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Dismantling window - the details and constructions installation rules

Dismantling of plastic windows - the process, which at least once in his life faced by any owner of property. Most often, this action is necessary to make the replacement of old windows with new, or when replacing a damaged profile; often after buying an apartment plastic windows from the builder immediately change to more expensive, thick and high quality. Even if you're not going to do the work with his own hands, o tom, how it should take place, knowledge does not hurt.

Which box to choose?

Choosing a new plastic window It depends on the owner's needs, climate characteristics of the region, in which the building site. If you live in a warm region, it makes no sense to put too thick glazing: it will make repairs more expensive, but not add practical benefits.

When selecting windows you should not skimp on quality, after considering, how much is the dismantling of the window and the subsequent purchase of a new, the difference will not in the best side. comes, that purchase immediately more expensive, but high-quality window profitable.

it is recommended to use triple-glazed windows or the product of greater thickness for the middle band Russia and more northerly cities. Of course, You need to focus on price and quality. Modern PVC windows are long enough, no less 50 years old, so, selecting the right quality and stylish design, you ensure yourself a comfortable stay for years to come.

If you have already installed new windows, but not satisfied with their design or color, you do not have to carry out the dismantling of plastic windows, changing it to another. One can use a variety of films or paints and refresh frame, adapting it to the desired interior style. Glass also vary individually.

Removal and installation of plastic windows

How is the dismantling?

Removing the plastic windownot the most difficult task, especially if you do not want to save the whole window. Dismantling of plastic windows with their hands quite accessible, if you have the right set of tools, little theoretical knowledge and enough time.

It is more convenient to do any work together. Plastic constructions are impressive weight, and can not always cope with them one person.

Like any other job, Removal and Installation plastic windows We must begin with a preparatory phase. Note, that when removing the window will be a lot of dust and debris, so in advance is necessary not only to clear the access to the window opening, removing all the furniture prevents, but also possible to make the room interior objects, or at least cover them with a protective film. Carpets and other surfaces, well able to assume dust, the best of facilities to make.

List of tools, that will be required when working:

  • Stationery knife or any sharp kitchen knife.
  • Putty knife.
  • Stameska.
  • several screwdrivers.
  • A small scrap.
  • screwdriver.
  • Powerful puncher or drill.
  • Hacksaw in metallu.
  • teeth.
  • Hammer and tongs.

Dismantling of plastic windows

The first stage

First of all, regardless of, dismantling of any of plastic windows is planned (Deaf or opening), must be removed from the glazing frames. This will not only facilitate the work of, make the window much easier, but also to protect it. If the glazing has no value, damaged or you plan to saw frame and throw, it can simply knock, but it will lead to the ingress of small glasses on the floor. Get rid of them it will be difficult, however, in any case recommended to gently pull the structure.

If the window is open, the sash, they want to take. This will require a loop to untwist; make it simple - you need to remove the trim from the loop, then unscrew the adjusting bolt and release element. Convenient start from the bottom, then to unscrew the upper. To fold starred, it needs to be slightly lifted up. Such a method of removing the PVC windows will not only make construction easier and facilitate its removal, but also eliminates the need to adjust the window, if you mount it somewhere else.

If the loops are so designed, which does not allow free flap in this manner, simply unscrew the entire loop from the frame and remove it with a flap: usually design rests on the screws.

dismantling window, if it is dull, performed on the same principle, but since the flap can not be opened, just need to pull out double-glazed window. To do this, pull the glazing beads, that it is fixed. The first to pull the longest, located on the side of the room. In order to make it convenient to pull out these elements, You can use a small spatula, whose faces are round. You need to start work from the middle of the window. After you will press a little bead, you have a gap, by which the element can be pulled out easily. You can remove the glazing.

If you are mounting sucker, Glazing is best to pull out with their help.

How much is the dismantling of the window

The next stage of work

Dismantling of plastic windows can begin after the removal of glass. This will require to bring down the plaster around it; if not plastered window slopes, and made of a removable material, they just need to unscrew.

Ebb sill mounted on the screws, so they need to unscrew, and then it will be possible to disrupt the ebb and he sill.

Removing the plastic window

As the frame is mounted and how to dismantle it?

knowing, how much is the dismantling of plastic windows, and this amount is about the same, how and installation, many owners remove the window itself. To disassemble the frame need to be explored, it is fixed. If the product is held by means of anchor plates and the compounds, they need to loosen or disrupt without damage to structures. Assembly foam must be removed: You can use a hacksaw. After all the fixing elements are removed, frame can pry a crowbar (it is more convenient to do it in the middle of the bottom of the) and pull out of the window opening.

WITHwindows dismantling ost is not too high, but save on the service it is possible, performing all his own hands. Independently carry out the work is not so difficult, Considering, that they do not require complex tools or special skills.



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