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Vandal-proof windows - the modern way to protect the cottage

Vandal-proof windows are the actual purchase, especially for the residents of the first and last floors, owners of offices and private houses. Most often, criminals are penetrating into the room through the window is. You can stop them, using special fittings and fixtures, significantly complicating the path to your property.

statistical results

According to crime reports, most of the criminals are interested in the lower floors of high-rise buildings, if they plan to get into the room through the window. The reason is quite simple: conventional plastic window it is easy to open, and do it, standing on the ground or on the porch visor, it is possible for a few seconds. At risk is the second floor: If the balcony is not glazed, it is easy to climb. The same applies to the last floor: thieves can come down from the roof.

In order for the offender was unable to realize our plans, manufacturers have developed anti-vandal plastic windows. They are not only a complex locking system, reveal that the street is often impossible, but also more durable glass, which has not come out to break a stone or scrap blow.

plastic & wooden doors old-fashioned vulnerable and poorly resist cracking, why offender prefers not to bother with the metal front door, and sneak into the room from the street through a window. It is for this reason it is necessary to pay attention to window designs, and the doors, leading to the balcony.

Vandal-proof windows for cottages

What burglar systems offer firms?

Vandal-proof windows for apartments They can be equipped with various devices or a combination of several protective measures: eg, you can combine the protective glazing, which the manufacturer marks a special sticker, with a signaling system.

Council: If you have an ability, sign a contract with a private security. When you open a window or door sensor work, and through 15 minutes near your apartment will be a rapid response team. Even if the offender would not be caught, he did not have time to steal anything.

In those cases,, when the security system, for whatever reasons, can not be installed, You can use other methods of protection. They combine well with the alarm system, including, So how does one order of magnitude safer home.

One sure, but it is not always appropriate and aesthetically pleasing options are bars on the windows. If you put them you do not want, you can take advantage of special glazing. They are highly durable, able to withstand a strong enough impact and not break. Manufacturers offer a glass of different thickness, from red-hot to armored. Recent views can not be beat, even shooting at them with a rifle.

Vandal-proof plastic windows
Resistant to cracking plastic windows

Using special fittings

usual findings It has only one locking mechanism, sash lock occurs at a single point. Clamping pin flat, they are easy to bend. Special kit differs, that is equipped with a mushroom-shaped pins, open that much harder, They possess high strength and capable of withstanding a large load. Clamping mechanism and the other, fixing webs is carried out in three or more points. The handle has a rotation lock. Such accessories can be installed in your existing window structures instead of the standard.

Using special fittings

Other security features

Vandal-proof windows for cottages Apartments and may include other security features. These include the following:

  • Signaling, mounted on the window sash: it works when opening. With the remote control protection device is not connected, It runs on batteries. The task of such a system - creating a loud sound, that will draw people's attention and prevent the thief go unnoticed.
  • Special window handles with lock. they are set quite simple: normal pen is needed to unscrew and remove, instead put option with a lock. Locked so the inside of the handle, crank it would be impossible without the key. It not only will protect your window from thieves, but also will prevent the child from falling, if he tries to open a window on their own. this pen, in contrast to the usual, you can not drill - the window still does not appear.
  • lock opening: This device is attached to the casement on the inner side. His task is to clamp the leaf at a given point. Unlock is possible only with the help of key. The device has a dual function - protection against hacking and from small children, which could be opened from inside the window, left unattended.

Vandal-proof plastic windows

Special windows

Vandal-proof windows - one of the most popular measures of protection against hackers. Often, if carefully open the window does not work, thief tries to break. Vandal-proof glazing differs from the conventional high strength. Most often to create it using triplex technology, when several thick sheets of glass are glued together with a special film. A feature of this design is the high strength. Some windows can withstand a shot from a firearm, and if the glass still get split, it is not getting enough sleep. All the pieces remain attached to the film.

PVC-profile can also be reinforced, which prevents crack it, using scrap. Such a profile can be sawn, but the use of power tools require a lot of time and attract the attention of others.

Vandal-proof windows

helpful hints, which will help preserve the values

Many apartment owners make the same mistakes, hiding their money and valuables in places, where they were criminals often look for: eg, these are books, mattresses, antresoli, Audio, clothing pockets, toilet, other secluded places in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Hiding places are pictures, niche. You do not need, as all these places are well known criminals. The safest place to store your valuables is a deposit box or by. but, if you want to hide anything in the house, will have to think twice, where to arrange a hiding place. Mighty nice to buy a fireproof safe, that crack on the ground does not get to carry a piece of furniture is quite difficult, especially if the thief "working" one, and a large safe: he simply will not be able to pick it up.

Vandal-proof windows for apartments

Another common error is leaving the apartment keys in an accessible place for outsiders. Even if you are reliably protected window, it is not necessary to hide the key under the mat, in the mailbox, or trust his neighbors. Keep your keys with you, in case of loss from changing locks, Give families an extra set. leaving the key, you actually provide criminals access to the building through the main entrance.

Conclusion: with the right approach can be qualitatively protect the room from penetrating into it through windows and balcony doors, for this it is offered quite a few ways, which are combined with each other.



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