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tiling technology on the kitchen floor

Laying the tiles in the kitchen by now considered almost an integral part of the interior. In some cases, when there is no tile in the kitchen, the impression that, that the repairs are carried out incorrectly. But at the same time, though this type of repair and it seems so familiar, and easy, He has a number of inherent subtleties, to consider. That is why, before embarking on the, you need to know clearly, how to put the tiles in the kitchen.

Tiles in the kitchen: overview

To begin to understand the total of which is used for flooring in the kitchen. And it is worth noting, that the stacking may be performed on different surfaces, at the same time to play a different role.

Another factor is the division of the entire room into zones. Among these are the following areas:

  1. Operating the first zone is considered. This includes facing seats, where are the household appliances.
  2. The next area is marked apron. While, its design may differ from the total trim design.
  3. Another becomes the floor, He was interested in us now and. note, that it can be used directly zoning the entire room.

tiles on the kitchen floor

Tile division into zones

Considering, that the kitchen can simultaneously serve as a dining room, that mostly happens, a good solution would be to zoning. Total, a sample result of this division you can see in the photo below:

In this way, floor laying in the kitchen helps to separate different colors and a view of individual areas of tiles. At the same time it is possible to carry out the same division simply by changing the pattern, at the same time using the same tile. In this way, for example, You can lay out place for cooking straight rows, and a dining area on the diagonal.

Little about, how to choose tiles.

Quite important is the question, how to put the tiles on the kitchen floor, More specifically, how to put a tile. And the answer will depend on a number of factors, among which performance and aesthetics.

As known, each species has its own characteristics tile. Some samples are more resistant to wear and tear, others exhibit an increased strength, and the third - density. And just for the kitchen need to pick up a sample, who will skillfully combine all three characteristics.

important notice, that the primary task is to precisely estimate the quality of the surface of the tile. In that case, when it comes to laying the tiles on the kitchen floor, preference should be given a matte tiles, not polished. This option is less slippery, allowing occupants to protect from falling and damage.

Another factor in favor of the matte coating will be his big watertight, and, lower susceptibility to detergents. Namely, it becomes important in the kitchen, where sex is inherent in constant pollution, respectively, and needs extra care.

An important factor is also the size of the tiles. In particular, large size can make a dissonance in the design of the room, especially, when it comes to small kitchen.

It is because, laying floor tiles in the kitchen requires a careful selection of tiles. Experts also recommend choosing the material for small kitchens the size of no more than 20 * 20 centimeters, and best of all, and to take all mosaic. Of course, laying of the tiles is more laborious and requires a lot of skills, but this is offset by the creation of harmony in design.

layout options

Play an important role, of course, and tiling options on the kitchen. or rather, choose one of them. In particular, worth noting the following:

  1. becomes the first, all the usual option, laying tiles in neat rows. In this case, the tile is laid in rows, seam in a seam or vrazbezhku.
  2. Another embodiment becomes diagonal styling, For more information about which can be found in a separate article.
  3. Another embodiment becomes modular stowage. Such a method requires more professionalism, additional calculations, perseverance and patience.

Total, these are the main options, which can be found most often. Also, More information can be found on the layout in a separate article on the embodiments laying the floor in the kitchen, which examines all the variations.

mount technology

We now proceed directly to the question, how to put the tiles in the kitchen. Total, yourself installation is not practically different from other premises, because, the slightest skills tiles should not be too difficult. But at the same time, laying floor tiles in the kitchen has its own characteristics, to consider.

Leveling the floor

The primary task is to prepare the base. The floor must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Completely dry (in some cases, a forced drying surface).
  2. The base must be flat.
  3. Traces of mandatory presence of the old coating removed.

If there are irregularities should be performed under the tile floor fill. In particular, used, so-called, self-leveling floor. Such coverage is pretty expensive, but at the same time the most simple in execution of. A cheaper alternative would be Cement-sand screed.Stages mounting warm water floor

If the answer to the question of how quickly to fill a floor under the tile will dissolve self-leveling floor, following the instructions, and then fill the room.

preparation of concrete under the tile

And screed more complicated, for its implementation will need to carry out the markup, install beacons and guides, etc.. To find out, how to align the kitchen floor tiles under the offer to get acquainted with as a separate item on the implementation of the screed.

Laying tiles

After preparing the substrate must prime surface. Then, When the primer dries, you can proceed directly to the very laying of tiles on the kitchen floor with their hands. Before starting work, breed adhesive mixture, following the instructions on the package. And then we carry out all work in accordance with the stepwise algorithm below:

  1. To begin, we put a small amount of glue on the surface, then flatten it. note, alignment is performed first flat trowel, and then a gear. Sheer adhesive mixture is distributed over a floor area, on which you will have time to lay the tiles before setting composition.
  2. The next step is placing the tiles on the surface. We put one tile adhesive and then align it, using the building level. If necessary, use a rubber mallet, light tapping which can be a little trim the horizontal position.
  3. The next step is placed second tile, her third, etc.. note, that to comply with the distance between them should be used tic, or floor leveling system.
  4. After that, like styling is complete, leave cover at least a day, at the expiration of 24-36 hours necessary to carry out grouting.

Lay the tiles on the kitchen floor

In this laying tiles on the kitchen floor with his hands and later completed 2 day room you can fully exploit the. To encourage understanding watch the video on laying tile on the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions tiling

Now, to answer the most frequently asked questions, which occur in humans when laying tiles:

How much is put tile in the kitchen?

This question is the exact answer does not, there are lots of factors, which may affect the cost of works. Among these factors, the following:

  1. kind of tile, which is planned to be used. And quite a lot of them, it may be ceramic, tile, stoneware, marble, etc.. The cost of each of these species is significantly different, as well as the cost of glue for them.
  2. The second factor is the area of ​​the room.
  3. Also important is the type of laying, straight, diagonal, Modular etc.. This is due to a different number of tiles for each of the varieties, and in addition and the need to cut.
  4. Of course, and design choices have a significant impact. Tile with a picture is worth more, than the standard one-color tiles.
  5. It may be noted and the tile size, which also has a value.

And this is not all the factors, which have an impact on the value of.

tiling technology diagonally

In this way, average, inexpensive tiles, depending on the region of residence of the cost 300 average 700 rubles per square meter. Also, given the cost of adhesives, and that the average 300 rubles a bag of dry mixture. learn the right the amount of tile adhesive to help online calculator.

It is also necessary to take into account gender and alignment, that cost during the screed 300-500 rubles per m2.

In the end,, the cost of the kitchen tiling will be from 600 to 1000 rubles per square meter, for self installation. The cost of employee services ranging from 300 to 1000 rubles, depending on the scope of work, types of tiles, complexity and laying a number of factors.

This rough calculation, provided the use of an inexpensive tiles. Respectively, depending on the cost of the tiles, price will rise. note, that screed cost will remain the same, but it raises the cost of the adhesive mixture, as well as the most tiles (price tiler services will be also higher)

How best to put the tiles in the kitchen?

In this matter need only reflect on the basis of personal preference, insofar as, the, as the tiles will be laid, determines the design space. because, embodiment of layout depends only appearance. But there are some guidelines:

  1. In large rooms it is recommended to carry out zoning using tiles, putting it in different patterns.
  2. For small rooms it is recommended to create a light and simple design drawings.

And the rest, all directly dependent on the host taste.

What tile is placed on the kitchen floor?

Largely, answer the question, some tiles lay on the kitchen floor, it becomes granite. But, important factor is not material, from which it is made tiles, and its operating characteristics. Tile, which is laid on the floor should have:

  1. A high level of strength.
  2. It is mandatory to be resistant to household chemistry.
  3. A high level of wear resistance, because the kitchen is one of the most exploited rooms.
  4. Also, pay attention and be on the coefficient of friction, ideally it should be higher 0,75.
  5. The next factor is the size of the tiles. Smaller tiles add elegance room, and make it visually larger, especially when using light colors.

On this beautiful note we conclude. We also recommend to look some videos on choosing tiles and correct installation in the kitchen.



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