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How to simply change the handle of a plastic window

Quite often there are situations, when one day you open the window the usual traffic, but suddenly his pen waives or rotated, or even in the hands of. This can happen both with window systems, operated for many years, and immediately after installation. If you have wondered, how to repair a broken handle on the plastic window, then check out our tips, on this page.


Common problems pens plastic window

Handles plastic window - is a fairly complex design, with which you can manage the difficult and heavy window mechanisms (opening in different planes, from different angles, etc.). Since pens assume all regular load, they can quickly come into disrepair. Most often, the situation, when the broken handle of a plastic window, are shown as follows:

  • when open the window sash, handle stuck in the position "closed";
  • crank become loose or completely disconnected from the window frame;
  • Handle does not turn to the end or is not turned completely.

Usually, if the broken handle on a plastic box, it is possible to eliminate this problem in two ways:

  1. Disassemble and repair the faulty mechanism.
  2. Replacement handles plastic window on a new; today this fixture is easy to buy.

Of course, you can call the master of the company, that installed your plastic window systems, and it is possible to repair the window handle itself. count: repair of one handle of a plastic window is from 50 to 100 rubles, and it is only without payment repairman arriving at the site. Below, we describe in detail the plastic handle design and give full instructions to, how to fix the handle of a plastic window.

Broken handle on a plastic box

The design of the window handle

When, If the handle of a plastic window can be repaired with their own hands, it is necessary to know the, of what is the mechanism handles and its working principle. This will help to understand the, how to disassemble the handle of a plastic window, it is not broke.

Window lifter in its quadrangular rod is inserted into the hole in the window frame. Due to the rotation of the handle and, Consequently, turning rod, driven by a castle window, and the system, Controlled by rotating the plane window:

  • mikroprovetrivaniya mode;
  • Opening the window shutters.

Quadrangular rod results in the journal Movement- mechanism and shutters on the window. Handle through such circuit has 3 provisions:

  • the handle is turned down - the window is closed;
  • Rotate the handle 90 degrees - the window can be opened completely;
  • The handle turned on 180 degrees - the frame is open at the time "mikroprovetrivaniya".

The handle is fixed by two screws to the transom. Comfortable design and oiled mechanisms allow effortless cranking the handle and open the plastic window. Screws are covered by special decorative panel, you can always remove.

Repair the window handle themselves

How to replace the handle of a plastic window?

If you have spare hardware or easier for you to buy a new pen and replace it, then do it just enough:

  1. Remove the decorative panel, which covers the screws: She unscrewed clockwise or counter-clockwise;
  2. Using the most common Phillips screwdriver, completely remove these 2 screw;
  3. Handle more than anything not secured, so it can be removed;
  4. A seat insert a new pen: screws, screws and knobs are universal.
  5. Wrap tightly and screw the screws back to the decorative panel.

How view, in case of damage replace the versatile accessories is very simple - the task even a woman cope.

Replacement handles plastic window on a new

How to repair the handle of a plastic window?

If the handle is stuck and it does not turn, it is not excluded cause of failure in the lock system. To resolve this problem, you need to try to find the key to the end of the leaf, and press it. This is possible in the case, when the sash window open or ajar when "mikroprovetrivaniya".

How to fix the handle of a plastic window

If the pen is rotated around its axis

will be enough to turn off to solve this problem the handle and install it again, tightly wrapped screws and making sure that, that four-sided stem intact.

How to repair a broken handle on the plastic window

If the plastic windows become loose handle

When, become loose when the handle, it will be sufficient to carry out an extremely simple operation: disassemble the handle of a plastic window, ie. remove the decorative panel and tighten up the screws tighter.

As seen from the document, above, replace or repair the handles of PVC windows - it's easy. If you are wondering "how to fix the handle" or "how to remove the handle for plastic windows", feel free to read our tips. Everyone can own hands to fix the system. but, If your windows are on the warranty period of service, you will be much easier to call the master, which will repair the handle for plastic windows.



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  1. Hello! I liked your article, but not in it, any other I have not found how to replace the self-lock handle (metal tab) or remove it altogether! The problem is, that break off (I fell off) himself the tongue and pen then jammed! The window can not be closed, or discard, handle in a horizontal position! window company “rehau” series aubi, prompt, you are welcome, how to remove the lock handle?? After all, without accessories will work to turn the handle! thank.

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