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Decorating the exterior slopes of plastic windows - types of materials, tools and accessories

After the installation of windows, many forget that, that need finishing outer slopes of plastic windows. This type of work is necessary to conduct: except decorative function, slopes and play a very important practical role. They are used to protect the window construction and the facade of the building from moisture and drafts, so do not neglect them. If the window installers have missed this part of the mind, finish can be started for them on their own.

What will it take for the work?

Exterior finish of the windows is not something complicated, for its implementation will require a simple set of tools. Sami slopes can be bought ready-made or make yourself at home. The material in this case it is most convenient to use plastic or metal sheets.

The main objective is to build all the necessary elements, otherwise the design will not be able to perform all of its functions. You can not strengthen the slope to the window, so it is mounted on the wall, most commonly used for this wooden slats.

Council: during operation between the frame and the wall is formed a void. It can be filled with insulation, eg, foam, component foam or mineral wool. This will make the design not only warmer, but also reduce the noise from the street.

Locking frame is possible by means of silicone sealant, screws; The choice is made depending on the wall material. To work you need to have on hand hacksaw, staple gun, building level and a drill. If you are working with metal, required for its cutting scissors, not be amiss to have a knife, and clerical.

Council: choosing the material for the slopes, We need to give preference to durable plastic or stainless steel. Materials should not be afraid of changes in temperature, humidity, other negative effects.

Prior to joining

What do the slopes?

Exterior finish of the windows has no strict criteria. For it is possible to use the material, that you think most appropriate: eg, if you are able to plaster the slopes, can be formed from filler or made from foam and putty. Such work requires certain skills. For the amateur will be easier to use ready-made materials factory, eg, plastic panels, which are a convenient and inexpensive way, allowing to quickly perform the work.

Not in favor of putty and says its inability to withstand sudden changes in temperature. Because of them, the slopes will be covered with cracks over time and will allow moisture, You need to cover them with a new layer of plaster. However, this is the cheapest option.

Council: if the apartment is located at a high altitude, and the window goes out to the balcony, We have to hire professionals, able to use climbing equipment. Otherwise, you not only run the risk of falling, but do not do quality work, because you can not reach all parts of the structure; Besides, there is a risk to soil people and objects, that are below your window.

More affordable finishing external slopes of windows - with the help of plastic parts. Working with them is quite simple and not time consuming, Area weighs little, It is fixed directly to the frame, Why use double sided tape.

Fixation with the wall is due to a special glue. Such an embodiment would cost affordable, at the same time allow seal the window opening from rain and condensation. Not afraid to ultraviolet radiation and design temperature difference, of wind.

Exterior finish of plastic windows
Plastering slopes

The use of metal structures

Exterior finish window slopes is very often carried out by means of galvanized steel sheets. Such material has several advantages, because it is very durable and can be well-insulated window space. However, there are disadvantages, eg, necessarily require additional soundproofing.

Mounting the steel sheet relatively uncomplicated, but keep in mind, that it has a sufficiently large in comparison with the same foam weight, that does not allow to place it on a tape. You need to create a framework, and the sheet drilled with a drill and fasten the samorezah. If you are a light sleeper awake, be ready to, that the specific noise can be heard in contact with drops of rain on a metal structure.

Exterior finish of plastic windows galvanized sheets is quite acceptable, especially if the material is selected in the color of the window frame or the facade of the building. Galvanized structure does not rust, usually it is covered with a special film, not only improves the material properties, but also protect it from the negative effects of nature and small damages. Special care design does not require, if one is properly close all seams. This can be done by using a sealant.

Finishing external slopes of windows
Exterior windows slopes of metal

Installation of plastic slopes

Finishing external slopes of plastic windowsmost physically easy lesson: reason is the low weight and the compliance of the material. It is easy to cut ordinary hacksaw, can be given the desired shape, Plastic able to bend and not break, can strengthen both self-tapping screws, and various adhesives, from double-sided tape and ending special adhesive or assembly foam.

Secure the slopes is possible and on special profiles, but such a warrant would be more expensive, therefore, conventional wooden slats often for crates. Fear for their safety is not worth, because it is located on a slope which can protect your frame from moisture.

Exterior finish window slopes

How to decorate the slopes on the windows from the street?

In modern construction is often used such material, as a siding. Its use is quite convenient, and the choice depends on, how wide your slopes. If they are European standards, it will take no more than a narrow width of the siding 12 cm, under standard Russian band sizes need at least 22 cm.

Exterior finish of windows
Installation of siding slopes

Decorating the exterior slopes

Fixing material occurs through the use of a finishing profile, you can buy it ready-made. simple installation. First attached to the front J-profile, then applies a chamfer, easier and cheaper installation. Siding is simply inserted into the grooves, The result is a sealed surface, having no visually noticeable joints.

Siding manufactured in different color registrations, so, if you choose it correctly, it will blend in with any windows and facade finishing materials. Such an approach will cost a bit more expensive, than plastic, but will provide a better quality of slopes.

Conclusion: choice of, decorate the slopes than on the street windows, wide enough. All variants are acceptable, therefore, need to absorb in relation to financial costs and complexity of installation, that each customer is an individual parameter.



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