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Uladka tiles in the bathroom: options, tips, a photo

One of the major elements of the decor is modern bathroom tiles. That's because in recent years there are more and more options for laying tiles in the bathroom. It depends on the tiles and the visual appearance of the premises and impressions of him. And today we offer some good layout options, and at the same time inexpensive (depending on the preference of the type of course tiles).

options for laying tiles in the bathroom

Floor design options

The particular selection of design tiling in the bathroom is directly dependent on the materials used. In this case, it is important to choose the right shape and size of the tiles, but it is also an important color and style of decoration.

Most of the stops on the choice of a medium-sized tiles, He also is the best. This kind of tile looks great in a small room, and a large.

Lately, people find an answer to the question, how nice to put a tile, use rectangular tiles. In the same time, at least will look good, and the use of mosaic. Besides, you can also combine several options for tiles to each other.

If you are still undecided as the laying of tiles and bath design, then you can use computer programs for 3D modeling, which will help to see how it will look like this or that design.

At the same time, especially in the bathroom runs the floor finish. Since both total all the work begins with the zone, then it is worth paying special attention to. Here, for the bath tiling options should be chosen not only based on personal preferences, but also to meet the aesthetic qualities of the premises and other finishes. Besides, coating must hide flaws, even if there is no such necessity.

In particular, Flooring can consider the following options:

  1. Laying the tiles in the weld seam. Such a process is a standard and most popular, but nevertheless, you can create enough nice design.
  2. A second embodiment of stacking becomes vrazbezhku. more suitable, of course, for rectangular tiles, since it is obtained by applying it is fairly original patterns.
  3. And the latter can be considered a method of laying diagonally. Such varint more suitable for a small bathroom.

Below you can see examples laying tiles in many ways, and independently assess, that you no longer fit.options for laying tiles in the bathroom : a photo

Besides, should pay attention to and the presence of carved elements, the number of which must be reduced to a minimum. In the same time, namely their use can be made quite attractive patterns, look at the photo below.

Bath options for tiling

Installation on the wall

When it touched bath, options tile wall It is becoming quite topical issue every second inhabitant. Unlike the floor coverings, for this area a variety of design solutions significantly bolshe.V particular it is possible to apply the following techniques:

  1. Performing self-colored surface. In this case, one color tile is taken and held by any of the methods styling (Extension, in the seam, etc.).
  2. More rarely used laying on the diagonal. Even so,, this kind can achieve a stunning effect, in particular referring to the decoration of small room.
  3. Also, to create an individual design is often used separation using tile border. In this embodiment, the wall surface is finished with several colors of tiles, dividing it into a kind of zone. Themselves limited border zone.
  4. A good way to add some "spice" becomes use of decorative strips. These roles may be different friezes, contrast tile or tile excellent in shape from the main. In this case, you can also have an effect on the visual perception of the room. In this way, horizontal stripes increase the height of the ceiling, and the vertical width and length of the room.
  5. No less rare in the application process becomes inlay. This assumes installation of large tiles with a pattern in some areas of the walls, wherein the common cladding is performed identical.
  6. And the last one may be mentioned more complex compositions, which represent a maximum attractive tile layout. This situation is often carried out combining multiple types of materials. For example, laying colored tiles with textured insert, dedicated friezes.

Examples of each of the coatings are presented in photo enlarge.

beautiful bathroom design options

Decorating additional surfaces

In addition to laying tile on the floor and walls in the bathroom, in some cases, also require additional finishing surfaces. These can serve as a, for example:

  1. communication boxes.
  2. Bathroom.
  3. curbs, septa, and other surfaces.

Application Method is not significantly different, becomes the only condition that the general subject matter of contrast and.

But there are many small features. In particular, small projections, as the border, you must use small tiles, except in the case of using mosaic.

Directly to the bathroom, layout is performed on the overall design of the room, but it is possible to focus on this area, by swapping tiles and layout direction to the opposite. Besides, another way would be the selection of a new cable, which will have more bright texture, but at the same category with the primary coating.

tiles in the bathroom photo

Mosaic in the bathroom

And the last way to beautifully laid tile in the bath becomes mosaics. Such material is one of the varieties of standard products tiled, But at the same time, despite the small size, easily combined with other elements, even larger.

Among finishing options with the help of a mosaic there are the following:

  1. Decorating the walls and floor. These items are not necessary to explain very. can say, only one: such coverage for the most part looks quite nice.
  2. Isolation zones using mosaic. In particular, conducting a visual separation between the individual zones are. For example, bathroom, shower, or toilet.
  3. Another good technique is the emphasis in certain areas, which also successfully performed using mosaic.
  4. Also, against the background of the tiles have to be laid can perform local decor, which allows you to modify and improve the appearance of the premises.
  5. And the latter becomes difficult areas facing. More specific, We have in mind, small-sized plots and complex elements.

Despite the mosaic of sale in a set of small parts, it can be easy to separate into single pieces, then use.

mosaic in the bathroom photo

In this way, laying tiles, examples of which can be seen in this article will help make you a perfect repair. Also, few videos for the consideration of the more unusual options tiling.



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