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Tips for choosing the meter for the house

Energy companies in various ways force their customers to conduct replacement of old electric meter. The question of, how to choose the electric meter occurs when the full replacement of the power supply system at home or apartment, during the overhaul and in many other cases. New equipment for measuring the amount of energy consumed has a number of features, that you should consider when choosing a. A distinctive feature is the accuracy class: older models do not take into account the power consumption of small capacity, New are more delicate design and monitor the power consumption of the equipment, which is in standby mode.

Single-phase or three-phase

The first selection criterion - the number of phases. Many consider the question of, how to choose a single-phase electricity meter for the reason, that in most cases domestic destination network has only one phase. However, there is a possibility, you need to connect a three-phase embodiment.schetchik

If carried out the replacement of old equipment to determine the number of phases in the following way:

  1. On the old counter shall be marked 220 V or 230 V. This feature is, that the network of only one phase.
  2. If the marking is represented by the value 220/380 V or 230 / 400V is necessary to choose a three-phase embodiment.

If not previously been ascertained counter, you can determine the number of phases of the marking on the supply panel or it is necessary to ask for information in the service of power.

Maximum current

An important parameter may be mentioned maximum current magnitude(Ampere).When considering, how to select the electricity meter, Be sure to consider this option.

Operating current - index, determining the load value, in which will be keeping energy consumption. When choosing for this indicator should take into account the nuances stated below:

  1. Definition of the indicator is held marking the opening of the circuit breaker.
  2. If the circuit breaker has a record 40 BUT, then choose the electric meter with load indicator to 60 BUT.
  3. If the marking circuit breaker includes a range of information to, for example, from 40 to 100 BUT, then fit the equipment to calculate electricity consumption 100 BUT.

Similarly, you can answer the question, how to choose the electricity meter in the apartment in terms of the maximum current.

mounting method

Another important design feature is the fact, how to spend her mount. Often, the body has a model of attachment with three screws, but in some cases there is a DIN-rail. Before choosing you should pay attention to what, a mounting method is suited better. When searching for an answer to the question, What better electric meters for apartments, should pay attention to what, where it will be installed.

Induction and electronic meters

electric meter mercury 3 phase
three-phase meter

If we consider the, how best to put the electric meter, should pay attention, that such equipment is divided into two main categories: Induction and Electric.

The special features of the induction of the embodiment may include:

  1. The presence of the two coils: current and voltage.
  2. Creates a magnetic field between the two coils causes the disk to spin.
  3. The higher the amperage and voltage, the faster will rotate drive, and therefore power consumption rate will be significantly higher.

A problem similar to the embodiment can be called, that make their manufacturing accuracy class above 2 very difficult. However, the service life of the structure under consideration is more than 15 years old. That is why when searching for an answer to the question, any single-phase electric meters better, you can find advice on the purchase of the induction. According to our statistics, more than 50 millions of such options are used in the Russian Federation.

Electronic can be called a modern approach to the question of measurement of energy consumption. Their work is based on direct measurement of the amount of energy consumed and the withdrawal of this information in electronic form. What better to put electricity meters in the apartment? Electrons have the following advantages:

  1. Small dimensions.
  2. High accuracy class.
  3. Displaying information in numerical form.
  4. There is the possibility of including the equipment in the automated power supply system.
  5. Possibility to change readings are practically absent.

Many think, a two-tariff electricity meter opt for home? E-type is more suited to the task of counting the electricity spent, taking into account the time-based division of tariffs. The only drawback of this option execution - high sensitivity to overloads.

Which is better: electronic or induction?

Each Option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The question of, a power meter to select encountered before for private homes abroad, than in Russia. That is why you can pay attention to what, choices made abroad.

Initially, when many began to get it replaced electronic versions. Until a few years ago about 95% installed meters were consumed energy electronic type. However, the low reliability of the design has led to the, that in England after a while the percentage of set induction and electronic meters was 40 to 60.

In conclusion, when considering, how best to put the electric meter, electronic or induction, note, that many electronic manufacturers put life before 15 years old. Yet none of them worked for the stated time for the reason, so many years ago, they did not let. Many induction versions worked around 50 years and after such a long period fall within the specified accuracy parameters.

Recommendations for choosing a

What is the electricity meter to choose? We need to hold elections also taking into account the nuances of the following:

  1. Increased accuracy class leads to a considerable increase in the cost structure. If it is 1 or 0.5, the construction cost is very high due to the complexity of its creation. For electric meter -classUse enough accuracy class home 2.0.
  2. Counting on several tariffs - a nice addition, which is relevant only in certain cases. Therefore, to acquire similar to the embodiment is not always beneficial.
  3. When you buy should pay attention only to the products of famous manufacturers. To reduce the cost of construction, some manufacturers use cheap accessory, which significantly reduces the length of service. If you do not want to do repairs through one or a few years after installation, should choose the products of famous manufacturers.

In conclusion, when considering -Choose the meter for the house, make a conclusion: for domestic use is enough to get construction of the resolution with accuracy class 2 and better 1 , electronic type with an indicator operating current 50 BUT. -60 Amperes from a reputable manufacturer.

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