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Stained Glass - whether to use it in the interior?

Stained Glass - an original product, allowing to make any glass structure attractive. Stained glass can be purchased ready-made or make yourself, depending on your income and desires. This solution fits perfectly in a classic interior, decorate it, will put the necessary emphasis.

What is stained glass?

The present stained glass It consists of several small glass, are connected to each other by means of a strip of lead. For this purpose a special soldering method: this is one of the oldest technologies, which today is quite difficult to reproduce, and at home to repeat all the cycles is virtually impossible.

However, the development of technology allowed for a more simple, modern materials, using that, you can get a stained glass with little effort and cost. Using separate pieces of different colors, you can create a work of art, which will decorate your home, bring in interior special mood.

Stained glass
If you like tinkering, the stained glass will not give you much trouble

What you need to create a stained glass?

In order to create a stained glass, You need to have at the disposal of the workpiece or ready-made pieces, lead solder. Note, that use a simple window glass can not because of its small thickness. There are special bars for stained glass, but they are quite expensive. The price is high because, many glasses have inclusions of precious metals: eg, in a variety of golden color add real gold.

In order to create the necessary picture, You need a tool for cutting glass. Cut desired parts it's best, using custom templates. They can be made independently. After the stained glass window is cut into the desired pieces, they need to connect with each other using lead tape, and solder in a single unit. Stained glass resulting in the compound of all the components in one. The procedure is laborious, not only requires a large amount of free time, but also space

Stained glass
Blackening and soldering lead

Other techniques of stained glass

There are also less sophisticated technology, available for independent creation of stained glass. Using one of these, you can create stained glass windows, without having to buy special tools. The secret of this method lies in the fact, that special paints signs ordinary glass: we have quality imitation stained glass, which can create your own hands. This method available, Draws on the glass image of any complexity. You can use the specially printed on the printer curves, then the ability to draw, as such you do not need.

Stained glass
Night light for decoration - production begins with a sketch

There is another way. It is similar to the previous, but it is more modern. Stained glass windows are, applying a semitransparent film, which has already caused a certain pattern. From the landlord is only required to position the film on the glass.

To create a stained glass window in the normal markup applied, using a stencil, then the film is cut and put it on the marked place. This pattern very quickly mounted, suitable for mounting on any glass surface, including double-glazed windows of modern plastic windows and showcases. Method takes a little time, Glass does not require dismantling, minimum issue price.

The use of film or paint has drawbacks: eg, drawing from time to time have to update, as the stained glass exposed to sunlight, and materials fade with time. Besides, the negative impact on them and provide a variety of detergents.

Colored glass for stained glass
film stained-glass window

The choice of materials and nuances of

Depending on, in what way are you going to create a stained glass window, It will depend on the, what materials you will need for this. Colored stained glass can be obtained, using film. It can be glossy, have veins or be brushed. In order to make it convenient to cut, on the opposite side of the film coated with a special cell.

You will need regular paper scissors, by which it will be possible to cut out the necessary details. The film is very easy to apply on glass. An important condition for the successful operation is clean and dry glass surface. Root paste is recommended from the top of the stained glass. Protective paper should be removed entirely; be careful, the film is not curled and is not stuck to hands or foreign objects. You need to press the film gradually, for this it is convenient to use a rubber trowel.

Stained glass
In the creation of stained glass with their hands it is important to work with stained glass paints.

In order not curled edges of the film, its border is pressed by a flexible bead made of plastic. It has adhesive backing, It looks almost like a lead tape, but it is applied quickly and easily. Thanks to this trick becomes three-dimensional stained glass, It looks natural. It is not necessary to place a stained glass, which gets a lot of sun. The film quickly behind the heat exposure.

The use of colors - more reliable and durable option, however, it requires some artistic skills. Stained glass paint can, using stencils, This will minimize the possibility of damage pattern, making it rough. To create a stained-loop, you can use a special paste, which are sold in stores for artists. In this way, will present an imitation stained-glass window with all its visual features.

Stained glass
Paints and contours to create a stained glass

Colorful stained glass created by a specially designed drawing on glass paints. Usual will not work, because it will not last long on a smooth surface. Durable paint film, but do not like frequent washing of glasses. Under the influence of ultraviolet vytsvetut they eventually, and drawing have to upgrade. This option is perfect for surfaces, located inside the house.

for stained glass can make an affordable solution, using modern technology and own resources. You can try yourself as a designer, create your own unique stained glass, or use ready-made templates.



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