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Various options to remove the old paint

situation, when you need to clean the wall of paint, are common. And if the process of applying dyes - it is not difficult, the process of removing them - much harder. Remove the old paint can be a variety of ways: by chemical substances, mechanical means, building dryer, perforators. Each case needs to be addressed. And the first step is to determine, what kind of paint have to be removed.

types of paints

The division of colors on the species occurs on the basis of their appointment. There are exterior surfaces, has for domestic, there is universal. They all have different properties, They have different characteristics, respectively, require different approaches when working.

Modern paint colors are divided into:

  1. dry;
  2. oil;
  3. enamel;
  4. Water-dispersive;
  5. water based paints.

select method, by which it will be possible to remove a layer of old paint is easy and simple, impossible without definition of its kind. This is the main question, which should be considered before starting work.

Methods for removing old colorants

Determine the type, you can begin to choose the way to remove it from the surface. Usually, experts identify 4 way, which will help get rid of the old coating layer:

  1. chemical;
  2. thermal;
  3. manual (mechanical);
  4. electromechanical.

The chemical method involves the use of a special mixture of flushing, which is composed of caustic chemicals. They spread an unpleasant odor and to work with them without the mask can not be. Wiping a mixture for powder paints can be applied. The mixture was spread evenly over the surface, leave for a while and removed along with the usual paint spatula.

The thermal method is based on heating processes. For this purpose, use a simple blowtorch or heat gun assembling. The surface is heated and warm paint scraped manually. But the way is very dangerous, and not in all cases effective. for example, from the tree to remove the heated layer will be easy, the heat and remove the paint from the concrete is much more difficult.

Mechanical or manual mode is the easiest. It can carry out with the ax, scraper and spatula. Sharply Edged ax makes a small incision in a small distance from each other. With a scraper or spatula poddevat layer and remove it, scales like a fish.

Electromechanical method strongly resembles manual. It is used only when it is also a power drill or Bulgarian. On the tool attached metal scrubbing brush and begins cleaning the surface. This method will help to clear any type of staining, so before, how to remove paint from the wall, can not speculate, and immediately apply power tools.

What to do, if the surface is painted with oil paint

Usually, when you remove oil paint is particularly effective thermal method. In this case, it would be better to remove the paint dryer, which is used in the construction of. Are two human: one heats the surface, directing a desired location hot air stream, another quickly removes the softening composition with a spatula. Important in this process - not overheat the layer, which will lead to charring agent and remove it will be much harder.But this is not the only way of, how to remove oil-based paint. This can be done even by the usual iron and foil. large foil sheet attached to the surface of iron and ironed. Immediately after that, the paint scraped off with a scraper or shpatelya.Mozhno use liquid glass, covering their surface. Drying up, it is deformed and the process of peeling the film together with the paint. More potassium carbonate solution is used: 0,5 kg diluted with 1,2 kg quicklime, adjusted to slightly thick consistency and is applied to a painted wall or other surface. Through 12 hours, the paint can be removed freely.

What to do, if the surface painted with latex paint

This type of paint the most unstable to moisture. Its basis is the polyvinyl acetate, which is very easy to wash off with water. I.e, before, how to remove latex paint from any surface, it is necessary to buy only soap and sponge. The surface is wetted with water, soaped sponge and you can begin to scour the paint.

What to do, if the surface is painted with acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is much more resistant and easy soap and water to wash off it is not. Much better to resort to mechanical means to remove - disc angle grinder or shpatelyu.Esche, for, how to remove acrylic, You can use old newspapers. They paste over the brushing region and are waiting for the complete drying, after which the paint can be easily removed together with newspapers.

Qualitatively remove paint layer and can use the conventional chisel. Of course, It is tedious and tiresome, but effectively. Good idea to get rid of old paint to help wash-mixtures and building fen.Iz all of the above, you remove the old paint, should be chosen based on the situation. Only correct approach will help solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

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