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What to do, if crying plastic windows

Many people install in their apartments and houses PVC windows, which protect the room from drafts, dust, wind and cold. However, there they have one serious drawback - the windows in the winter moisture falls, which leads to the appearance of mildew on the slopes, windowsill and window profile. Because of this, some wonder: What should I do if the cry plastic windows?

The reasons

To get rid of condensation, you need to understand in order, why cry plastic windows. The appearance of droplets on the glass is directly related to the dew point. It determines the temperature, at which condensation begins to emerge. The dew point can change its meaning, if the room will change one of the indicators of climate.

Why cry window
Condensation on windows

There are several main reasons for, because of which the cry of the window.


Most often it is a defective or incorrect ventilation in the room leads to misting. Over time, the ventilation system clogged, which leads to violation of air circulation and heat exchange change. When the air in an unventilated room contacts the glass surface, then they condensation.

Often the window crying in humans, living on the upper floors of houses. These ventilation gets humid air from the flats, downstream.

Also, heat transfer is broken in the apartment homes, which were built by the Soviet Union SNiPas. During the construction of these buildings was supposed, that the fresh air will be discharged through the gap in wooden windows. installation of leak plastic windows It makes it impossible for the natural flow of air, It leads to the accumulation of moisture and the occurrence of condensation.

What should I do if the cry plastic windows
Ventilation grille in the window sill


a central heating system also may be the reason, why cry window. The apartments need to install a powerful and reliable radiators, which could ensure good heat dissipation. Window opening must be heated, so the battery should be placed directly below the window.

Why cry plastic windows

Radiator should not be cluttered with extraneous objects, as this may disrupt the convection moist air and lead to increased moisture.


The plants on the windowsills look very nice, but a large number of colors can impair heat. Therefore it is not necessary to force the window sill flowers.

weep box

Lack of insulation and sealing

A place, where the window is adjacent to the opening, It is the source of penetration of wet and cold air. If the window does not insulate the seam time, then exposed to ultraviolet radiation polyurethane foam will begin to crumble, which leads to the appearance of mildew and the penetration of atmospheric moisture.

The struggle with the condensate

Not everyone knows, what to do, if a plastic windows sweat and cry. First we need to assess the state of the microclimate in the apartment:

  1. Measurement of air temperature. It allows to determine the effectiveness of the heating system. Air temperature should be measured not by the window, and in the center of the room. If the temperature is below + 20 ° C, it testifies to a poor heating efficiency.
  2. Measurement humidity. The moisture level of the room temperature at 20-25 ° C is about 50%, but in the winter, this figure could be critical, if the street is -15 ° C. In winter, the humidity level should be about 40%.

Get rid of the condensation on the windows can be using several methods.

Temperature rise

It contributes to the heating of the internal window glass surface. To do this,:

  • to get rid of air pockets in the battery;
  • Rinse or replace old radiators;
  • ensure that, to a warm air enters the window;
  • include an electric heater or air conditioner.

Lowering the moisture level

Achieved by mixing the moist air with dry. To do this, It is necessary to ensure a constant exchange of air in the room. There are several recommendations, which will help to achieve this:

  1. Check the hood. You will need to make the A4 sheet of paper to an exhaust port. If the hood is working, the sheet will stick to the grill. In the same way to check ventilation in the toilet and bathroom.
  2. Ensuring the passage of air through the doors of all the rooms of the apartment. To do this, you must make sure that, that between the door leaf and the floor bottom gap was.

If the room is equipped with hermetic doors, then you need to take advantage of special ventilation valves, which should be in the lower part of the door.

  1. Removal of sources of moisture. These include damp cellar, leaking taps and pipes in the fistula.

Proper organization of air flow

You can use the walling and window supply air valve.

windows cry
Fresh air valve for plastic windows

Wall supply valve is a passive device, allowing to provide air intake from the street. The design consists of a plastic tube, which is set into the wall of apartment. Installation of the wall of the valve is carried out near to the height of the window 1,5-2 meters from the floor, What allow:

  • no problems servicing unit lattice, which is on the outside;
  • get fresh air into the heat air flow, coming from the heating radiator.

Also, when air flow organization can use several types of window flaps:

  1. without milling. Easy to install and dismantle. After installation, it leaves no trace on the window, but a few of mounting holes. Valves without milling have low productivity, which is only 5 m3/no. In the absence of sources of moisture that is sufficient to normalize the microclimate.
  2. With milling. valve capacity is up 50 m3/no, so it should be used in areas with active sources of moisture.


The above tips and tricks should help get rid of the condensation on the windows. If they do not resolve the problem, you should consult a specialist to diagnose the quality of the window installation and assembly.



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