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Laying tiles on floor heating

Currently, domestic comfort, there are different ways and methods. Technology develops and leads to more informed decisions. One of these can be called a system of floor heating. But not everyone knows, a better coverage to choose for overall performance. The best option - ceramic tiles. But there are some features of the laying of flooring.

Features ceramic coating

The timing of the work on laying the tiles on the system underfloor heating It will depend on the area of ​​premises. One person in power to cope with the size of the bathroom 3*3 m during the day. It is very important, to have on hand all the necessary materials and equipment.

There highlights, you should know before the moment, How to make laying tiles on floor heating.

  1. floor level with the tile should turn in the same level with the floor in the other rooms of the apartment. This indicates, that all payments should be made in advance. Much will depend on the pipe, which are used in the work, all components. If there is a threshold, the slight vertical drop floor level will not be as noticeable. Most often it will be necessary for the surface alignment, space in the foundation of all communications.Tiles on floor heating
  2. Tie layer or adhesive for tiles should be minimized 10 mm. This is necessary in order, so that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the plane. Otherwise, the heat concentration is observed only in places conduit arrangement.
  3. There shall be a floor covering during operation, cluttered with furniture portion, plumbing or other equipment. This item can be seen especially when the need of laying carpet in the bathroom. If you bypass this rule, then under these sections will burn out the heating elements. It is very important to carefully plan the arrangement of all the components of the bath, in the apartment, to save money. After all, in the areas, where the furniture or other appliances, stacking is not necessary to produce.

Substrate preparation

When it is time to make laying tiles on warm floor, should be checked several times, correctly implemented the system wiring and piping laid. some deem, it is possible to miss and even laugh. Not always experts, performing works, do everything qualitatively. This is especially true in the case, unless they are to exercise total control. The consequences may be the most pitiable.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to, to all communications underfloor heating system have been hidden. They do not have anywhere else to act and manifest. The surface of the floor must be pre-aligned screed. If you just recently performed pouring the concrete floor heating, you will have to wait for time to complete drying of the solution. Otherwise it is necessary to start the work all over again and correct errors.Tiles on floor heating

Remains be taken to the choice of tiles. It can be quite different. The best option - ceramic. As for the adhesive, it must be suitable for underfloor heating. Options abound in any home improvement store. Instead of glue, you can choose any analogues. the main thing, that was a part of the epoxy resin. Plain tile adhesive with the inclusion of the system begins to crack.

Options for laying tiles

Tiles can be placed immediately after casting floor screed or after, as an additional alignment is performed using a base finishing leveling compound. The second option requires a bit more attention and labor, but the result will be much better. If you lay the tiles immediately after the screed, will cause significant layer of tile adhesive for complete alignment. It is also the financial costs.Tiles on floor heating

Additional alignment layer is considered the most durable and strong. And it is most often used in the work, take the time. Almost never immediately is not necessary to make laying tiles on floor heating, if you want to get a good outcome and duration of the operational period of the whole structure. Tiles on floor heatingThis can be done only in exceptional cases, in a limited time.

It is worth remembering, that this option will still require replacement in the near future, around for a few years. So it should consider, Now whether or not to spend money, to subsequently have exactly dismantle and re-decking flooring in the bathroom.

But we should not make laying tiles on floor heating included. This will lead to premature drying of the tile adhesive, and tile itself does not have time to get to grips with the base and will keep.

Tools and materials

When we proceed to a stage, like laying tiles on the screed underfloor heating, you should consider a set of tools and material. To work in handy spatula with teeth, rule, crosses for issuing the required gap between the tiles, different levels (big and small), cutter for ceramic tiles, pencil, roulette, tile hammer, Scotch. It is necessary to provide for every detail, which can be useful during installation. It would be better, than to be distracted from work and look for something suitable.

As for the material, here other than ceramic or other tile glue, acquired and zatirka. It must be in the same tone tile or a few shades darker. Everything will depend on the selected tile.

Tile installation technology

There is practically no difference between the normal laying tiles and flooring in the warm floor. But there is a step by step guide, not to be mistaken in the ongoing actions:

  • The heating elements and the floor heating construction must be securely fixed on the base. This can be verified before the tile installation. That there was no air pockets, trimmed tape, by means of which it is fixed to the polymeric network. If you do not, the quality of the work is reduced to a minimum. In subsequent fixation of the whole structure is carried out by means of tile adhesive. They simply coat with on top.Tiles on floor heating
  • Make a choice in favor of a particular tiling options. This may be prepared from a mixture of sand and cement or tile adhesive used. When used in adhesive screed, she will get the best quality of communication, and strength across the plane. But it is very important, that the mixture is uniformly distributed over the surface. If there are air pockets, she starts crack screed. The alternative options - self-leveling floor. But ties casting technology should be fully respected, that the floor has been laid qualitatively. The drying time is usually a screed 3-5 days. And it is on the fifth day, you can begin the installation of the tiles. Should pay attention, that depending on the filling will be different, and drying times. Sometimes they can be up to three weeks.
  • tile layout. But to do this, measure the area of ​​the room. Commencement of works carried out with a flat surface, without picture, from the next room or a wall in the room. Next, on the surface of the adhesive layer is applied around 40-50 mm, then leveled with a spatula to the required level. It will only have to lay tiles on a surface and a hammer to tap tiled. It can also cuddle yourself to remove from under her glue. In the corners of each element are exposed previously acquired crosses a certain size. They later adjusted the remaining elements of the floor covering. When it was fit to work the corner of the room, should leave a slight gap. If there are areas with tile fragments, they should be performed as a last resort.Tiles on floor heating

If it is found, that the level of individual tiles It does not coincide with the norm, it should be removed, then re-produce packing. Thus removed the required amount of glue is added or vice versa. Everything will depend on the requirements of. But this is very rare in the case, If the screed is filled correctly and obtain a flat base.

But when laying tiles on floor heating is completed, you can not move to cover. This will only cause its deformation and repeated carrying out of installation. Usually a period of drying tile adhesive 3-4 day. During this time, the surface should be allowed to rest and grab for the necessary fortress. And then begins the process of grouting.


some deem, that this step is not needed. But it will protect the tile from chipping, visiting seams mold and various pollutants, which will be difficult to remove. After that, all previously set will be removed crosses, use masking tape for sealing up the tiles and walls. If you do without this step,, it will be very difficult to wash off the surface of the grout itself. When the grout is satisfied, Expectant about two hours and begin cleaning work. Washing the surface of the tile is performed bypassing seams. They can not touch, because the solution was not able to grab the full force. Longer term contribute to problems with wiping.Tiles on floor heating

Not everyone knows about, when you can include warm floor after laying the floor covering. Tile adhesive dries up 3 weeks. All depend on the brand and composition. And only when the timing data will be, specified in the recommendations from the manufacturer, You can run the system in operation. If you turn on before the stipulated time, the coating will be air bubbles. This will create conditions for brittleness or overheating. Heating elements themselves will break down or burn generally. They can not fully work. So it is very important to know the, When include warm floor after laying the tiles.

hidden dangers

All kinds of works on tile flooring on screed with underfloor heating is best done not only in the summer, but in the absence of the tenants in the apartment. In the process of laying allocated different chemical elements and into the air from tile adhesive, and ties. This is bad for young children, people with diseases (asthma, allergies, etc.).






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