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How to ensure adequate mikroprovetrivaniya on plastic windows

Replacement of wooden windows with plastic, It is perceived as a natural transition to a more robust design. Excellent tightness of the latter is the main criterion for selection. but, Due to this quality creates a reliable barrier inflow of fresh air. Consequences - a violation of indoor climate, humidity increase, appearance of unwanted condensation on windows. Return to wooden classics are not necessarily. It is enough to provide a mechanism for micro-ventilation of plastic windows.

mikroprovetrivaniya: target, principle of operation, Solved problems

Mikroprovetrivaniya is a specific form ventilation. For fresh air is not necessary to plow sash windows several times a day 10-15 minutes, that frosty, vetrenuyu, stormy weather becomes problematic or impossible. Inflow of outside air is provided due to creation of minimal clearance between the movable sash and frame of a plastic window or regulated by a special valve tightly closed with the leaf.

The lack of air circulation and replacement with a simultaneous increase in humidity causes general discomfort, slackness, reduce the body's protective functions. This facilitates swift microclimate reproduction of fungi, bacteria and viruses.

How do mikroprovetrivaniya on plastic windows
Scheme air movement at mikroprovetrivaniya

As for any the type of ventilation mikroprovetrivaniya aim is to replace the "waste" of the living space into the fresh outdoor air. air exchange rate can be calibrated and an order of magnitude different from the full ventilation to decrease. hence the term, used for this type of ventilation.

Organize mikroprovetrivaniya on plastic windows It can be small changes or additions to construction. The consequences will be significant:

  • indoor ensured constant air;
  • moisture reduction will improve the well-being, prevent formation of mold and mildew;
  • fogging and condensation on the glass;
  • There are no drafts, flaps do not close spontaneously;
  • no supercooled room in winter, mikroprovetrivaniya not create peak loads on the heating system; summer metered flow of fresh air does not increase the temperature in the premises.
Mikroprovetrivaniya on plastic windows
Functions mikroprovetrivaniya plastic window

The main ways of organizing mikroprovetrivaniya

Installation of the comb-limiter

The mechanism of adaptation is very simple, principle of operation is very intuitive. Cheap "combs" are available at most hardware stores and firms that manufacture and install PVC windows. Self-installation does not require special skills.

Device, depending on the design, is mounted at the bottom at an angle of leaf or its handle area. This method is a multistage mikroprovetrivaniya - size plenum gap between sash and frame is adjustable locking pin projecting in a certain slot of the comb.

Disadvantages of this method of ventilation: the fragility of plastic parts; reduction in sound insulation properties of the half-open window; Increased dust seals, who require additional care.

Mikroprovetrivaniya mechanism of plastic windows.

slotted ventilation

Due to the special furniture flap forms a top gap for ventilation of a few millimeters. Its value depends on the fixed handle at a certain angle (between the horizontal and vertical positions).

In this method airing, as when the comb, It requires extra care for sealing material and the obligatory seasonal installing mosquito nets.

Important! How do mikroprovetrivaniya on plastic windows without sacrificing their other functional characteristics known experts. It is advisable to use the services of professionals for installing and setting up hardware for a slit valve and ventilation.

How do mikroprovetrivaniya on plastic windows
Scheme turning knobs mikroprovetrivaniya

Installing climatic valves

In the upper part of the window width on the supply valve is removed compactor influx of groove sash and the window frame. It is mounted on the valve seat. If mikroprovetrivaniya plastic window scheduled in step order - the vent valve may be built into the design profile during manufacture. The vent mechanism may be automatic and mechanical (manual) management, which allows you to calibrate the amount of air flow capacity. Installation of the valve protects the room from insects, noise, dust.

Mikroprovetrivaniya mechanism of plastic windows.

note! For previously installed window systems buy removable model supply valve. Fixed option requires factory conditions and installed during manufacture of windows.

Creating a comfortable microclimate, taking care of the health of the family, withYSTEM mikroprovetrivaniya in plastic boxes are increasingly becoming mandatory for installation. Availability of the system even in the low-end models of window designs is now the norm in advanced manufacturers.



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