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Coloring of the plastic window in the home

Often require design changes premises change the window frame color. But what to do, if the premises are installed plastic construction, whether it is possible to paint the plastic window in a different color or have to change the frame? Paint plastic construction possible, but this would require a special paint. Besides, You can use laminating film.

Features painting process

Standard window designs of the plastic frame are white. This is the most common and cheapest form of windows; rarely can find brown plastic or wood lamination, but this option must be ordered in advance. If the windows are already installed, and an updated interior space requires a frame of any other color, there is only one way out: paint plastic windows. The positive side of this process is that, you can choose any color paint and paint the frame in any shade, which may correspond to the color of furniture or walls. This decision will help the window harmoniously fit into the new interior, becoming its original or, in front of, invisible part.

Paint plastic technologically different from the similar process with any other material. The surface may not require special training, but you must use a special paint. conventional paint, used, eg, for dyeing wood or concrete surfaces, unsuitable, since to hold onto PVC, they will not surface.

The paint plastic windows
Painting of plastic windows in brown

process technology

Let's, you are tired of a white frame, and you started thinking about, what color the plastic windows in brown. To do this, you will need to purchase the following items:

  • Brush.
  • roulette.
  • Building level.
  • Spatula and paint itself.

Before you begin, need careful study of the plastic surface. It needs to clean the dust, mud, degrease and dry. If there are traces of sealant, foam, glue, they must be completely removed. Easily remove dust by means of compressed air. Protective film from the plastic must be removed. In order not to stain the paint the rest of the surface, they can glue masking tape or cellophane tape, If a large surface area.

Paint for plastic windows
Before painting, you need to carefully close the windows and soffits

Paint for plastic windows are not kept on fatty surfaces. It interferes with its fixation and static electricity. To get rid of these problems you can use the purifier for plastic windows. Distribute it needs using the conventional fabric, PVC rubbing smooth movements.

The paint plastic windows

The use of tools for painting

About buying paint should take care in advance, as the surface preparation must take place immediately prior to staining, otherwise it will sit on the dust, and all have to do first. choosing, what color the plastic windows, pay attention to, whether there is a bank with a paint mark, that it is possible to paint the surface of the polyvinyl chloride. If such a mark is present, paint can safely purchase.

INIt is convenient way to apply paint, using a special gun. It provides a uniform distribution over the entire surface layer, leaves no residue, as a brush, and minimizes the formation of bubbles.

To staining was successful, You need to apply paint in the room, a temperature not lower than 18 degrees Celsius. Humidity should be minimal, area must be clean and dry.

Ideally, the thickness of the paint layer must be 80 micron. again provide the same can only gun. When applying by hand paint layers will be uneven. If the layer is thicker, then you need to be ready to, that drying profile will need a lot of time. And that could lead to, that the decorative finish is irredeemably tainted.Paint plastic windows

Before you paint the plastic window in brown color, or choose a different shade, must be considered, that when applying a thick layer of ink drying will be long and uneven, which may affect the form of decorative windows. The work will have to redo.

If you prefer to paint "metallic" color, consider, such that the coating is applied in two layers. Apply the paint can be reused only after, as it is completely dry first layer. Under ideal conditions, this process takes about 10 hours, better to wait longer, This ensures complete drying of the paint. Instead of the second layer is recommended to use clearcoat. It will provide good protection of the first layer, make a smooth coating, will not violate its colors.

The paint plastic windows
The spray gun of low pressure

Methods for dye frame

Paint plastic windows coextrusion method is one of the most common. It allows you to get a variety of tones and colors, wherein the surface profile is obtained acrylic, it is smooth, It has an attractive appearance. If you need a velvety matte finish, acrylic lacquer can be used instead of paint. He perfectly kept on plastic surfaces, It has a variety of shades.

Coloring of plastic windows will not cause difficulties in the construction operation in the future. Windows will be as easy to wash, the paint will not be washed off or getting scratched. The materials have a high resistance to mechanical damage, but use corrosive substances is not recommended for cleaning windows. Any paint without problems withstands window cleaners.

Paint plastic windows
Painting plastic windows coextrusion method

Features works

Is it possible to paint the plastic windows, if the profile of the dark? well, but it needs to be applied to the surface profile of an acrylic film. Painted windows can be in any color, choose different shades, even use wood lamination. It should take into account the fact, the paint on the plastic may have a slightly different hue, than the same substance in any other material. before, than fully paint box, Try to apply the paint to the unobtrusive plot, to appreciate its richness.

WITHnaya, how to paint plastic windows, you can carry out this work on their own, avoiding significant expenses during the frame replacement or hiring professionals.



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