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Mounting on a semi-dry screed floor warm water

The semi-dry screed has its own characteristics when the device on the basis of the room. Huge role to play quality work, that will affect not only the strength of the whole structure, but also durability in operation. If the surface is smooth turn, even the flooring will be less wear. No defects should not be, in no circumstances, to get a really positive.

The choice of floor covering

when a warm water floor screed their own hands, should gather information on, what kind of floor covering in the future, you can select. the main thing, that it has excellent thermal conductivity properties. The most ideal option in this case - terracotta or granite. This material is able to last for a long time, save all the performance. Screed on floor heatinggood heat dissipation, but, Consequently, all the energy of the bottom will be very good to emerge out. True to the feet will come in handy this choice only in the cold season. The semi-dry screed floor warm water will be cold in summer.

Many people make the mistake and put a plastic tile. At elevated temperatures,, heating, it will crack and will come with time worn. So it is better when choosing circumvent it.

Another best option - a laminate. The more that you can buy in the store a special material, designed for warm floor. Among the popular manufacturers are Tarkett, Parador and other. Semi-dry cement can withstand and linoleum. Is there one feature, It consists in the fact, that the raw materials must be selected natural. Otherwise, the room will be provided with heating various chemicals, carcinogens. This applies to linoleum on a paper basis.

To the warm floor water is used as a floor covering and natural materials - parquet, bung. the main thing, that the products have been certified, and it can be laid on warm floor. It is important to read the manufacturer's recommendations.

Features screed

The semi-dry cement sand screed floor in particular mostly includes all their positive qualities. These include:

  • For the price it will be much less, than concrete mortar.
  • After finishing work, we get a very smooth surface as a "rough" sex. Consequently, no further action is required it is not necessary to equalize. This not only saves power, but funding.
  • According to the results of such factors, as cracks, chipped, shrinkage, nullified. Only when abuse semi floor screed technology, they can occur on the surface.
  • Due to the low amount of water, used for cultivation of the dry mixture, is a possibility of moisture on downstream floors.
  • Speedy drying and hardening of the finished solution after installation.
  • High heat and sound insulating qualities.

    Screed on floor heating
    The advantages of semi-ties

But this is only part of, that generally is available in semi-dry screed. As I mentioned earlier, everything should be done in stages, monitor the quality and proportions of the prepared solution. Then any errors in the work will not.

Tools and materials

To work began and took place without distractions, should consider, to prepare in advance not only about the tools, but relevant materials. As for the last, here in full must be observed proportion of semi-dry floor screed. It is of proportions will depend on the basic quality of the finished foundation under the floor the floor covering.

Among the tools isolated building or water level. No less popular is the laser level. But it pushes the cost of some. Not always have the desire to spend more on a single task. Also useful Roulette, various containers for mixing and stirring the solution using a drill with a corresponding nozzle. In addition, the handy spatula and trowel.

Depending on the process performance of a semi-dry screed assembly, It will depend on any additional tools. If the beacons are exposed and are attached to the base using self-tapping screws with wire, You do not need a screwdriver, and wire cutters.

It has a semi-dry screed proportions, who is best to look at the manual for the purchase of materials. Grout is supposed to be uniform and without unnecessary lumps. To avoid possible difficulties with stirring, in stores quite dry mixes, in which will only add a certain amount of water. Screed on floor heatingtrue, then the proportion of liquid with respect to mixtures would be appropriate.

When manufacturing self solution under semi-dry screed, the store bought:

  • 50 kg of cement. His mark should be at least M-400.
  • For this amount of cement required 200 kg of sand, with a fraction not exceeding 0.8 mm.
  • 30-40 liters of water. Over the water to rush in no case be. It is better to pour a few less than the required number of, and only then add as needed. the main thing, the solution turned to a liquid.
  • plasticizer. In finished form it can be found in stores. Its amount will be insignificant, about 200 gram. Some experts advise, instead of costly supplements add conventional liquid soap. Flexibility ties remain at a decent level.
  • Insulation layer made of slabs of expanded polystyrene.
  • As beacons taken special metal profile, called "Beacon". Beacons can be performed and the way other embodiments, where there is a huge amount of.

holding horizon

To improve the accuracy of special features apply, building level e.g.. Screed on floor heating It is found not only the lowest point of the floor, but also the highest. The latter will be the starting point for determining the height of the screed.

In modern construction popularity scored laser level. With it, all the points are held indoors and are exposed targets for the next beacon, which is filled with semi-dry screed under warm water floor.

The choice of thickness

If you are in the semi-floor fill, should determine the exact thickness of the layer. It will depend on the evenness of the surface of the slab, from the existing irregularities, as well as the presence or absence of communication elements in an apartment. We will have a warm floor with all its components. This indicates, the thickness of the semi-dry screeds for floor heating water should not exceed 50 mm. The layer will depend on the quality of the flooring warm. The smaller thickness of a semi-dry screed, the faster the floor becomes warm after the heating in the room.

The thickness may affect the cooling. There are already all be contrary. Long heating surface leads to prolonged cooling of its. If you touch the save, then there will be a maximum. true, unknown, how come the account to pay for heating. Screed on floor heating

All the details and the choice of thickness will depend on the customer's. He selects a particular option, which also will depend on the selected floor covering. It is worth noting, that if the underfloor heating pipes will be laid on uneven ground, then the thickness of the floor area will be different ties. This will cause, that the floor heating will be different in different areas. In some cases, cost overruns of energy will occur.

When thinking about how, What better screed for warm water floor, it is best to opt for self-fulfillment or her recourse to experts. the pros and cons must be weighed, to be faced. Poorly made semi-dry screed lead to big problems in the operation process.


Substrate preparation

This step in the installation of semi-conducting ties on Warm water floor is no different from the standard execution. Weight should be available to remove debris and elements from previous works. Waterproofing layer had to be formed prior to installation of floor heating, but the damper tape around the perimeter of the walls, and any decorative elements fixed on a mandatory basis. the main thing, to himself radiant floor heating has passed all checks, including work under pressure. If it works fine, You can proceed to the next step.

Installation of semi-dry screeds

Prior to preparation of the solution should be aware of its components. Some are trying to save and set the steel mesh as a reinforcing element. But modern technology proven, that it is better not to do, and use in fiberglass, which are added during the preparation of the solution. Alternatively, the applied semi-dry screed with glass fibers.

Using the ready-made mixes for semi-dry screeds, care should be taken, observed that the proportion of adding water and other additives. For the rest, no experiments do not cost. Consistency is checked very simply: taken part and contracts in hand. Plenty of fluids will be the case, If it seeps between the fingers. The ideal case - lump formed integrally after compression. Composition of semi-dry screed floor has to be such, which is required for operation.

The entire room is divided arbitrarily on the so-called zone. For the division will be responsible for lighthouses ties warm water floor. Between them is filled with a solution of, which leveled rule. After placing the solution, we recommend that you base the rammer. It is worth noting, that there is a certain time, in which you must meet. rammer, grinding, grout must be made no later than six hours after, as finished dry mixture and expanded to overlap Heated floor. Only in this case, semi-dry screed floor under the water eventually get flat and smooth, without negative manifestations.

After finishing work, We should pay attention to the care of a semi-dry screed. If necessary, it is wetted by spraying in the desired amount. Immediately after application and smoothing screed covered with a film of polyethylene, so that moisture is distributed evenly over the entire area. This can not do when the room is no drafts or temperature changes.


You can pick out some expert advice, which should agree with the performance of semi-dry screeds under warm water floor:

  1. The optimum thickness of the layer of solution must be within 50-70 mm. As a material for reinforcement in this case it is better to use the modern means of, which include fibrovolokno.
  2. When laying slabs of polystyrene foam its density should be more 35 kg per m3. Otherwise, they will not be able to withstand all the loads, time to break. Screed on floor heating
  3. Before checking underfloor heating efficiency would be better to put a layer of insulation, and rantovoy tape, which is able to compensate for the expansion in the subsequent semi-dry screed due to changes of temperature indicators. If floor heating is working under pressure, You can begin to fill the prepared solution, adhering the required proportions.
  4. Inclusion of floor heating systems is possible only after complete drying of the solution. The longer it takes, the better the result will be. The strength characteristics of cement gathers only after at least a month after the end of work.
  5. Set of floor heating temperature must be carried out successively, without Skachkov. Otherwise it can lead to cracks at the base of the "rough" sex.

If you will be respected technology Heated floor devices for variant, you will eventually get a really high-quality design. Regardless of floor space, which arranged a warm floor, payment will be made only for the central heating in the apartment or house.





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