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How to protect the walls from cracking by using glass fiber

Very often in the repair of apartments in new buildings, owners are faced with the problem of the appearance of cracks on the walls under the finish. This happens due to the fact, that the building eventually heats and shrinks. Plaster covered with a grid of tiny cracks. Such material as the paint fiberglass spider was created to reinforce the walls and today popular among consumers.

Technical indicators and advantages of glass fiber

Fiberglass is a web, consisting of non-woven fibers. This material can be confused with steklooboyami, which have a different structure, but produced in another way.

Glass fiber web does not contain a pronounced color and pattern, moreover, it has high tensile strength. The name "spider" material purchased by the people, thanks to its soft and thin structure. The density of the paint of glass fiber ranges from 25 to 65 g / m2. The denser cloth, the more resistant it is to damage.


In order to understand how to use the glass fiber, We need to find out its specifications:

  • increased fire safety;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • durability;
  • resistance to acids and temperature extremes, as well as to moisture;
  • useful when aligning surfaces and finishing;
  • high density determines the reliability of the material.

among firms, engaged in the production of glass fiber paint gossamer, the most popular are:


  • Wellton - manufacturer from Finland.
  • Spektrum - a company from Holland.
  • Samtex - Swiss production.
  • Oscar - the domestic manufacturer.

Basically, this material is available in rolls, width 1 m., and has a price of 500 to 800 rubles per roll.

These technical characteristics of the material cause the advantages of glass fiber gossamer, the use of which is so popular today:

  1. The material does not tend to burn.
  2. Fiberglass never hit the mold, fungus or corrosion.
  3. Easy care.
  4. Breathability webs allows "breathing" material.
  5. Environmental health safety.
  6. Fiberglass does not accumulate dust and static charge.

It is important to take into account the fact, that the master, that use fiberglass spider work, always use protective clothing: respirator, gloves, plastic glasses. Material during cutting may cause injury, and glass mikrochastichki, hitting the skin, cause itching and irritation.

The use of glass fiber

This material is used in construction work. It is used not only for reinforcement of wall or ceiling, but also the surface of the floor. Besides, stekloholst well in the manufacture of roofing materials, Covering, floor coverings, pipe insulation, production of panels and batteries.

High strength glass fiber paint gossamer application of which is found in many areas of construction, allow the use of this material in the manufacture of false ceilings, gypsum boards, as well as reinforcement of plastic.

How to prepare the surface

that protect the walls or ceiling of microcracks using glass fiber, you need to make a thorough preparation of the surface. This process is similar to the procedure for preparing the walls for wallpapering and includes such activities:

  • Shpatlevanie surface. Masters recommend zashpatlevat clean and visible irregularities to, to prevent swelling of the material when glueing.
  • Primer. Prime the walls and ceiling before, how to use fiberglass. Do not forget to close all the windows and doors during the sticking material - drafts should not be.
  • If the prepared wall is made of plasterboard, seams previously daubed, and fiberglass glued back to back.

After the work done, you need to decide what kind of glue used for glass fiber. In the construction market is represented by a special glue for such material, or, the adhesive composition may be packaged with a roll of glass fiber.

Consider PROPORTIONS: if the glue to dissolve a large amount of water, than indicated on the pack, there is a risk, that the material will form the wrong time and to dry will need much more.

Glue for webs must be purchased with a margin, because its consumption is several times higher, than with conventional gluing wallpaper. It is best to use a ready-made glue in the bucket.


Primary gluing procedure

For self papering walls using glass cloth spider width 1 m. Of the tools you will need a broad brush, Construction knife and a flat plastic spatula. The order of work will be the:

  1. Measure out the amount of glass fiber paint and cut it with a knife or scissors construction. Be sure to use gloves, not to damage the skin of the hand.
  2. Take the brush and smear the wall with adhesive over its entire height and width of the roll of glass fiber.
  3. Attach a pre-cut fabric to the wall and press it using a plastic spatula, starting from a panel center. Gradually smooth the surface with a spatula from the center to the edges, expelling of air bubbles appeared stekloholsta.
  4. Cut off the excess material, then again apply the adhesive with a brush is already on top of glass fiber. This is done for a better impregnation products and good adhesion to the wall surface.
  5. Again, walk around with a spatula directly on the adhesive composition. Fiberglass can darken a bit - there is nothing wrong, material simply absorb moisture.
  6. The following list is recommended to impose overlapped previous. Do the same operation, as with the first sheet, and then take a sharp knife and draw a line through the two layers of glass fiber. Remove excess strip material. When working on the corners, canvas must be cut.
  7. When gluing the ceiling with glass gossamer use of goggles and face masks will be mandatory. Ceiling sheets to be cut no longer 2 m, that there were no difficulties in.

For complete drying of the paint canvas will need about a day, After this you can proceed to finish. If you plan to paint the wall, it is first necessary to podshpaklevat surface.

When the cracks, it is unlikely, to correct the situation quite easily. Cut a patch of material and glue on top of putty, while its width should be greater for 6 cm. With a knife slide section on the perimeter and remove the old putty and canvas. In this way, get the perfect size patch, you want to paste, and later putty.

Application of glass fiber is recommended, if desired, be reinforced walls and protect them from cracking: This material prolongs finishing services.



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