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Choosing the right size of the sill height and width

Windowsill not only plays an important role for the window, but also can affect when installing batteries, should consider it when choosing curtains. We will look at all the features of choosing the right height of the window sill from the floor and from the radiator. These settings are important for the size of the heating system.

Product Features ledge

The protrusion may be different sill. There are virtually no noticeable design, not evolved beyond the window opening, there are also wide, powerful sills, where you can sit. The design needs to retain heat in the house, It can serve as additional support, eg, for the installation of flower pots.

Choose a window sill should be carefully, it must be suitable for the design of the window, otherwise it may be damaged. replace the item, without removing the glass unit, extremely problematic.

Primary requirements

The distance from the floor to the sill may vary depending on the type of window. However, a valid coefficient, in which heat is best kept indoors, provided GOST, and the figure is 0,55 W / ° C × m². It means, that in order, to achieve the desired effect, you need to use the stove, which will have a low thermal conductivity.

The important role played by the distance to the radiator of the sill: in case there is a snip, the main provisions of which require:

  • The window sill must have a slight slope into the room - at least 1˚.rasstoyanie-ot-podokonnika-do-kota
  • Between the wall and the structure must be insulated.
  • When installation is taken into account height from floor. All window sills are to be at the same level.
  • The length of the sill should not be more than 3 m.
  • Exposed length relative to the window opening, at the margin 4 mm.
  • Distance, required to retreat from the battery to the sill, should not be less than 8 cm.
  • To saw off the extra portion recommended at room temperature.

calculation of height

The distance between the battery and the sill must be at least 10 cm, regardless of, what type of heater is used. Take into account the need and the height of the battery. Behind the need to retreat 8 cm. The battery itself is to rise above the floor on 10 cm, i.e, installing floor sill according SNIP, It needs to retreat 70-80 cm.

Plays an important role and the, what will be the projection of the sill: it may significantly deviate from the wall or be inconspicuous. If there is no radiator under the window, not necessarily withstand any requirements, but if heating is present, projection must be strictly regulated. The object is to redirect sill heat flow. Without it, they will rise up, and adequate heating facilities will not occur, because of the heat will evaporate and be distributed on the ceiling.

Convection can cause bad and too wide windowsill. He will not allow the warm air to escape, As a result, the window will start to collect the condensate, since the basic air flows go up, and some of them get stuck under the window, heating the atmosphere. In this case, it is important to calculate the distance from the sill to the radiator in height, and that, as far as possible to make a projection. Avoid the problems described above can be, using a plate, which does not extend beyond the walls of more than, than 8 cm.

Council: calculating the size of, You need to take into account the level of the wall with finishing.

The best option is to solve, wherein in the window recess will not be delayed more 10% warm air. To do this, the window sill must not protrude beyond the battery more 6 cm, but must not be shorter than the radiator.
If the room design solution requires the installation of the box wide structures, they need to provide holes for ventilation. The size must be sufficient for proper circulation of air flows.rasstoyanie-ot-podokonnika-do-radiatora-otopleniya

The distance between the sill and radiator will be in this case a standard. With regard to the design thickness, usually it does not exceed 4 cm, but this figure is not the norm. A thinner plate has a risk of deformation, caused by warm air streams. Thicker has a large mass, costs more. If such structures are not provided design ideas, install them does not make sense. detailed instructions for installing the sill.

Do I need a clearance?

Some owners believe windows, that deep sill comes under the window frame , However, it is not. The distance between the window sill and about 10 mm. Otherwise, the construction may be deformed. The fact, that under the influence of warm air material, which is made from plate, expands. The gap is left for, that the design could take the desired shape, without taking damage. Visually, this technique is negligible.

How to arrange the curtain?


Distance curtains sill also plays a role. To the curtains could move, not tseplyayas, they had no trace of, and the warm air to circulate freely, the distance should not be less than 5 cm.

Conclusion: not always possible to apply a standard distance from the floor, radiator, curtains to the sill, however, you can find a way out, observing certain requirements.


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One comment on the record "Choosing the right size of the sill height and width

  1. Not all the rooms we have are correct battery. In a small bedroom from the battery to the window sill 24 cm, That's great, but the floor only 9 cm. It goes right battery is located in the hall of the sill to the battery 11 cm, sex 21, in principle in the room with us and very warm. The kitchen also set all wrong, from the battery to the window sill 8 cm, and sex 27. Once properly done everything in this apartment. The hall is set correctly because, that we do half a year ago to change the battery here, old half-functioned and we have put a beautiful modern battery, master, really caught a good, do everything in one day, and even garbage are removed) It is evident he calculated all the proper and necessary. Generally in the summer, you can start a small remontik, change the batteries and install them correctly relative to the windowsill.

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