains the dates of any work, to be made, eg, 27 July. Your arrival in the evening the same day, well, does not hold builders. Only in this case and you will be responsible. You can not be late with inspections, and even more so to postpone their. If you are going to do so, builders claims are justified.

But there is also such that in some cases, Construction works are carried out slightly earlier dates indicated in the schedule, and sometimes vice versa, sometimes a bit delayed. In such cases, you are required to notify in advance, Brigadier or prorab, so you can check the dates moved to another day. Only here you need to understand in detail the reasons for missed deadlines. That the builders will be doing, if they got out of the work schedule, to complete the project on time. And if all this does not go to the detriment of the quality of.

true, I can reassure you, to some extent. Only one is, you with a vigilant will closely relate to their work, It saves you in most cases by a large number of problems.

noise operation

The current law on the silence in the Moscow region

Many factors affect the quality of life of citizens. certainly, Firstly, is health, personal relationships, material and social well-being, etc..

Conditions for normal life and should be provided by the laws, adopted by deputies of all levels. This is their job, and in that they are responsible to the citizens.

The current situation is, that the ruling party pushes anti-people laws, constantly worsening, complicating the lives of people.

Law "on the quiet" Code provides for a limit on the level of noise, depending on the time of day: night with 23.00 to 7.00 - no more 40 dB, afternoon with 7.00 to 23.00 - no more 80-100 dB.

Volume 40 dB - this is a common question, without a pronounced emotional coloration, heard at a distance, loud whisper, the rustle of the leaves, or the sound of the refrigerator. The noise level in 80-100 dB - is playing the piano, music from the radio, cry, the sound of the gun, or a car horn.

For more information about administrative penalties for violation of silence at night

The Act states, that the premises must be operated in accordance with the sanitary standards, which include the permissible sound level (P.

3 article 23). Norms themselves are registered in SN2.2.4 / , where the tables are painted with levels of acceptable noise in different areas.

Despite these sanitary norms of sound levels 40 and 30 decibel, administrative responsibility, most likely, occurs only when exceeding the limit values ​​of noise in 60 or more decibels.breach of peace

Holidays are meant for relaxation, so better to postpone the drill. In this case, the law made an exception for new homes.

In new buildings and a half years after the date it will be possible to carry out repair work in the daytime. Such homes will not be limitations and days of the week. - I would like to remind, that repair, as well as to sing drunken songs, loud music or listen to the TV still can not be a 23.

During daylight hours,, there is a certain limit noise, Although determining this level sufficiently subjective criterion. There are certain regulations, according to which the owner of the premises or the tenant should not create excessive noise, which prevents normal rest and disturbs other tenants living conditions.

So that, if neighbors create conditions, which prevent the normal rest and disturb your peace, you have the legal right to demand to reduce noise.

A ban on the holding of a 21:00 pm to 8:00 am building, repairs, loading and unloading, disturbing the peace and quiet of residents. Exceptions are emergency and rescue work.

There is also a violation of the peace and quiet concerns the use in a residential area on the high volume of TVs, recorders, radios and other sound-reproducing device. How are you poor things on the plane to fly and the train ride.



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