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marking technology, and laying tile on the floor on the diagonal

Distinguished only two ways to tile layout, and the most difficult is the laying of tiles on the diagonal. But even taking into account the complexity of the implementation of such an option of laying is widespread. In particular, the peak of its popularity way to reach due to its unique ability to increase the space. But in order, in order to properly perform the stacking floor diagonally you need to know all the features of starting markup, and ending with the removal of excess grout.

base marking and preparation for laying

The main mistake, that allow novice professionals, as well as those, who decided on their own to make repairs - a wrong choice of a benchmark. In particular, to determine the direction diagonal bounces, but note, that it is not always accurate, and is not an indicator of the direction, which necessarily requires. This approach, of course, not spoil quality of the coating, but inapplicable affect the appearance. Upon completion of the works, going in space, you can see the unevenly paved diamonds tiles.

marking and laying tiles diagonally

Of course, in some cases this is not noticeable. But still very influenced by the appearance of. A culprit that becomes incorrect laying angle. As known, tiles should be laid at an angle of 45 degrees. But do not forget, that this angle may be diagonally, Only when it comes to a square room. In other cases,, angle will be either larger, or less, which causes irregularities.

floor markings for laying tile
Marking the floor in a rectangular room

For, the tile has been properly laid, you must not beat diagonal, and the bisector of the angle. Or, construct an isosceles triangle on the floor. For, to carry out such construction, should be postponed on the angle of each side wall segments of equal distance, preferably in accordance with the size of the tiles diagonally. This will begin to spread surface seamless tile, instead of slices.tiling technology diagonally

follows, it should be noted, It becomes surface preparation. It's simple, The minimum requirements, in particular the lack of moisture and debris, surface leveling, and it will provide the best possible and white floor diagonally

Technology of work

Briefly mentioned the main, and now consider themselves as carried tile laying diagonally on the floor. In particular, analyze a visual guide, which can be used now. It should be noted at once, that is suitable for both manual laying on the floor, and for wall.


As I mentioned earlier, the first thing is held marking the floor surface. It is performed using a mark equal intervals of the angle, which in future will determine the direction of stacking. At the end point of each segment is desirable to drive the dowel, and then pull the thread, which will serve as a guide.tiling technology for marking


follows, Work becomes an obligatory stage primed floor surface. If this process is to overlook, then you run the risk of eventually spoil and does result, respectively, and the tiles, as well as to transfer construction materials, which would entail extra financial costs.

The primer is applied with a brush, roller or spray, depending on its type. Upon completion of the surface should be allowed to dry out, at least a few hours.

After that, as you primed surface of a standard primer. In the case of irregularities subfloor must be done prior to the alignment procedure using an adhesive. Since the laying of tiles on a diagonal to the floor is not for one year, then additional measures are needed, to increase the quality of work.

To carry out this type of work she should be diluted adhesive for tiles, at the same time it is necessary to make a rare. After that, they oshpaklevyvaem floor surface. Such a process is provided for complete pore elimination on the surface, pits, cracks and other defects. Wherein, immediately after application, you can start working. It is desirable only to wait until the adhesive mixture grab (but not necessarily).

Laying tiles

Now it's time to lay the tile directly. First of all you need to follow the instructions to dissolve the adhesive mixture, after which the arm with a serrated trowel and forth:

  1. Apply glue to the base (also, to improve the quality can be further applied on the tiles). Most of the mixture is applied only to the base, which reduces the adhesion area. In this way, The mixture was partitioned deposited on the floor and allow full contact with the surface.
  2. The next step should be laid with tiles and proceed to its alignment. Orient the tiles must be strictly on a stretched string or laser level. By establishing it in the right position a little rap with a rubber mallet, it is good to put on the glue. Then check the horizontality using spirit level, if necessary, also align.
  3. You are now ready for further laying the next tile. Ulaživaem, and check the position of the level of, though, should be checked as a separate one tile, and two together. In this case, between the tiles and the application level does not in any case should not be seen gaps. Besides, tile must be horizontal in any direction level.
  4. After verification, you can proceed with further installation. Subsequent tiles are laid in the same way, checking the level of.
  5. By stacking completion coating left for several days before drying glue mixture. note, the remaining sections of the floor, where necessary laying tile to be cut, yet we do not touch.
  6. And in the end before putting the tiles on the diagonal carry out laying tiles carved pieces. A few days later, you must complete the laying, having equipped chopped tiles. Cutting is carried out with the help of Tile, or grinders.

laying tiles on the floor on the diagonal


And in the end, after drying cellsgrout the tiles diagonallyHer conducted grouting. The process itself is simple but crucial:

  1. take dry mixture was trowel.
  2. Dilute according to the instructions.
  3. The mixture was molded into the joints using a rubber spatula

It is important to carry out the work carefully and slowly, because the grout dries quickly, then it is impossible to eliminate any errors. It is also important to eliminate excess material from the surface of the tile to complete the work on each 2 square meters tiles, that is carried out with a dry cloth.


Finally, we give a little advice on the calculation of the number of tiles for laying diagonally. Here everything is quite simple, We calculate the area of ​​a room and add 1-% obtained from the number. For the convenience of calculations we suggest using a calculator:

Size obkladyvayut surface
Width, m.
Height, m.
counter space
Width, m.
Length, m.
Square, which will not be glued tiles
Width, m.
Length, m.
cost of
The cost of the tiles
You will need tiles, m2

On this question of how to put the tiles on the floor on the diagonal can be considered closed. In addition we offer watch a few videos about, how to carry out laying on the diagonal, how to perform the layout and other issues, the answers to which you need to know



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