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Repair LED lamp at home

Savings and design in lighting led advanced technology in almost every house. Many change ordinary basement lamps for economical LED products. Not everyone knows, how to repair their own LED lamp, especially from what parts it consists in. As a tool to use in case of breakage, to start the whole process. Try to understand in detail, What are the failure in devices and some LED chandelier to repair their own hands.

Types of breakdowns and their causes

typical failure: partial or complete absence of light, momentary blinking or spontaneous shutdown, failure.

The reasons: Above the temperature reached 50 degrees, break contact of the filament itself and the holder, if the paid version, instead of a tube, contacts detachment on board.

LED burned, partially or fully. reason: Overvoltage in the network, blown capacitor (breakdown). Typically breakage occurs in cheap boards embodiments.

There are additional reasons, resulting in failure of the device, namely: short-circuited, incorrect connection to the network, device failure to the connection circuit when mounting.

Poor soldering circuit contacts, LEDs to the board, Loose wires in the base of the lamp. Weak soldering conductive elements (wires, tire). reason: Factory defect. Repair many chandeliers with LED control is carried out for this reason.

Preparing for repair LED lighting

Before you repair the LED lamp, you must remove the device. It needs some tool; thin screwdriver with flat end, Phillips. If the compound was assembled using twists, will need pliers with insulated handles, masking tape Multimeter, to check the contacts. Tweezers come in handy in working with small details.

You need a soldering iron with a fine tip and solder (it is desirable to use a special nozzle). Drill with a drill 2,5 mm., It may also be useful, disconnect the basement of the lamp, Drill out the mounting. Several thin wires on 10 cm., length.
Attention! Carry out electrical work without a special tool is prohibited protected!

Design of LED chandeliers and visual inspection

With control chandeliers appeared not so long ago. Few people are familiar with their device. Carrying out repairs LED Ceilingchandelier in parsingx chandeliers need to know the structure, just in general terms,. We will understand more, from which it can be.

Simple LED chandelier consists of a body, controller unit or driver. It is used as a voltage rectifier. It is equipped with terminals, or screw terminals, which is connected to the mains supply. Then, on the block are the wires to the lamps. They may be from a single wire, under normal lamp, to 12 a design variant of the device.

A more sophisticated version of the product, It consists of an antenna, by the lighting control unit, voltage regulator or Multiplayer
Olka blocks, conducting automatic adjustment. The raster fixtures can be several different types of drivers and LED elements, lamps. On the specific type of lighting filling chandeliers with managementinstrument depends inspection and repair of components.

Why do I need to know or find out the structure, before as
start repairing LED lamps. The reason is simple, required to determine, wherein the control units are, inside or in chandeliers
the lighting element, lamp. Here we need the very scheme of LED lamps.

Repair LED lamps operate without remote carried out easier. It is no big deal, gathered by one type of: one or more diodes (possible compact bridge), electrolytes (capacitors), a pair of resistors (resistors), and coil winding. This is a simple circuit without protection, there are plenty of options for, but we are Let us examine just a simple scheme.

  • removing the lamp, check fee of the presence of visible defects, wire breakage, aboutLamp raster LEDtsutstvie such a good sign.
  • Remove the cover or decoration around the lamp, remove the lighting elements. Examine the pedestal, burnt place say about bad contact. If they are, try to clean them with a knife.
  • repackage terminals, or twisting, Tighten the screws on all items. Finding no visible defects, We proceed to the inspection lamp. Option Block Lamp, where relays and lamps are side by side on a large board, treated as described below repair lamp.
  • Repair LED lamps with your hands start with the definition of the place of breakage or failure.

The simplest way to test the circuit LED lamps

Please try to parse the lamp itself. There collapsible models but sometimes need a hairdryer to heat the building or trimmed body. Initially, of course visual inspection. Usually, burned-out LED differs in color or has a burnt leg pads and solder the LED burned or delaminated.

burned-out LED

way of 1.

Energize better separate power supply, the lamp. Usually 3.7 volt is supplied to each LED, but there are other denominations m. It is necessary to pay attention to that, depending on the number of LEDs and voltage changes. For a quick check of the LED elements ice improvised means the lamp can be used on any battery 3 volts and clips connecting contacts. Just observe polarity.

LED check
Attaching pins to clip and with the correct polarity, check the LEDs on the line

Such an apparatus and test use when checking the built-in light fixture.

Checking lamp ice
We check all the LED lighting on the performance

The failure of one LED, entails the shutdown of all!

way of 2.

Ping the device is not damaged need all the LEDs in the chain. But there is a way easier, connecting the lamp to the power supply to carry out some simple manipulations

  • alternately close (throw jumper) contacts each LED with tweezers or wire stripped and tinned contacts.
  • The lamp lights up when, when you find (loop ends contact) LED on the burned. If this does not happen, See below for the chain.
  • Check the charge on the cause burnouts, swelling of capacitors, carefully check the tracks on the motherboard controller. Ragged solder contacts.

It is impossible to replace the LED jumper, when in their less common circuit 10, there will be an overload of capacitors, block LEDs, sgoryat, when one of their body 3 PC. Determine their possible in three dark spots, in yellow or white crystal.

Repair LED lamps

It is important to know that, LEDs have polarity and its replacement to properly install it on the board. All LEDs are soldered printed by, that is immersed in a tin.

soldering LEDs

Usually, for LED sealing using soldering hairdryer. At home, though difficult, but it is possible to apply the soldering iron tin More.

The installation process to install it on a printed circuit board and heat the soldering iron it ends with pads. When a powerful soldering have further warm up from the bottom board soldering. It is important not to overheat when soldering the LED element!


A possible way to repair LED lamps using conductive paste.


Scheme ice lamp

The usual scheme of low-cost Chinese lamp 220 volt. Instead, a reliable driver in them collected a simple circuit transformerless power supply capacitors, and rectifiers.

Scheme ice lampMains voltage is first reduced nonpolar capacitor METALLIZED, straightens, and then smoothed and increased to the desired level. The load current is limited to conventional SMD resistor, which is located on the PCB with LEDs. In the diagnosis and repair of the LED lamps of this type it is important to observe safety precautions, tk. All circuit elements are potentially high voltage. By touching a finger to the live parts through negligence scheme can get an electric shock, and slipped multimeter probe may be short-circuited wires with unpleasant consequences.

Elimination of breakage chandelier with remote control

LED chandeliers often repair to be done due to overheating of the matrix itself. First fastening unscrewed and visually inspect the inside of the chandelier. Then try to move the board carefully, on the spot. determine the, whether wire breakage from the control unit, I do not carried overvoltage otgorel. Esslin top, soldered into place. Check one by one all the details.lamp exploded + test circuit

Then you will need the original chandeliers scheme. Without it, you can only carry out repairs chandeliers without remote control. If there is a remote control unit, change the batteries in it new elements. LED chandelier with remote control are common, there will need to detect breakage, exact circuit controller chandeliers.unit to Scheme

chandelier control unit typically hermetically sealed to the shell, and on it is drawn circuit manufacturers. Only this circuit wiring and lighting elements.

There are also collapsible casing blocks, then the simplified version. If not collapsible rang block with a tester output to lighting elements (LEDs). In the absence of energization can be a reason to break the signal receiver. intelligible ego, check visually contacts and a track on the board, breakage of parts. If the supply voltage goes to a lighting branch, It means failure in the control unit, and not in the receiver signal.

Laying of the straw peschanika1

Burned part can vypayat and ping, to start all resistance (watch scheme), putting on the device icon OMA. Then, the capacitor capacitance, the benefit to them have designations, polarity and the species is also important when checking.

Marking Scheme

Upon detection of discrepancies in the nominal, solder all over again.

chandelier control unit controls the intensity of combustion modes and LED elements. Violation of a chain (lamp embodiment in plafones), not incapacitate unit, possibly, blown fuse.

with the scheme of the remote unit

But still, check units, whether they melted places, there is, replace it with a new. Incorrect connection wires are burning only parts in the power supply. Block regulator is protected against excessive loads. It can ping scheme.Scheme-podklucheniya = kfcfXjM5RH8


cooling radiators

Many models of regulators, drivers and LED lighting power supply units come with a cooling radiator. They made seat, through which the chip or other control element gives warmth. On most tubes radiators are present.

The absence of a special lubricant, thermal paste, Most causes of overheating (to 15%) boards and blocks. Unscrew and check, whether it is applied on the seat plane.

Thermopaste applied in a thin layer over the entire surface of the seat, a large number will only worsen the heat transfer. Additional screwing of thin plate of aluminum radiator, increase the heat transfer can be, while installation is carried out, without blocking the main air flow passing through it.


As usual we do not see anything in the maintenance LED ceiling chandelier, not. Most do it is not so difficult. We need a little patience, a little bit of practice and a tin droplet knowledge. Of course a variety of lamps, lamps and chandeliers of all kinds, It does not make us miss in the process of repair. But this amount of detail, It helps us understand, precise circuit LED lamps and of course a great desire.

Video Repair chandeliers management

Not necessarily to buy a new LED, just fix it, Throw small jumper between terminals. Be sure to remove the remnants of the burnt LEDs, strip the cost of a deposit, it conducts electricity.



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