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How to transform the facades on the kitchen set

Furniture in the kitchen is exposed to severe stress. On it are such negative load, high humidity, temperature changes, as well as corrosive substances. As a result, products lose their original appearance and luster. Therefore, there is often a need for such a process, as the restoration of the kitchen fronts.

Options to solve the problem

So, repair kitchen surfaces may be performed in the following ways:

  • the use of self-adhesive films and photos;
  • painting products;
  • Art painting the kitchen;
  • applying decorative inserts and ilimentov;

Of course, do not forget that, that you can change the facades on the kitchen set.

The use of self-adhesive film and photo printing

This method is considered to be the easiest and cheapest. Today the market offers a wide range of such film. Especially popular are the models with simulated woodgrain, marble and other natural materials. When you select should pay attention not only to the appearance of the material, but also on its quality and performance.

When it comes to self-adhesive film, the experts recommend to opt for products made of vinyl. Such popularity is due to the fact, such that the material is waterproof, that allows you to securely protect the wooden kitchen facade from moisture, which is present in the room. Also, the film withstands temperature extremes and mechanical stresses.

The most popular solution is the modern kitchen facade pasting film with photo printing. This allows you to create your own style.

the facade of the printing to the kitchen
Commissioned film of the size of the kitchen
Result pasting facade photo printed film

Pasted to the film specialties facades need to have on hand a set of specific tools and materials:

  • film and the scraper, by which it will be smoothing;
  • meter line and;
  • Scissors and stationery knife.

When all the tools to be prepared, you can proceed to the immediate restoration of the facade, which is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Perform measurements of the cabinets and all the elements of furniture, which will be papered film. To make it easier, it is better to remove and put on a flat surface.
  • Prepare elements for pasting. For this eliminates all the hardware. Thoroughly wash the facade. Particular attention should be paid to grease stains. If there's anything left such pollution, then during operation decorative film for the kitchen and starts to swell to depart. As a result, the aesthetic appearance and the coating integrity is violated. At the end of, carefully wipe the product dry.
  • Perform cutting of the film from the measurements, which were obtained previously by measuring the facade elements. To facilitate the process, worth using a special grid, which is applied to the reverse side of the fabric. This enables you to smooth the cut film quality. Particular attention is paid to the experts recommend a model with repeated patterns. After gluing they must match.
  • Run cut film on the markup. It is better to do office knife. Curvilinear patterns are cut with scissors.
  • Stick tape on the facade. At this stage, all the work to be performed slowly. Decorative film is pasted on kitchen gradually. In this case, it is necessary to unstick the protective paper a few centimeters.

If you try to paste the entire film formation at the same time, it does not give the desired result. Material lie unevenly, which will re-restoration of the facade element.

  • After all lockers and other items will be plastered, they fix the headset, which was previously removed.

At the final stage can only hang the product in its place. In this way, performed restoration kitchen fronts with their hands. With the help of the film can not only return the furniture pristine shine, but also freshen the interior. The feature of such a material is, it can be used on all surfaces. It is also worth noting, that the vinyl film is very easy to clean, which makes it easy to keep clean in the kitchen.


Painting and Decorating kitchen facade

Often restoration kitchen fronts is carried out using such technology, like molding, the bottom line is the fitting on the furniture and decorative objects. In this case we are talking about semi-circular strips. Most often they are used on flat facades. As a result, the restoration can be obtained completely different furniture, which is distinguished by its originality and elegance. After attaching decorative trims performed painting, which will give the facade a finished look.

To lead the upgrade of kitchen furniture, you need to have on hand:

  • adhesives for wood;
  • semicircular strips;
  • roulette;
  • sawing;
  • airbrush;
  • gloss paint;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver.

decoration and kitchen facade painting carried out in the following sequence:

  • Prepare facade elements. First of all, they need to be removed and dismantled from their fittings. Then carefully clean them from dirt. Particular attention should be paid to grease stains. Since in the process of restoration of the facade will be made of his painting, some work better in the open air. Previously it fits onto the film.
  • To measure and cut into strips of the desired size. The edges of the decorative strips to slaughter at an angle 450. You can then proceed to their mounting on the facade. It is recommended to use a high-quality adhesive, which provide secure attachment of decorative elements.
  • When all the strips are glued, products are being prepared for further painting. It should be taken into account, you need to wait some time for, the adhesive is completely dry. After that the surface primer. You can use the spray gun. The tank is filled with primer and spray it from a distance 20 see from the article. Before embarking on further work, you must wait until the first coat is dry. It will take close to an hour.
  • Painting is similar priming. The capacity of the gun is poured into the prepared paint and spray it from a distance 20 cm from the surface. For painting the facade specialists recommend the use of deck paint, which is highly resistant to various influences. If desired, the surface can be decorated with various patterns. To do this, use stencils.

It is worth noting, that the painting of woodwork or MDF needs to produce a spray. Using the available tools like roller, Brush worsen the quality of the product.

  • When the paint is completely dry, performed installation accessories. new products can be used if desired. the main thing, accessories to optimally fit a new kitchen design. Next complete facade elements are fixed into place.

paint the kitchen cabinet

Observing all the rules and sequence of works, you can own hands to carry out restoration of facades of kitchen furniture. The main thing to choose the right paint, which will be optimally combined with the interior space.

If the restoration of the kitchen fronts seem to be difficult, refer to specialists.

Using decorative inserts

Although not very popular these kinds of repairs, but the restoration of facades MDF kitchen can be carried out with the help of decorative inserts. Most often used for this purpose: ceramic tile, rattan, decorative mesh.Kitchen door mesh inlay

Of course, if the furniture has lost its original appearance, then it, though, be painted, and then start decorating. As in previous cases,, restoration of the facades of kitchen furniture can be made with your own hands:

  • Training. To remove facade elements and fix them to the surface of all fittings. Cleanse them from pollution. To simplify the process, better use of detergents. Before painting the surface wiped dry.
  • Painting. When the product to be prepared, you can begin to paint their. To protect the wood from the adverse environmental factors, it should cover the deck paint. For the application of paint substances may use any tools, whether it is a brush or spray gun.
  • When the paint is completely dry, you can proceed directly to the decoration of the facade. For fixing tiles it is recommended to use a tile adhesive. Do the work very carefully. excess glue should immediately clean up, until it dried up.

Kitchen furniture decorating ceramic tiles

Kitchen furniture decorating ceramic tiles
Decoration tile kitchen furniture.

It is important to know, the tile has a weight , and are not designed hinges on it.

To round off the scenery, around the application of the tiles are fixed molding. As for inserts made of rattan, they are mounted in front of the following technologies:use ceramic tile or rattan

  • First of all, you need to perform measurements of doors, which will be calculated, as rattan fabric will need to decorate.
  • Rattan cold water to moisten the web, which will allow it to increase slightly in size. After drying, it will tighten, as a string.
  • The next step is the preparation of strips, by which the attachment will be executed rattan. They may be slightly different in color from the decorative material.
  • Prepared fabric cut to size and fixed to the facade by means of straps and stud.
  • In the final phase, the installation of accessories. Doors installed in its place.
Furniture and decorations made of PVC.
Transfiguration cuisine in a classic style using furniture decors

In this way, Furniture can be given a completely new design. But, the main thing, that it can be done with their own hands.

Art painting the kitchen

Perhaps the most interesting, but rather is a laborious manual art painting kitchen doors . The cost of work starts at 5000 rub. for m.kv. In this type of work is boundless imagination in the creation of design.

Art painting the kitchen

Replacing facades

If you do not have time to carry out the update, or products have lost their integrity, it is worth pondering, that replace facades in the kitchen. Make it pretty simple. It is necessary to carefully measure all elements and order new specialized joinery workshops. Any material can be used for manufacturing the new facade, whether it is an array or MDF.

Replacement kitchen doors to other

If the kitchen furniture has a complex geometric shape, it is better to use the services of a professional. To do this, you need to invite the master, which will make precise measurements of the facade. It is worth remembering, that the appearance of this type of food will depend.

other methods of transformation of furniture .

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