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Installation of plastic windows the loggia

Installation of plastic windows the loggia is often a necessity. Glazed construction provides sufficient heat, protects the apartment from drafts, adds useful space room. In addition to the modern type of structure, you get a room, which can be converted into a recreational area, office or conservatory.

Why use plastic window?

There is a large amount of material, suitable for use as glazing, However, the installation of plastic windows on the balcony is the most convenient and prudent decision. Plastic design is affordable and has a lot of advantages, which include the following factors:

  • Large selection of windows of different designs and price ranges, able to satisfy the most demanding of citizens.
  • The size and configuration of the structures is not restricted. You can order a box, meet any design ideas.
  • Colors can be any: combined, monochrome, stylized trees of different species.
  • The design quality protects against cold, dust, noise.
  • PVC windows do not require annual preventive maintenance and treatment, uhod for minimum Nimi, service long term.
  • Installation of windows on the balcony does not cause difficulty.

Installation of windows in the loggia
plastic glazing, to date, the most common

What plastic windows for loggias are?

To loggia or balcony suited any type of plastic windows. It all depends on? how much space on your curtain designs, which design and type of opening you prefer, How much are willing to spend. All the following types of structures:

  • sliding.
  • Swing-out.
  • rotary.
  • folding.

All designs, except the first, opened by turning the sash in vertical, horizontally or both directions. This design is considered to be the most common.

Sliding windows are most often used in those places, where there is no place for the opening of the sash. Spreading design can in different ways, eg, as the wardrobe, move to the side or upwards. In any case, it required to fulfill only one condition: Wall nowhere to clutter, on it should not hang any objects, preventing the movement of the sash.

step by step, proper erection
Tilt and turn plastic window

EIf you want to create a hermetic, warm glazing, then by sliding doors should be abandoned. Regardless of the quality of glass they can not provide a tight seal, so often refer to the cold glass.

What to look for when choosing profiles?

balcony glazing technology plastic windows is simple enough, rarely causes problems, but it is worth to trust a proven professionals. on, as will be set profile, depends on the, how well he will be able to isolate the room. Besides, important condition is the right choice of materials. When buying windows need to pay attention to the following:

  • Buy the best products of proven, proven companies. When you first buy a box, pay attention to the quality of plastic: it should be smooth, pleasant to the touch, have been notable.
  • The pane, profiles and fittings should not be marked damage.
  • Note the profile stiffness: the higher it is, all the better. Quality product is always equipped with a metal insert, wherein the width is not less than 1,2 mm. The best thing, if galvanized steel will be used as the material. It has sufficient stiffness and does not rust.
  • To the balcony it was warm enough, well suited triple-pane windows, glass thickness in which at least 4 mm, but it should take into account the weight of the structure. Square meter weighs about 30 kg, and not every balcony can withstand such a load.
  • Good and Constructions, air chamber which are filled with argon.
  • hardware quality also plays a role. On it depends the durability of the opening mechanism. It is better not to save money and just buy a more expensive, but quality fittings.

balcony glazing technology plastic windows

Priobretat best European fittings, rather than Chinese-made, since the latter is often made of a soft metal and can not withstand serious exploitation.

Basic installation steps

balcony glazing installation is carried out in stages, proper erectionguarantee of durability and design quality. Once you have chosen a high quality profile with suitable glazing, comes the most important step - setting design. It occurs according to the following scheme:

  • preparation balcony. You need to remove any obstacles, garbage, clean the construction from dust and dirt. You need to leave or make a new railing and frame. These elements are a good support for the plastic window. All components must be securely fastened.
  • In order to secure the construction, not use wooden elements, and using special wedges for installation.
  • For use visor fastening roofing steel. Himself visor can create a lightweight polymer coating, eg, polycarbonate. Sealant joints close, then insulated ceiling, walls and floor balcony.
  • Sam PVC profile mount, using anchor bolts and mounting foam. Less frequently used special mounting plate.
  • The presence of roughness check, Using a builder's level, after the correct position of the profile detected, it is fixed by means of anchoring.

DA reliable fixing anchor is to be included in the concrete of not less than 40 mm, if the walls or brick support, a minimum of 6 mm.

  • Take care, that the frame and the parapet were in exactly the same plane with the inner side.
  • In order to ward off moisture, at the bottom of the frame needs to be fixed drain.
  • The joints are filled with foam, its layer should be at least 20 mm. Excess foam can be cut after drying, after which the joints are closed plaster or decorative overlays.

Installation of plastic windows the loggia

Plastic windows are a reliable way to keep the heat inside the room, protect the balcony from various weather phenomena. The price matches the quality of the most.



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