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Decorating the walls on the balcony - the types and methods of work

Decorating the walls of the balcony is a topical issue, if you are going to equip, insulate it, make convenient and beautiful. There are many ways to refine the hinged structure, especially, if you are going to glaze. Here the choice is not only between the design decisions, but the question, on what kind of material to pay attention to in terms of practicality and price.

Where to begin work?

Decorating the walls of the balcony is not a priority: the fact, what, while the design is not glazed, it can be except that the paint, as the non-insulated against moisture finishing materials quickly covered with mold and come into disrepair. To the balcony could be a useful and pleasing to the eye, it should start with the glazing.

The options for this lot: So, You can use an inexpensive cold glazing, which do not allow the construction of a warm, but will give it a nice appearance and protect against wind and rain. You can install a more expensive warm glazing, which will make a balcony or loggia suitable for permanent residence, it will be possible to hold on to their heating. It all depends on, how you intend to use the design and how much money to spend on its landscaping.

Decorating the walls of the loggia

Do I need a waterproofing?

Fine finishing the walls of the balcony can not be made, if the structure is securely waterproofed. This will require to eliminate all gaps, as well as to close up all the joints and small cracks with sealant. If there is a big gap, against them use assembly foam. However, the foam must be protected, because it is afraid of ultraviolet radiation; not prevent the use of plastic plates or sealant.

Decorating the walls of the loggia or a balcony not only gives design decorative appearance, but also hides a heater, located underneath. Without insulation the walls are cold, will pass heat to the outside, insulation becomes worse. therefore, If you decide to finish hinged design, you should think about it in advance and insulation.

Council: inexpensive and easy to install insulation with a balcony finishing - use foam: material insulates heat well, almost not breathable, easy to cut and is fixed in the right place. Its only drawback is the selection of harmful gas during combustion, but only in case of fire should be afraid of it.

How to decorate the walls of the balcony
penofol foil

Other versions may also be applied insulation: eg, it may be mineral or glass. Such materials are produced in a gentle manner, so they are more difficult to mount, but they do not burn, not smoked in the fire. A disadvantage is the fear of moisture.

Decoration materials loggia walls, Godyaev as insulation, not limited to. One of the best quality, but expensive solution is to use Penoplex. Outwardly, it looks like a foam, but it does not have its drawbacks: its thickness is less, wherein the insulating properties are higher.

Decorating the walls of the balcony
fiberglass wool

Than usual trim balcony?

Once satisfied insulation glazing and, You can pass from the inside to the balcony finishing: for this construction market offers a wide variety of materials. They all have different technical properties, external characteristics, They differ in cost. Thinking, than to decorate the walls of the balcony, should become familiar with the most popular options, which are used for these purposes.


Drywall sheets require the installation of a wooden or metal battens. Usually, it is necessary for the insulation fittings, so the frame you will already have. Advantages of this material include its affordability, smooth flat surface, which can be easily subjected to fine finish. Plasterboard is an environmentally friendly material, it does not burn, It does not emit harmful substances, easy to install, low weight.

The downside of such a material is its fragility: he can not tolerate appreciable mechanical stress, from which breaks or crumbles. Besides, material does not like moisture, it is able to destroy the gypsum plasterboard. If the balcony is not sealed against moisture or poorly insulated, apply even water-resistant drywall is not recommended, since he will be destroyed by low temperatures.

Decorating the walls of the loggia

Panels made of plastic or vinyl

This is a convenient solution for those, who need to quickly finish the walls in the loggia or balcony. The material is very fast and easy to install, To do this, you first need to make a crate. Panels easily tolerate as high, and low temperatures, have an attractive appearance. The buyer will be able to choose among a large number of drawings and patterns, but it is worth remembering, that the pattern on the panel does not tolerate exposure to ultraviolet, so do not choose this type of finish, if your balcony faces south. Vinyl, like plastic, easily sawn, This material is flexible enough, so it does not break under mechanical loads, Besides, he is not afraid of water, does not rot, not being attacked by fungus, but melts at high temperatures, releasing an unpleasant smell.

Decorating the walls of the balcony


It is one of the most expensive, but practical materials. he is a solid, It has high mechanical resistance, does not burn, not afraid of water, temperature changes, It has a rich color gamut, however, it should be protected from direct sunlight. Installation of siding is quite simple, It does not require complex actions, so it is available for self-realization.

How to decorate the walls of the balcony

MDF panels

choosing, better than to decorate a balcony, you can pay attention to the MDF panel: is an analogue of fiberboard, Only a strong and high quality. The material may have a different design registration, making it look quite attractive. Just mount it, smooth surface, however, the material does not tolerate exposure to moisture and low temperatures, Besides, It has the ability to burn.


Decorating the walls lining the balcony has a high popularity. This material is not the most expensive, It has an attractive appearance, like any natural wood. Wall paneling is not required to process further, ie fine finish you will not need: the room will have a peculiar appearance. Boards retain heat well and can be an additional heater.

Install this material is simply. Most often used for the manufacture of linings of coniferous trees as the most affordable, attractive appearance. Molded from larch more, but it far exceeds the specifications of softwood.

Decorative rock

Such materials Wall finishing loggias quite original and are used infrequently. It's not the cheapest material, but it is practically devoid of deficiencies. Stone has a solid structure, mechanical stress brings no problems, does not fade, not afraid of water, temperature changes and other negative environmental impacts. External appeal will turn a balcony into a work of art. On the downside can be attributed only to the high price and a decent weight of the material.

Council: if you want to decorate the stone balcony, but a natural material does not fit you because of the high costs and the large mass, you can find a way out, using a synthetic analogue. He will be much cheaper, This will weigh less, to work with him more comfortable, and the price will be pleased with.

Decorating the walls of the loggia

Fake diamond

It is well suited for finishing curtain designs, Unlike natural, because it has a small weight. The outer side of such material embossed and repeats the structure of natural stone, back of the smooth, like tile, making it easy to mount it, mounting structure is required to insulate, because the stone does not freeze.

Facing such a plan helps to hide wall irregularities, it can not align, and the same form of tiles saves time, You do not have to select the appropriate form of stones, to collect mosaic. therefore, solving, better than to decorate a balcony, artificial or natural stone, make better choices in the direction of an artificial analogue. Natural stone is better to use for finishing the base of the building, or stages.

Conclusion: learning, which is finishing the balcony, what's better, to solve at once is difficult. First of all, you need to understand, exactly what you want in terms of design, and then select the material on the technical characteristics and cost, available to you.



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