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Features of wallpapering the walls painted with paint

During repair, when it is completed the main part, there comes a point finish. obviously, that when applied to a new fabric need to start to remove the old coating. Very often it happens, the old paint on the walls of the premises so strongly ingrained in the surface over the years, that it is not possible to clean it. Then comes the thought wallpaper paste on painted walls. Not in all cases, we recommend repeating this, but to do it right, you must know the basic nuances at work.

Determining the type of paint

For, to understand, whether it is possible to hang wallpaper on painted walls, First you need to find out the type of paint, which was previously applied to the surface of the wall. Very good, if you personally stained walls, Then difficulties would arise. However, if this information is not available, should be put to the test method:

  • Take a damp cloth and hold it over the wall, and then observe the result.
  • When a small amount of foam, as well as the presence of ink on the used fabric material, we can conclude, on the surface of latex paint used. It means, that to glue wallpaper on wall, painted with latex paint can, but first you need to remove it. Make it easy: enough to wash it off with plenty of warm water.
  • It happens, that the old paint is not susceptible to water, then you must use the spatula. To do this, take the tool and bit podkovyrnite coating. If the material will begin to fall away chunks, the walls were painted with oil paint, if on the contrary - there is no trim small pieces - was then used acrylic composition.

After that, It was defined as the old paint coating composition, you must prepare for, to hang wallpaper on the walls painted with paint.


Also do not forget about the adhesion of the coating. This criterion verified by the following method: piece construction masking tape is glued to the painted surface. abruptly, tearing tape is necessary to pay attention to its adhesive side: if there were paint chips, the old coating will need to be removed from the wall. If nothing on the tape, then you can safely proceed to surface preparation under the future wallpapering on painted walls.

Preparing walls with oil paint or enamel

With good adhesion of oil paint and enamel with a base can not reflect the fact, how pokleit wallpaper on painted walls: in this case it will need only the correct surface preparation.

  1. The wall must be thoroughly sanded matt. This is done in the best tenacity materials;steny-okrashennye-kraskoj
  2. The surface should be well cleaned and dried. In order to qualitatively paste wallpaper painted walls should be thoroughly cleaned from dust;
  3. Processing wall basecoat It is also important: it provides not only improved adhesion, but also prevent the formation of mold. It has done this step in the two approaches to dry completely;
  4. There is a recommendation from the masters: Before mounting your painted walls add the wallpaper adhesive PVA. This will help the material faster and stronger grips.

Preparations for pasting wallpaper similarly as with oil paint. detail, like putty over the paint.

The question is, how to apply wallpaper on the wall painted enamel is technically correct surface preparation.

Preparation of the surface with acrylic painting

acrylic paint, drawn on the wall, It does not imply a further sanding surface, because it is inherently matte. It is not necessary puzzled problem, whether it is possible to hang wallpaper on painted walls, if they already had acrylic paint: then only need quality preparation for glueing.

  1. Carefully wash the wall surface from dirt and dust;
  2. Apply a subterranean structure in two layers, waiting until it has first;
  3. Greatly dilute the glue and cover their walls;
  4. When the surface is completely dry, you can start wallpapering.

Preparing walls with latex paint

Preparing the wall begins with the inspection cover, whether the paint is still wet rag. If the rag clean - proceed to the process. Before wallpapering painted wall paint should be primed and dry each layer. A day later it is already possible to glue fabric wholemeal.

If, however, it was found, the paint is removed with a cloth, You need to clean the walls of the old coating. If we begin to glue the wallpaper on the wall, painted with latex paint, will not get the right grip and new decoration material simply spoiled.

Colored latex material removed with a spatula and water or using special reagents and washes.

There are other mechanical methods of cleaning the walls of paints.

Tips when pasting painted walls

If you decide to pokleit wallpaper lighter shade, the paint, which was already on the wall, there is a problem: than to paint the walls before gluing light wallpaper. In this case, the best option would cover wall white latex paint composition. Such a mass is rather a kind of primer, than paint. With the help of the wall will be well linked with wallpaper, that you want to paste.

In addition to checking the adhesion of painted wall, it is important that the surface under the wallpaper was flat. If the paint was also applied to a rough layer of plaster or putty - will have to redo everything, before pokleit wallpaper on painted walls. Initially uneven base will entail a number of problems: wallpaper will not lay down on the wall is beautiful and in the joints of the joints may come off. In this case, you need to remove all old paint and align the surface of the wall.

Each room in the apartment or house should have its registration, so do not neglect getting advice and carefully Treat the selection of wallpaper and sticker. Though the procedure for preparing the painted walls is not an enjoyable experience, but it is extremely important, and will depend on the result and the overall look of the room. therefore wall putty It is superfluous.




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