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Installation of the roof on the top floor balcony

Often in apartments balcony is an entire room, and the balcony is used as a garden, place for street work, as well as equipment storage, in the absence of a barn or garage. But to the balcony for a long time served for the benefit of the owners, you need to take care of him. These actions are best to start with the installation of the roof to the balcony.

The roof on the top floor balcony

In today's world of architecture and construction, there are many different types of additional architectural projects, which involve the construction of multi-storey buildings on the roofs and the installation of the roof on the balcony of the top floor. Motivational factors of these installations is the climate and weather conditions: balcony last floor often poured torrential rains and rainwater roof of the house, as well as in winter, the balcony pretty packed snow drifts. Basically, multi-storey building does not imply the creation of a roof to the balcony, therefore, this type of construction is necessary to carry out on their own or with the help of experts of the job profile.

Glaze the balcony roof
Glazed balcony roof

balcony glazing types

In that case, when installation on the roof balcony does not save him from nepogodits, performed Polneyshee glazed balcony with a roof. This procedure involves the complete glazing of balconies on all sides, except for the floor and ceiling. Glazed balcony divided into the following types:

  • warm;
  • cold;
  • panoramnoe.

Cold - glazing for warm weather means glazing all of the above-facing balcony aluminum structures, as well as aluminum profiles for roof glazing, which are often equipped with one or two glazed double-glazed windows. This type weakly isolates heat and noises, but, However, It is the most affordable pricing.

Fully glazed balcony with a roof
"Cold" glazed balcony with a roof

Warm - glazing for cold weather. This type is installed just like a cold, using an aluminum frame and glass, but due to the presence of two or three double-glazed windows, heat on the balcony area is preserved well enough with snow blizzard and a strong gust of wind.

Panoramic windows has a good response, when it comes to the quality and strength of the material used, as this type of glass known as the Finnish glazing. By this type of external data is distinctive large and high Fiberglass, that illuminate and warm up the entire territory of the balcony, Irrespective of the size. Therefore, with this type of glazing for a hot time of the year you need to stock up on durable curtains, shutters or blinds.

Glaze the balcony with the roof will not cause too much difficulty: importantly determine the further used type of roof( leave the old and glaze only sides, or else fully disrupt the old roof and its osteklyat).

Types of roof balcony

Balcony roof can be divided into two types:

  1. welded construction (dependent type) It means a compound of the balcony glazing and roof, wherein the aluminum profile and are used for glazing balconies sheathing roof.
  2. Independent design type mounted on the wall outside of the house without any racks or mounting bases. Basically, as a material used for a roof slate, decking, metal tile or polycarbonate.

    roof for the balcony
    Independent roof terrace of metal parts

When choosing the design of the foundations: wood or metal? Is to choose a more durable material, ie metal, which will be the most resistant to any sultry and hot weather.

The stages of the installation of the roof

For, to proceed to the installation of the roof glazing of the loggia or balcony, you need to prepare in advance the necessary building materials:

  1. Roof glazing windows must be clear from the numbered kleonok, and excess paper. To determine the integrity of the glass unit.
  2. Prepare mounting foam for construction, which is designed for the installation of glazing.
  3. Purchase profile and self-tapping screws, which will be the basis for fixing the glazing to the bottom walls of the house.
  4. I need a screwdriver for the screws.

When all the necessary building materials are collected, you can safely move on to business. To do this you must prepare the ground for mounting of glass, that is, clean the openings for the window of the old, or by means of metal profiles create a foundation fixing, connecting them with the bottom of the balcony. When this stage was completed, It performed the most important stage- fastening insulating glass based on aluminum profiles. They are fixed to the metal structure by means of screws and twines. As a result of this work remain open seams, which are filled with foam. A final stage involves repair the appearance of the balcony.

The roof of the balcony
balcony roof is made of trapezoidal sheet metal

Installation of the roof to the balcony without glazing is much faster, easy and cost-based metal Karkach. For the installation of the roof on the balcony without glazing need :

  • sheet or several sheets of corrugated board;
  • shurupovёrt;
  • wood screws and self-tapping screws;
  • hacksaw in metallu;
  • construction meter;
  • polyurethane foam
  • sheathing and wooden beams;
  • insurance during the installation work of the roof terraces of the upper floors;
  • anchor bolts and particleboard.

When all the materials at hand, you can safely get to work.

  1. With the help of anchor bolts on the wall is necessary to set the crate and wooden beams, which will serve as the basis and framework for the construction of.
  2. After this it is necessary to measure the required size meter and sheeting construction with a hacksaw for metal working material cut.
  3. This element is fastened with screws, screws and screwdriver to crate.
  4. A distance between the wall and floorings to be filled with foam.
  5. To the wooden joists to the inner side roof balcony is attached the desired sheet size Particleboard.
Installation of the roof on the balcony
Wooden frame for balcony roof

A few tips

If you live in a humid climate with cold weather conditions, in this case, just need to glaze the balcony roof. For those reasons, that the entire balcony is isolated from the constant damp and cold, it destroys the basis of any balcony. Also, light, coming through the window, will warm the balcony.

Installing the roof terrace on the top floor of a multistory building is very dangerous for human life and health. Therefore it is better to trust this responsible business installation professionals, which are in this work a great experience. They can be found in any construction or installation company.



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