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Removing the glass with a plastic window to?

The basic components of any plastic window becomes glazed. Unfortunately, quite often there are situations, under which it may be damaged, and because everyone should know, how to pull out the plastic window glazing and replace it. In this article you will learn, as it is possible to repair windows, replace the glazing or glass in it.

Removing the glass with a plastic window to

Reasons for removal of glass

Among the main reasons, in connection with which I want to pull out double-glazed window are the following:

  1. Firstly, the most common cause of getting a replacement insulating glass to a higher quality.
  2. Also, the reason becomes damaged glass.
  3. If you lose the integrity of glass, that is due to poor quality or improper installation.
  4. Also, for finishing slopes windows withdrawn (when, if there is no access from the outside, or window blind).

Thus the reasons to pull the glazing of large set of frames, but how many know not. To begin, it should be noted, that the process itself did not particularly complex, but that there are a number of knowledge, which are essential for work.

How fixed glazing?

To begin to understand, how the glazing is secured in the frame. And here nothing complicated, in plastic boxes, as in any other fastening it is conducted with the help of special glazing beads.

Removing the glass with a plastic window to

It should be noted, it's not all the usual glazing beads, familiar from the time of standard wooden window systems. And that's why, for, so as not to damage the glass when removing to consider their position.

Tools for work

so, to pull out of the glazing frame will need a certain number of tools. Among them were present will:

  1. Screwdriver;
  2. Putty knife;
  3. To prevent cuts or other injuries require protective gloves;
  4. You also need a knife, desirable building;
  5. And the latter are rubber sucker.

How can remove the glazing from a plastic frame with his hands?

so, proceed directly to the process. But it should be noted, that before, directly removing both glazed, , remove the flap. This process is not complicated. It is enough to remove the retaining pin from the upper hinge leaf, then remove it. Immediately fold itself for the duration of the work should be tightly leaning against the wall. Everything, preparatory work has been completed and it is possible to proceed directly to the removal process of the glazing.

Well, We consider the step by step instructions:

  1. To begin, grab a knife or spatula, then tip the tool to a vertical seam, between the frame and glazing bead.
  2. Next, you need to very carefully pry the bead and move it a little bit.Removing the glass with a plastic window to
  3. Such actions should be carried out throughout the length of the seam. Wherein, you must perform all possible accurately and gently, as there is the risk of inadvertently scratch or cause other damage to the window frame. Accordingly, this greatly affect its appearance.
  4. Then remove the fillet and place it to the side.Removing the glass with a plastic window to
  5. Likewise dismantling horizontal swipe and second vertical glazing beads. Very important, remove the second lower horizontal, and after the second vertical bead. The final top removed.
  6. Wherein, note, it is necessary to hold the glass when removing the last bead, because it may fall.
  7. so, after removing the glazing beads it is already possible to pull out of the window glazing. To do this, just the same and need the rubber cups. But, of course, If such a device you do not have, you can do it and hands, Slightly tilt the frame the glazing depart and can be taken by hand. Also it is possible to hook a finger and topple over.
  8. After that, take the glass on the sides and carefully remove completely.

Removing the glass with a plastic window to

note, that this work should be carried out with an assistant for large size windows, because during withdrawal of the glazing beads in such a case it will be necessary to insure against falling Glazing.

Removing glass

so, also in case of damage, you may need to pull the glass out of glass, which is also not a particularly difficult task. A bit more detail, You will need to do the following:

  1. To begin slightly undercut layer on an insulating glass sealant. For this it is best to use a construction knife.
  2. Then completely remove the sealant, Located along the contour, in order to get to the aluminum frame.
  3. Then you can easily remove the glass and replace it.
  4. Further it is necessary to provide a new layer of sealant.

Removing the glass with a plastic window to

Thus held glass replacement. The process is even simpler, you remove yourself glazing, but it is necessary to perform with even greater caution, because in this case the risk of spoiling the design much more.

Are installing double-glazed window with his hands

Now it's time to address the question of collecting the entire system back. And also consider a step by step guide, briefly and maximally clear:

  1. To start, before, how to get started, check the purity of the opening, because the frame folds must be completely clean.Removing the glass with a plastic window to
  2. Unlike dismantling, in this case, first of all inserted glazing, and then carried out the installation of the horizontal glazing beads.
  3. so, tail bead is inserted in a special groove, then hammering it with a special hammer. In this case, a rubber mallet. Directly strikes must be strong and held, starting from the corners of the center direction.Removing the glass with a plastic window to
  4. Next, in the same manner the remaining elements are mounted.
  5. Now you can start small and to restore order. In particular, Wipe installed glazing, or clear protective film, if it is a new. If there are scratches on the frame eliminate them using fine emery cloth.

In this process is complete. As you can see the problem is quite simple, though it can run itself, without the help of a specialist. The only thing, it should be clearly understood because it is the seriousness of the problem and the, glazing that is very fragile and vulnerable part of. Because perform the entire process should be as carefully as possible, and only when absolutely necessary. Read, how to regulate provetrevanie PVC windows.


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