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Features selection and installation of furniture locks

Installing Cabinet Locks usually occurs even in a factory. Most types of furniture equipped with such a function: most often cabinets, furniture fronts, drawers. The lock can be useful not only for, so no one could get to the contents of the box, but also to, to the door did not open the cabinets themselves, eg, if the furniture is worth roughly. It is quite convenient, aesthetically pleasing.

What is a furniture lock? variety of products

choosing a lock, it is important to take into account the thickness of the furniture door; still plays a significant role the way, which will be installed, since different types of locks may require a frame or go without it.

Furniture fittings and locks They may have a different structure and are made of different materials, light and strong. After all, it is important for furniture, the device could not only protect against hacking, but it looked arts.

Cabinets with locks are no longer a rarity, they help protect stuff from a thief, if he climbs to the apartment, lock the door, protect the contents of the drawers and shelves from curious little children, who have something to eat or spoil.

Child locks on furniture are usually characterized by a simple device, an adult can open them easily, but kids with this task can not cope. This will allow not only to secure things, but the child, if in the closet, eg, stored breakable objects, that the child may be cut. Such locks are sometimes called post. They should not be confused with mounted small size, which are used to protect your mailbox. Types of locks are as follows:

  • Mechanical: It is common, opens key.
  • Electronic:- to open, you need to dial the code.
  • Magnetic: We need to open a special key. Closed by a magnetic field, need for electricity.

Different devices and installation method. The following types of:

  • The most common lock for furniture - mortise. Often used for cabinets coupe and other types of furniture, is not evident, It does not take place and does not interfere with opening doors.
  • The second most popular can be called a rim locks. Most often, they are mounted on the glass door, because they embed the castle is not possible, however, the door opening is limited. Fixing takes place by means of bolts, In this case, the glass must be drilled. Less commonly used magnets, Then drill is usually not necessary.

Besides, They can be used simple locks, which are easy to open. They protect the cabinets from children and spontaneous opening. These devices include:

  • The lock-bolt.
  • Zip lock from children.

How to choose?

choosing a lock, first of all should pay attention to what, from which it is made: the quality of the material depends on the reliability and durability of the product, as well as the safety of things in the case of burglary of apartment.

Besides, pay attention to product design and installation method, as the lock for furniture made of different materials are selected individually. for example, calculated on a wooden element of the product does not get put on the glass door, and vice versa.

Take into account the need and way of opening doors. For swing fits most products, but to have to look for a sliding device, which will not interfere with opening and able to fix the sash. A wide range of affordable furniture fittings presented at

Installing postal lock for furniture

Installation of such products does not usually cause difficulty. In the presence of the installation tool furniture lock on the cabinet can be made independently. This will require to have a drill, special drill "Forstner", if this is not, you can replace it with a pen drill. It does not hurt to have a screwdriver, a piece of plywood and then, material than raschertit.

furniture lock mounting scheme
Mounting dimensions of the furniture of the castle

Installing the furniture lock on the box takes place in four stages. To each of them should be taken carefully, since the first two characteristics will depend on the success of the operation. It plays an important role right place markup. Drill need to carefully and in the right place, then the lock will require properly fasten. In addition to the castle, You will need to install the mounting plate, that is why it is important to, to all the holes well matched, otherwise lock or it will not work, or can not be closed properly.Box furniture lock cabinet installation in the hole

doing markup, and consider the width of the device housing, It needs to comply with the parameters of the cylinder and other parts of the castle. In place of drilling using an awl in a wooden cabinet door furniture make a slight indentation. It is necessary for, to drill accurately entered in the middle. plywood piece will be attached to the back of the product, so it is more convenient to drill from the outside.

Council: in order not to damage the appearance of the door, better to drill slowly, using low speed drill.

Screwing furniture lock in the closet

preparing hole, You can insert lock. After that, you must map out locations for screws; this is done by using an awl and. To lock cylinder looked attractive, the castle wearing decorative ring. It is not always easy to put on, however, press down with great force is not necessary, as the ring can be deformed.Box furniture lock into the cabinet installation in dventsu

Box furniture lock in closet completes the installation of the corner response. Be sure to take into account the peculiarities of the box structure: it may be internal or external. If the exterior design, Area can be placed exactly on the edge, if the internal, taken into account the necessary thickness of the door.

Fastening device occurs by the same method: rascherchivaetsya place, then breaks awl small hole and reams. The device is fastened by screws. After installation, test the functionality of the castle, specify, whether it twisted at the time of installation. If the area begins to cling to, you can fix the problem, tucked his. The most convenient way to do this needle files, You can use the grinder.

How to open the zip lock if the key is lost?

Anyone can open the mechanical lock, using physical force. It may be necessary not only to the thief, but also the owner of the box, lost keys. If it is important to, to the castle did not suffer, you can try to use a hairpin, flexible metal object. Postage locks do not perform security functions against burglary, therefore open easily enough.

open the zip lock

Do not try to open the device with a soft wire: do not get it. Better to take a paper clip without soft braid. An important role is played by the material hardness. Finding a suitable object, flatten it, make a straight rod, bend it by the letter "G". The second clip is also necessary to rectify, and then bend at an angle 90 degrees. This device will act as a lever. You need to find a master key lock pin, lever a little to undermine the cylinder, try not to crank these tricky tools larva. If the integrity of the lock does not matter, it can simply break off..

Conclusion: Before installing the zip lock, you decide, Do you need it. This device is more decorative, can protect children from, lock leaf, but if you lose the key, Castle is able to deliver some inconvenience. From intruders he will not protect.



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