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Three-chamber double-glazed window - reliable protection from the cold

Three-chamber glass unit is very popular in Russia. For most areas of the country it is most optimally meets its objectives, qualitatively retains heat, isolates noise, if the windows are located on noisy streets or yards. It is the optimum thickness, and the price of goods, who will be able to solve most of the problems.

What features has the triple glazing?

In contrast to the one- analog and dual-chamber, three-compartment windows differ significantly greater thickness and, Consequently, more weight. There are also e Bole thick design, having additional airbags, However, three-chamber model is considered the most successful and best. It copes well insulated room from the street, It does not have the greatest weight and more affordable. Often put the product thickness does not make sense.

The design represents Glazing, having three sealed air chamber and four windows. The chambers may be filled with dry air or gas, Besides, they may differ in thickness.

Three-chambered plastic windows

When do you need a three-chamber glass unit?

Three-chambered plastic windows can be of any size and shape. Their choice depends on the following factors:

  • Features climate. Typically, such a glazing is needed there, where the temperature can drop below the winter -30 degrees.
  • If the construction site is located in a noisy area, and you need a quiet room.

Do I need additional cameras?

Most often, the thick windows can be found in the northern regions of the country. Usually, in the southern part of Russia and in the middle zone of its windows are manufactured strictly individual, and their production adjusted slightly due to the low demand.

It is worth noting, that the more cameras, the resistance coefficient higher. Each additional camera increases in 1,5 fold.

If we compare glass with three cameras and one, the first will be much warmer, the room is almost unheard of in the street, single chamber while the product is not able to adequately isolate the sound. At a temperature -15 it will begin to freeze.

When choosing glazing note, What glass is used. The main quality depends on, Low-E glass or normal costs. In the case of ordinary glass number of cameras will not play the role of.

Three-compartment windows do an excellent job with the noise absorption. The more cameras, the quieter the room. It is worth noting, which is mainly glazed able to save you from high frequency noise. From these sounds, as the movement of trains, he, Unfortunately, not save. Thick plastic windows passed significantly less light, than usual, so you should be prepared to, that the room is not so bright. However, in those areas, where lighting and so not enough, eg, in the Arctic, noticeable difference is not so much.

three-chamber glass unit
Salamander BluEvolution

Value for money

When choosing new windows, two-chamber or three-compartment, many buyers are guided by the price of the product. Three-chamber the product considerably more expensive than the two-chamber, about 50% the cost. Price is due to the high cost of not profile, technical and complicated manufacturing process. Besides, not all companies produce such windows, because of this, there is some monopoly.

Also, the more weight in the glazing, the stronger must be the profile. It needs to strengthen, otherwise there is a risk structure prigibaniya. Accessories not immediately choose the quality, otherwise it will quickly fail, and it also increases the cost of the window.

Do not rely on the installation of windows unprofessional employees. It is important that the design has been installed correctly and accurately, of this operation depends on the quality of its.

In order to screen last longer, do not make a lot of opening the valves - ideally fixed glazing, because on the open sash falls too much load. Since space is required to ventilate, can be ordered structure with a window leaf or install a special valve to ventilate.

three-compartment windows
product price depends on the number of opening flaps

What is a cross-sectional structure?

If you look at a three-chamber double-glazed window in a cut, we will see 4 glass, between which there are voids, filled with gas or air. The assembled glass unit is sealed completely, Gas is stored inside it throughout the life of the insulating glass service, if you do not break the conditions of its operation. Inside the cavities may be a spacer frame, they serve to strengthen the structure. Outside coated glazing sealant; commonly used transparent, in order not to spoil the aesthetics of the design.

Distinguish three-chamber design is visually simple enough. It has a greater thickness. To the profile can support the weight of the glazing, profile itself make wider, and the area of ​​glass - lower. The distance between the panes may be up 6 mm. The thickness of the glass itself rarely exceeds 4 mm. Based on this, we can conclude, that the thickness of the insulating glass unit with three air chambers will be at least 34 mm.

The most common design, thickness which is 40 mm. This optimum combination of quality, It does not affect much on the weight of the structure. In this way, It is commonly used 4 glass of 4 mm, and the thickness of the air chamber 8 mm.

Plastic windows, two-chamber or three-compartment

Three-chamber glass unit copes with the cold insulation, can make the room very quiet. The design is heavy, and to establish it is not always possible in any window opening.



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