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How to remove the grid on the plunger with a plastic window?

Mounted on the window mosquito net is sometimes necessary to remove the: it is necessary for winter storage, to extend the life of certain types of structures, or for its cleaning. knowing, how to remove the net from the plastic windows, you can do it yourself, harmlessly frame grid. removal of ways for different types of products may vary.

Recommendations for Pick-up Artist nets

Regardless of, what type of product you have installed, if you decide to remove the grid, choose a dry calm weather. The grid has a large area, so its a gust of wind can rip, when you unscrew it, or pull out of your hands. Fell to the ground, likely broken frame. The rain will drip into the face, which is not very nice.

If the design has a flap, how to remove the net from the box, You do not have to worry. Just need to open one flap and loosen the outer mounting.

The method to remove the grid framework

Learn such a structure easily: it consists of a metal frame with plastic or iron corners, and the grid itself tensioned inside it. Sami corners are commonly found on the street side, and the room can not see them. Most nets have a special pen, therefore, the pickup is required to pull them up for. Lifting frame for 2 cm, This will free the lower mounting, then the structure is necessary to pull down.How to remove the net from the plastic windows

Before removing the mosquito net with a plastic window, consider, that just because it does not pass through the opening. It needs to be deployed on the street, and then drag in the room. Remove any obstacles, located near a window inside the room: in particular this applies to the window sill. If the grid is equipped with pockets, which is screwed on the frame corners, it can be removed in a similar way, with the only difference, that decline need not upside-down, and toward.

Some designs combine hooks. To remove such a network is necessary, without removing the hooks, release fabric from them. The principle of operation is the same, as in the case of mounting on the corners or pockets. detail, how to repair a mosquito net with his own hands.

Way to remove the sliding grid

If the house is equipped with a window coupe, they are equipped with sliding screens: feature of this design lies in its ability to move over to the side, using the special runners and guides. They are located in an upper and lower portion. tell fortunes, how to get a grid of plastic window, not necessary. Mesh removed elementary, enough to lift it slightly, that she came out of the guide, and then offset draw down.

Remove the mosquito net with a plastic window
Removal of sliding grids

If the mesh pleated (able to be folded in the window opening), its dismantling technology is no different from the usual sliding.

Remove the grid on the plunger

Pinned connection is used quite often, as it is considered the most reliable. This design on top and bottom is screwed to the window profile in the pins. To remove such a grid can be, Only if unscrew all plungers, that the locking pin, then mount can be removed and to undertake the necessary steps with her.

Remove the mosquito net with a plastic window
Descreening the plunger

Council: to the plunger is not lost, rotate the pin is recommended only in a clockwise direction.

Other ways to remove the grid, if it is different designI

conceive, how to remove windows with mosquito net, accounts, and in cases, when she has some special structure: eg, old sample mesh. Such designs are screwed with screws to the frame or nailed with nails. You need to pull the fastener or twisting it. Leave in the open access hole, left bindings, Not recommended: they must be at least a seal with tape.

Remove the mosquito net with a plastic window
Removing mosquito nets on hooks

If you are dealing with a mesh door, the note, it is attached to its own loop. To remove it, You need to unscrew or disunite them depending on, which loop is installed. Some difficulties can organize rolling grid, since they are placed above a window in a special box. Without removing the box, remove the cloth, usually, does not work. If the frame rests on the flags, they need to bend, Only after that it will be possible to dismantle the structure.

Conclusion: knowing, removing mosquito net, you will be able to make it clean and repair or remove the winter if necessary, if you do not want, that the web is subject to an additional load.



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One comment on the record "How to remove the grid on the plunger with a plastic window?

  1. We have a common framework Net, we live on 3 floor, plastic windows, we are years 12-15 probably accurate, but my grandmother can not learn how to properly remove the grid. Until I got married, I was engaged, as she will fly down the grid, then it breaks off one of the handles, located inside, in order to facilitate the removal of dressing and the grid on the window. By the way, these pens once a year break, initially, when you buy them, they are more flexible, Though plastic, but over time they are dry in the same position and at the wrong grid removal handles very quickly break. And my grandmother got sick of it and this fate has successfully handed me, truth now, when I married she is doing, It happens and I sometimes come help.
    Nothing difficult, in principle,, important to be careful when removing these handles and, when worn, it is best to put on top of the grid, and then at an angle from the bottom already, so much easier!

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