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The repaired rusty ceiling

No repairs can not be perfect, without even the ceiling. It is for this reason that the problem, how to close up rusty ceiling of concern to all owners of apartments in prefabricated houses, built in Soviet times,. Even the seams, which were carefully sealed, Spending time with a completely natural causes - the movement of plates and loss of house. Rust on the ceiling of the place plate interface and it looks perfect condition, as a fairly accurate groove width 50 mm smooth slanting bevels. To the moment, When repair is required, in reality the situation is far from the reference. At best, and sometimes cracked crumble solution, at worst - divergence plates, which requires alignment the entire stream.

Preparation and determination of the amount of work required from the ceiling

Any repairs rustication on the ceiling starts with the preparation. Decorative coating removed, whitewash and water-soluble paints blurred. here ways of how to remove the old paint from the surface.

Seam embroidered with spatula. The crack widens, removes all crumbling sections. If the solution is readily cleave, you should take it all the way to concrete, that you get rid of further delamination when painting the ceiling.

Before you seal the seams on the ceiling, conducted a visual inspection of damage and displacement measurement. In cases, when the difference does not exceed 5-7 mm, a small crack width, it can be simply restored without further alignment of all surfaces. If, however, a significant difference 7-10mm, to business, Rust sealing in the ceiling will have to pull the surface, to neutralize the differential. A more significant defects, It recommends installing false ceilings. Align large drops with a solution as possible and allows some materials to apply large layer, but it will cost more. In this case, much better use of the system or plasterboard ceilings.

The procedure works

Competent repairs rustication on the ceiling - a guarantee absence of cracks for several years. For work, we need:

  • primer, increases adhesion of materials, best concrete-contact and its analogues;
  • fiberglass mesh (serpyanka);
  • steel spatula;
  • gypsum plaster mixture (Rotʙand, Guardians and others.);
  • when a large slit width - foam.

Rust thoroughly moisten the surface with primer and wait for complete drying. When a large crack width, fill it carefully with foam, in this way, so that it does not protrude below the ceiling surface, and leave for a day. Before you seal the crack in the ceiling, it is necessary to fill the plaster solution is ideal Rotband by about a third and pave serpyanku, so that the middle of the tape coincides with the center of Rust. Fiberglass tape will serve as a reinforcement, it protects against cracking, even with small shifting of the plates, which are inevitable in the future.

After that, the deepening of Rust carefully filled with gypsum plaster and leveled. If there is a small difference, it is necessary to putty the entire surface area, who received higher. For alignment layer is convenient to use a steel rule. If you allow the experience of plastering, you can use more convenient and easy with a wide spatula.

after drying,, all plastered surface is leveled using a special float or grinders. The further procedure works depends on the method of finishing. Also coming to eliminate any defects. If you need to seal the hole, cracked or chipped on the ceiling, they also need to clean, primed. For large area defects use glass fiber reinforcement or metal mesh plaster.

Finishing seams

After drying restored rustication, you can begin to prepare for finishing. If the difference was insignificant, the entire surface ground penetrating solution. After that, just shpaklyuyut finishing plaster mix (KNAUF, Volma and their analogues). After thoroughly re-grout a ceiling primed. Now the surface can be colored, wallpapered.

If the difference was significant, the ceiling needs to be alignment. Minor irregularities can just gently pull a layer of plaster, making almost imperceptible roughness. But, this method of solution is not for always. In such cases, you must complete alignment surface. This work is very time-consuming, It requires not only a lot of patience and diligence, but also the availability of convenient goats. If the total exceeds the plaster layer 5 mm, recommended lighthouses.

When the difference in height more 10 mm all experts recommend the installation of a suspended ceiling, rusty but still you must first close up. Rational for these purposes to use assembly foam, since then they just closed, and neat appearance is optional. Whereupon the ceiling is possible to align the structure or plasterboard with tension systems. The resulting surface is perfectly flat.



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