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Vandal-proof shutters on the windows - the best protection home

Vandal-proof shutters on windows is a topical solution not only for outlets, but also for town houses, The ground floor apartment, dachas. The design helps to get rid of lattices, thus create serious enough protection against criminal attacks. Besides, blinds have some extra features, that may be useful.

What benefits are vandal-proof design?

Vandal-proof Blinds on windows - one of the most competent and convenient solutions. design help, without spoiling the appearance of the facade and not breaking fire safety, to protect against thieves, when a house is left unattended. The main advantages of the design are as follows:

  • Possibility to install windows and doors of any size.
  • Do not allow to break a window and climb through it, breaking flap.
  • Aperture area is completely closed. The structure itself is fixed in such a way, that it is not possible to tear it off. It provides protection against any, even the roughest hacking.
  • The shutters can be closed partly, so, when you get home, you can cover them, to hide from the bright sun.
  • Lowered SHUTTER well protected the home from dust and dirt.
  • The design can not only protect against hacking, but the world, dust and dirt, it significantly reduces the noise level.
  • When the shutters to open fire, you can quickly. They do not hinder evacuation, Unlike arrays.
  • Products do not spoil the view from the window, because invisible in the raised position.

shutters well suited for those objects, which long remain unattended, since used seasonally. This also applies to small shops by the sea, and dachas. In order for an attacker is not got to the house, We need to maximally protect all possible routes of entry to the premises.

Vandal-proof shutters

Features vandal constructions

Vandal-proof Blinds have some features, which made it possible to achieve high efficiency of the system:

  • Material, of which the lamellas, durable and lightweight: It is used for this alloy steel, aluminum, alloy steel.
  • guide, on which the web movement, It builds into the wall, so loosen or break down it is almost impossible.
  • Can fit extra locks, including electronic and hinged. Besides, the system can be equipped with an electronic control unit, Allows you to open it at a distance by remote control.
  • If the shutter is closed, it can not be dismantled. It becomes possible, Only if the slats are raised, and you are indoors.

It is due to these factors shutters turned into protection against criminals, dust, weather, such, as wind or slanting rain, bright sun.

Vandal-proof shutters on windows

What additional design features may have?

Vandal-proof shutters on the windows can carry a number of functions. In addition to protection from criminals, they can help to isolate heat and noise, you can save on heating. This is true for country houses, which are used only in the summer: construction will not freeze, even if it does not heat their regularly. If you decide to warm up the house, thanks to the shutters heat it to continue for much longer, and the need to repeat the procedure will be less.

If you have installed panoramic windows, the shutters should choose, which are protected from the wind. They may be required for protection of a powerful airflow. The structure may have a control unit. It means, shutters that open hands do not need, is enough to press the button on the remote. Besides, You can program the system to open and close at a certain time or fix it ajar. This is especially convenient in the morning, When the room begins to get bright light: Awakening can be made smooth and enjoyable.

Vandal-proof shutters on windows

Process of installation?

Mounting structure may be carried out in several ways. The first involves fixing the rail to the wall of the building: this is done in close proximity to the window. Such a method is cheap, It is not required to violate the integrity of the wall, just enough to tie her design, but the attacker with the same success can unscrew it if there is enough time.

Vandal-proof blinds on windows

The second method is more reliable. The guide is built into the wall, which makes it very difficult to dismantle the thief occupation. It is more expensive and complicated, but reliable way, which is recommended for houses, used on a seasonal basis.

Dla order to reliably protect your property, You can use the shutters: they will help to cut the perpetrator a way to hit the room, Dust and wind, not spoil the facade design.



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