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Basic information about the cluster mount blinds

The advent of plastic windows required the development of shutters on them. Thus arose the cassette blinds for plastic windows. They have become an alternative in a stylish and functional design of windows. The possibility of manufacturing cluster structures in different designs can, how to make them invisible in the interior, and focus. A plant of this type of product will not cause much trouble.

Characteristics of cluster shutters, their views

The type is a kind of blinds roller blinds. Why, then, they are called "cluster"? Cassette is referred to as a narrow, usually a plastic box, into which the curtain, collected in a roll. This decorative box decorated, so aesthetically pleasing, and become part of the interior. The cassette is located and the design of the control system. chain, cords, clips - all, It is helping to propel the product and fixes, It is also in.

Cassette jalousie for plastic windows
Round tape roll curtains

Depending on the shape of the cassette are three of its kind:

  • angular,
  • round,
  • flat.

Blinds, cassette-type move only on the horizon. The box is fixed at the top of the window, a curtain descends, perpendicular to the side window slopes.

There are two kinds of light-shielding products of this type:

  • the roll-cassette,
  • horizontal cassette.

roller design

The roll-cassette blinds for plastic windows are curtain fabric, which is wound on a roll, ranging in cassette.

What is the secret of the growing popularity of such blinds? maybe, in a number of advantages, they possess:

  1. The article may cover the entire surface of the window, but can only partially curtain window, firmly seating at the desired height. Curtain shape helps keep the special strap, located at the bottom of the fabric webs.
  2. Depending on the density of tissue may not transmit light in the room or only partially obscure the premise.
  3. It is possible to fix the roll-cassette blinds on the windows separately for each leaf. This will help regulate the natural light in the room.
  4. Combined with conventional curtains and tulle, can not be said about other types of light-shielding curtains.
  5. Do not take up a lot of space, compact.
  6. Long term use, especially if the product is covered by the qualitative composition, preventing burnout.
  7. Wealth material selection allows blend in any interior.
  8. Easy care. Rag, soaked in soapy water, able to freshen and remove blind spots formed.
The roll-cassette blinds for plastic windows
Cassette Interior designs allow fit snugly to the glass plane even when tilted flaps

Along with the benefits, there are drawbacks. However, they are much less. Are the following disadvantages in the use:

  1. Fabric surface products can absorb odors. This is especially significant for kitchens. The disadvantage of this is considered because, there is no way to wash the product.
  2. Plastic parts boxes or mechanisms, resulting in movement of the curtain, can break.
  3. Blind, attached to the window frame in his opening, do not allow to open a window, If the blinds are closed.

The last point is easily eliminated, if the installation of a roll-cassette product will be on the sash profile.

stages of attachment blinds

Horizontal cluster design

Horizontal cassette blinds for plastic windows are lamellar structure. The product is composed of plates (laminin), which are usually made of plastic or aluminum, but it can be used and other materials.

The most popular blinds in aluminum - Isolite. The plates are attached to each other by means of cords and woods, located on the sides. lamella mobile, they can be controlled by means of the cord. They are able to rotate about the axis of mounting, which increases or decreases the amount of light entering the room.

The roll-cassette blinds on windows

mount blinds
A variety of fasteners

As well as the shutters roll type, cassette horizontal blinds may fold and be placed in a box, attached to the top of the window.

In this type of light-shielding design also has its advantages:

  1. plates, constituent fabric blinds, can not completely block the flow of sunlight into the room. Quite a bit of light still will penetrate into the room.
  2. Optional fold completely blind, to look out on the street. What is happening outside the window you can see, slightly tilting the pair of plates.
  3. Lamellae arranged horizontally, and it makes them stable structure even in the presence of drafts or wind, when the window is open. Vertical blinds under such conditions becomes quickly unusable.
  4. Aluminum, as well as plastic, from which most of the product under consideration are produced, It does not absorb odors, and therefore, good for use in the kitchen.
  5. Not deliver a hassle to clean up. Enough to wipe them with a damp cloth.
  6. It is quite feasible the installation of remote control system.
  7. Variety of colors, the possibility of drawing to a product surface, thereby adapting the interior.

It should be noted and disadvantages of horizontal structures:

  1. If you pull the cord sharply, driving blind, it is easy to break the drive mechanism.
  2. Plates of aluminum insufficiently strong. Rubbing strips at harvest, there is a chance to break the attachment.

installation steps

As well as performing any work, setting cluster blinds for plastic windows require consistent action.

How to install the cassette blinds
Options fixing roller blinds

  1. It is important to make a measurement. If the window opening is wrong measurements, the finished product will not work.
  2. Installing blinds cluster may require drilling of glass Profile. Included with the product elements are, by which it is attached to the window. Cassette jalousie for plastic windowsThese parts are fixed with screws to the sash window profile. The fixing elements placed fixed upper shutters. In the future, to remove the curtains need only separate it from the fixture.The roll-cassette blinds for plastic windows
    Cassette jalousie for plastic windows without drilling also installed. In this case, the upper strap is fastened on structure quality double sided tape.
  3. product control mechanism is mounted on the side, opposite the, where the handle, window opens.
  4. At the end of the installation need to check the proper functioning shutters.

round blinds installation



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