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Shutters from wood to plastic windows

Blinds are used very widely, you can see them in any interior. All designers believe, that wooden blinds for plastic windows - it is stylish, modern and comfortable, while you can decorate the window in any room and any interior.

Features wooden shutters and their benefits

Why apply jalousie - their main task is to defend an apartment or house from the scorching summer sun, penetrating through the windows. This decorative objects, used with any styles, It is becoming popular and in demand, due to its uniqueness.

It is the most eco-friendly material, able to create a room atmosphere of unity with nature. Often used white wooden shutters on plastic windows, since they are perfectly suited for interiors in bright and pastel colors, it does not lose color.

Wooden shutters on the windows can be up to two meters in width. Material to create them are usually the exotic wood species.

Wooden blinds for plastic windows

In today's market a lot of blinds, performed in different color schemes, at the same time apply a different form strips. Very popular recently began blinds, horizontal on wooden windows, which are made of woven wood. To material served for a long time and did not change the color and texture, it is processed by special trains and varnishes.

Horizontal blinds on wooden windows

Plastic blinds with wood imitation

Many apartment owners prefer to attach to the kitchen window plastic products under the tree. Plastic is resistant to moisture and different kind of greasy dirt. easy to clean, not deformed by the temperature difference and is considered much more practical, than wood.

Horizontal blinds on wooden windows

But the wooden blinds for windows can be hung in the kitchen, in case the window is at a distance from the work area. Contry style and classic style, It provides for the application of this element of decor on the windows.

Wooden blinds - control methods

There are many ways to control blinds, offering manufacturers today. You can manually manage, eg, applying lace or lever. Some designs are equipped with automatic systems, which are controlled with the remote, or switch.

There are some design blinds, in which the plank rotate around its axis, thus it is possible to regulate the level of daylight, that enters the room.

Wooden blinds for plastic windows

Care of wood blinds

If we consider the advantages of wooden blinds on windows, it is worth noting:

  • They have a great aesthetic look;
  • well cleaned from prying eyes;
  • winter warmer with them, summer cooler;
  • eco-friendly, since it created from natural materials.

If the blinds are made of softwood, they can create a unique microclimate in the rooms, will add warmth and comfort to any room. Besides, they are quite easy to care for, enough vacuuming them from time to time and cleaned with a damp cloth.

It is worth remembering, that the wash water is undesirable wooden shutters, because of this strap can be deformed, lose shape, and color.

Wooden blinds - species

All the blinds of wood can be of two types, vertical and horizontal.

Wooden venetian blind vertical
Wooden venetian blind vertical

wooden, Horizontal blinds can be:

  • mezhramnymi, which are mounted between the wings;
  • internal - cornice mounted inside the window opening, it placed blinds.

Attach the blinds can be both to the ceiling, and the wall. If the plastic windows tilt- folding, you can buy blinds to be mounted directly on the doors.

Typically, the width of the slats in horizontal blinds 25-50sm. The wider strips are in construction, the better it will protect the room from the sunlight penetration. As for the vertical slats, their width ranges from 90, to 127 mm. Top straps are mounted on a special ledge, below them connects decorative chain.

Wooden shutters on the windows
Wooden venetian blind horizontal

How are wooden shutters

Shutters from wood, this:

  • a web of wooden slats;
  • fasteners;
  • connection element.

Besides, blinds can be fitted:

  • automatic drive, which can be switched by remote control, radius of action which can reach up to 20 m, or switch;
  • decorative string or ribbon, which will cover the technological holes and folding shutters at the moment, when necessary;
  • control by means of lacing, for ease of application, decorated with braid different weights.

Design Features

Wood blinds have the following characteristics and features:

  • since the holes in the wooden slats, not toned, then when hit by water, hole will be deformed;
  • pay attention to the shades of fabrics and lace weights, since they can be made of different wood;
  • and do not be afraid if you notice when unpacking, that the slats are not equally dull, this is the normal state of the natural material;
  • I caught the small sipes mote, do not worry - this is not a defect;
  • you should not just forget, that in a very damp room wood blinds can be seriously distorted.
  • Wooden slats are slightly lose color, at constant exposure to the sun.

Wooden blinds for plastic windows

In custody

Want to decorate your beautiful new windows with natural wood blinds, Treat the choice of the product responsibly.



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