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Forms stands for flowers on the windowsill

At the organization of home gardening can provide a variety of design ideas. Plants can be placed on the walls or floor racks, but it is better to use a stand for flowers on the windowsillso the flowers will not only decorate the room, but also will be provided with the maximum amount of light. What stands you can choose?

Rules coasters selection

Flowers to effectively fulfill their decorative function, it is important to choose the right all the accessories. The choice of the stand is based on the objective, with which it will be used:

  • If you want to create the overall composition of different plants, suitable stand-brace, shelves which are located at different heights and different in size. It will allow beautifully to arrange any set of pots with flowers.
  • If you want to draw the entire area of ​​the window, not too reducing insolation premises, should choose stand by flowers on the window sill in the form of double-sided shelves. She framed the window opening with a green frame, leaving the central part of the window open.
  • Shelves with wide shelves would be the best choice, If you want to place the seedlings on the windowsill. It will allow to arrange a large number of pots and give the young plants a lot of light.
  • Single pots suit, if the pots with flowers a little.

The main selection criterion is aesthetic - it is better to buy an accessory, which has attracted a glance, the more functional, but less attractive.

Stand for flowers under the window

options coasters

Different models of the window stands for flowers have their own design features, different shapes and sizes. They can be made of different materials, supplemented with backlit, contain a different number of plants. Some variants can be made with your own hands.


Bookcase - this is the simplest kind of stands, which is a set of shelves, allowing to arrange the flowers in any order. It can be somewhat cumbersome, but thanks to the variety of designs makes it possible to implement any design ideas.

Distributed such embodiments etazherok:

  • Pyramidal support for flowers on window. It has a triangular projection - situated below the widest shelf, top - narrow.
  • The inverted pyramid. In this case, a wide portion is disposed at the top. It supports are ladder, which can accommodate more plants. Due to its shape inverted pyramid tapered downwards does not close a view from the window.
  • rectangular. It consists of two vertical supports, which are attached to horizontal shelves. This structure is most easily done with their own hands, preferably from the glass, not to restrict the passage of light.

Forged models may have a complex curved and even closed in a ring shape.

Stand for flowers in the window


Spacer - it stands for flowers under the window, represents a vertical support, around which helically arranged shelves for pots with plants. This is the most compact and elegant option, It allows you to make beautiful frame of the window opening. Shelves can be wood, glass or steel in the form of rings.

Stand for flowers on the windowsill

A single rack

single rack, or pots, They are purely decorative accessories, designed for decorating individual pots. Many plants on a stand not to place, but it will be an excellent complement to the interior, If the color in the house a little.

Models window stands for flowers

Support for flowers with his own hands

Stand for flowers on the windowsill with his own hands done in any version from scrap materials. The easiest way to make pots in a basket - for this you need to saw the vertical supports and the stand of the boards (eg, MDF), screws and connect the elements to wind the wall of thick yarns. Form baskets can be circular or rectangular, size makes any according to the number of plants.

Supports for flowers on the windowsill

Shelf bookcase can be suspended. To do this, take a few boards or rectangular glass shelves, Drill four holes in them - two on each end edge, and then passed through the string holes solid. To shelves held, after passing through each of them need a rope to tie a major node and used metal washers. Then, the upper ends of the ropes are attached to the anchors in the wall above the window.

Stand for flowers under the window

Simple and original stand on the windowsill for flowers with his own hands in the form of spacers can be made of plastic jars, children's buckets or bottles halves. The basis of the design will be a long metal pin. To one of its ends is attached a wooden board, necessary to impart stability enhancement. Then, in the bottoms of the cans are drilled hole, in which threaded support. Banks will hold on to each other, so do not need additional attachment.

Thanks to the rich diversity of the window stands for plants gardening at home can be not only useful, but also a beautiful addition to the interior.



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  1. It looks very nice bookcase. Recently, I was fascinated by colors, although early for me this was not observed. At the moment, I have 2 violets, aloe and one orchid. I plan to buy another violet, they have me all different and that's under them want to come up with some podstavochku, so it was practical, I do not take up much space and looked beautiful. I am thinking about, to make their own hands something, like to make changes to the house is their own hands. Here pots attracted me very much and if you look at the example in the photo, my Fialochka will look adorable in it. She was trying to do something Tipo stack of two boards, beneath 2 flower, and on top of a little under one, I basically make it, but its external appearance I do not like. I buy and violet will tinkering pots.

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