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Fiberglass for painting: putty or paint directly

Use of a building material called fiberglass represents one of the best one for quality and durable finishing of the inner surface of the walls and ceilings. With it is possible to avoid occurrence of cracks, stickers and the process is quite simple and fast. At the same time painting stekloholsta sometimes controversial masters repairers. Some specialists believe, that before this surface can not putty, and the rest believe in the need to be sure to align the canvas to paint.

material benefits

Despite, that fiberglass, or he is still known in the construction industry, "Gossamer", on a number of features similar to fiberglass, these materials have a lot of differences. Firstly, it relates to a method of manufacturing. In contrast to the glass cloth wallpaper, fiberglass is made not on the machine, and by pressing, whereby translucent sheets resemble "blotter". To the touch, typically manufactured in 50-meter rolls, smooth, although it may be a little prick. detail the varieties of glass fiber roll.

The strength of "webs" are relatively small - a careless handling may cause skin damage. However, the answer to the question, Do fiberglass need for painting, most often positive - thanks to the many advantages of using this material:

  • After proper labels on the surface of "spider" from the weak and brittle sheet is transformed into a reinforcing grid, hides minor flaws wall or ceiling and does not appear giving new cracks and defects.
  • Material is practically no fear of fluid exposure, fire, aggressive substances and abrasion.
  • Fiberglass is not allergenic, and does not accumulate static.
  • "Gossamer" is easy to clean and during operation passes water vapor, ensuring optimum humidity in the room. And yet is completely eco-friendly material, not released into the air harmful substance for the human.

Actually, material has all the advantages Covering. Although it is not for finishing, but only for the reinforcement of the surface. At the same time comply with the canvas color, Unlike wallpaper, It can be several times.

sticker stekloholsta

Before deciding, whether it is possible to paint and fiberglass putty him before that or not, material required pasted on the wall. In this fining is required to prepare the surface - align with a filler, leaving cracks no more 1 mm. Abandon alignment is possible only in cases, when the wall has enough smooth and durable.


main nuances, arising in the course of preparatory work:

  • wide cracks are sealed with a special composition for sutures or conventional putty, but in stages;
  • using gypsum board joints therebetween necessarily shpaklyuyut and fiberglass reinforced adhesive ("Serpyanku"); to have pasted over the wall was as flat, it's desirable, the joints between plasterboard and webs of glass fiber do not coincide with each other, otherwise in these places may appear cracked;
  • dried "patch" on the wall you want to align with the help of putty and sanded until, until the surface is almost perfectly flat;
  • before, as the fiberglass spider for painting will be pasted on the wall, it should be cleaned of dust and thoroughly primed.

Due to the fact that the glass fiber sticker made overlap, the determination of its area must be taken for the estimated value, not only the surface of the walls, but a small margin (at the level of 5-10%). And as the adhesive is desirable to use not ready, and dry glue, the characteristics of which are the same, and the price is much lower. In the process of work is used special clothes - pants, long-sleeved shirts, gloves, dust mask and headdress. All this will help to avoid falling glass particles on the skin and the respiratory tract.

Other nuances, which take into account when the label, include correct folding fabrics. In the sheet of glass has a smooth front side - usually, it is located on the outside of the roll. That she needs to look into the room, while the outer - applied to the wall or ceiling. You should also have the blade in such a way, to pile on them was directed to one side. Otherwise, the paint on the wrought material will have different shades.

The main stages of glass fiber sticker paintable as follows:

  1. The roll is unrolled and cut to desired size sheets, which wall is chosen in view of the small overlaps. To ceiling is recommended to select a length of cloth 1,5 m, which are easier to fix on a vertical surface.
  2. Glue (prepared according to instructions or a ready-made) thick layer applied to the surface, starting from the corner of the room. The band width should be slightly larger than the size of the glass fiber, that is about 1 m.
  3. The first sheet of canvas pasted up against the corner of a room, She pressed her hands and smoothed using a straight edge along the entire length from the middle of the web to the edges.
  4. The excess of the glass fiber is cut with a knife along the ruler.
  5. Already adhered to the adhesive surface of the web is greased before complete impregnation material. determine, that the canvas can be missed entirely by its color, which by the end of the procedure should be uniform.

The remaining sheets are stacked in the same manner, but with some overlaps in the previous. After the labels and alignment is carried out both cutting blades on the junction via line. The trimmed parts are removed, and get a smooth seam again smeared with glue and pressed straight edge. When pasting the corners trying to get a smooth seam before trimming - angular leaf breaks more frequently than others, a perfect cut will help prevent fractures and cracks.

Once the room was fully papered with glass it is left closed until the adhesive has dried. Typically, this period lasts less than a day. At this time in the room can not prevent the emergence of drafts, otherwise the movement of air will result in lagging material and the need for it, or even gluing plywood.

The procedure for gluing fiberglass

Do I need to putty before painting

One of the main advantages of using glass fiber is the ability to almost immediately paste it wallpaper or paintable. In this case, the question arises, whether it is possible to paint the fiberglass mat without filler or she still needed? In the first case, you can save time on dry material, line the walls, Second - improving quality finishes.

Even professional builders disagree, Do you need putty before painting fiberglass, but most of them are in favor of the use of fillers such reasons:

  • Because of high absorption coloring material will be carried out in multiple layers - typically from 2 to 5 time. At the same time a huge amount of paint will be spent, and spent a lot more time, than save refusal of putties.
  • Texture of the glass fiber is visible even under the paint layers 1-2. As a result of this painting without glass fiber filler can ruin the interior of the room. The pores of the material are very difficult to paint, paint after the application of the next layer again manifest. And fill this gap will only putty.
  • When painting the glass fiber, especially located on the ceiling, artist working on a lot of small villi falls. BUT, rising into the air, they may be inside the respiratory system. Proshpaklevat surface paint not only easier, but also safer.
  • If after the repair paint on the walls, it was decided to replace the wallpaper, do so on the surface it is practically impossible nezashpaklovannoy.

Given these disadvantages, you can note, that paint the fiberglass putty without undesirable - except in cases, when flat and smooth surface in the room (eg, household or subsidiary) too need. However, to use this material, even with the additional work, still more profitable and more convenient, than once putty walls and ceilings, skip work with the canvas. In the future, the surface protected them last longer, and the probability of occurrence of cracks is almost zero.

Staining surface after putties

The main reason, that gossamer coating of glass fiber is carried out only after the bonding agents work, is the need to smooth out the bumps - the villi and the joints between the sheets glued. Especially notable are the joints after painting nezashpaklovannye. As a result of the surface becomes smoother putties, and defects disappear only when very accurate work. Moreover, paint the walls or ceilings after leveling putty is much easier and faster.

It is important to take into account the, that the painting without glass fiber filler is required many times more paint, because there is a strong absorption, and hope, paint mask the joints, not worth it.

The main way, how to paint fiberglass, It consists of several stages:

  1. After drying, glued on the wall paintings on them primed.
  2. Floor vыsohsheho (usually it takes from 1 to 6 hours) Primers should be applied putty layer along each junction. Layer thickness - no more 1 mm. The result is a small amount of material, and sufficiently smooth surface, and minimum drying time (about half an hour).
  3. When the dry layer roughcast (glass fiber is used for decoration finish composition), treated the entire surface of the wall or ceiling.
  4. Upon reaching the desired number of layers and making sure, which is plastered area remained uneven, crevices and cracks, use sandpaper or a silicon mesh stripper. Then spend the last priming and start painting on the walls of glass fiber.

The process of staining the canvas is no different from most other coloring materials. For this purpose use acrylic, silicone and latex paints, as well as instruments - rollers, sprayers and brushes. To maximize the quality of the coating is desired to paint in stekloholst 2-4 layer and further process the brush remote places.



As can be seen, sticking fiberglass, Paint and plaster surfaces between these two processes is the only suitable one for obtaining not only a solid, but also smooth and attractive to look at the wall. In this case, the execution of works needed slightly more time, than usual finish walling, and the result is markedly different for the better. The reasons for the choice of a variant without filler walls may only be a need to save a limited budget and low requirements for quality color, since an attempt to obtain high quality results in this case will lead, conversely, cost overruns on the paint and loss of quality.




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