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Selecting the timetable for PVC windows

Glazing of premises necessary to establish not only the frame with glass, but the reflux of PVC or other material. This element serves as protection against the ingress of moisture into the seams, drafts and dirt, and with it the appearance of the window opening will be careful. On the market there are many products, also if you want you can make them yourself.

From what can be made ?

In most cases, these elements are made of the same material, and that the window frame - made of high quality durable plastic. However, popular and the following options:

  • Copper. This material is the most expensive, It has an original appearance, strength, long service life and ruggedness of care. Copper is not afraid of rain, mechanical effects, however, because of the high cost of such tides establish seldom.
  • Aluminum. Such products are inexpensive, rust, but more sensitive to mechanical stress: eg, hailstorm can leave minor imperfections on the surface.
  • Steel, tin-plate. Such low tides are less likely, they are also distinguished by ease of handling, the possibility of leaving by any chemical means, resistance to most mechanical and environmental influences. Properly installed window element protects the joints against penetration of moisture and drafts, However, the appearance of the product is no different aesthetics.

In comparison with similar ebb PVC window optimally combine an affordable price, strength, humidity resistance and attractive appearance. Besides, metal products have a significant disadvantage: they make noise by rain or hail, many can not sleep under the loud blows on steel or aluminum surfaces. At the same time plastic ebb silent, and residents of the house or apartment will not feel discomfort. Appearance elements may be white classic, color or have a lamination under the color of the wood or other plan with ornament: modern factories producing goods, which can be matched to any style. These tides will be interesting to look at any building, as a typical, and unusual.

tide size for PVC windows

Why tides for PVC windows?

These elements perform the following functions:

  • protection walls, joints, slots on climatic precipitation and moisture penetration. Ebb allow secure surface, and the installation of sloped encourages, that water drops roll down, without stopping at the window sill area.
  • Additional insulation, protection against the emergence of "cold bridges", which contribute to heat loss in a house or apartment.
  • Aesthetic decoration opening, masking frame joints and end wall.

Installation is performed from the outside. tide size PVC windows pick up, based on the opening size and the wall thickness of the building.

The outer edge of the product must have a protrusion width 2-3 cm, that when rainfall drops of rain did not fall under the tide. For this reason, before ordering the tide, should conduct measurement opening and a frame thickness; if you do not know, how to do it, You can use the services of gager in the same company, where you plan to order products.

Appearance of the products must correspond to the hue and texture of the facade, that they looked harmoniously: if for flats often become standard products, then for cottages, decorated in any style, usually buy tides with lamination. Popular model, The wood, metal, painted in a monochrome shade.

The main requirement for the maximum ebb is insensitive to moisture: external elements fall regularly under the influence of climatic phenomena, so on, whether they are resistant to water, It depends on the duration of their service life.

Installing PVC tide

How to carry out installation of the tide at the window?

First of all, You need to order or make their own product itself: it usually has a mounting board width 2 cm, 10-12-centimeter bar and bevel for mounting in a groove. Classical width for window, mounted in a panel high-rise building - 8 cm, with an increased width size, respectively, varies. The finished product needs to be done 3 holes for screws, The same procedure is performed to the window frame, to which will be attached tide.

Suitable for mounting screws 40 mm, Installation is performed in the shelf-groove.

Before screwing the need to seal the base opening, where the low tide will be: for this often used assembly foam. After solidification the product mixture is set into the opening and fixed with screws. Ready cornice is installed firmly and will not deform under mechanical stress.

PVC window sills

Buy ready-made PVC drips or make your own?

Some prefer not to purchase ready-made products, and make their own hands; This is especially true when you install elements of tin, steel or aluminum. For this purpose preform corresponding dimensions, cut pattern, after which it is given the desired shape (metal outflow monobloc, so the formation is done by bending the edges).

However, although work on the creation of elements is simple enough, you can pick up a factory product the required size, shape and color: they will be made with maximum quality, ideal to the front and to be installed accurately and precisely. If you plan to install plastic ebb, can only choose from a number of ready-made goods: their own hands to make these elements is almost impossible because of the complexity of the technical process.

Installing PVC tides - a popular solution for framing windows, products serve to protect the joints, joints and perform aesthetic and practical function. With a variety of products on the market, you can choose the perfect items for any window, regardless of shape and size.



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