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Safety valve for boiler and its important mission

Installing the heater in a private home or apartment is now quite common. Such a plumbing device capable of heating the water irrespective of its head, and storage types of boilers are designed to provide hot water even, when it is turned off. To water heater is working properly and safely, it sets up a special safety valve.

How is the safety valve, its functions

Called safety valve device, able to protect Water heater from pressure surges in the plumbing. His second name - the non-return valve, due to the fact, in its function as part of an obstacle outflow of water from the tank, in case of an emergency breakdown. In this way, When disconnecting the water does not need to worry, that will burn the heating element of the instrument.

Externally, the safety valve has a housing coated brass, which are located inside the 2 a spring locking elements. The first spring is located inside flow channel and a return valve - it does not allow water to flow back into the pipeline, that it takes.

predoxranitelnyj-klapan-dlya-bojleraj2As soon as the water pressure increases, the spring element extends and, a locking hole, It allows water to get into container. Once the tank is filled, pressure from two sides becomes uniform, and locking elements close opening. If there is a way, that the water is shut off or its pressure is reduced, boiler will still be filled, because the check valve will not allow her to pour out.

The second spring is located at the tap and its function is reset in the event of water pressure increase. This action occurs so: pressure, which occurs in the pipes, It overcomes the spring constant, it shrinks, and the locking element opens the hole for the passage of liquid to the discharge. The limiting value of the pressure, wherein the spring is compressed, set during manufacture and valve water heater.


In fact, This device contains a 2 element: fuse and the check valve. Its main functions are:

  • tank from bursting protection;
  • prevent the ingress of the heated water in the boiler water;
  • smooth the cold water pressure jumps when it arrives in the heating tank;
  • discharge of water from the tank at the time of exceeding the critical pressure and temperature;
  • drain water from the boiler tank during maintenance or repair of water heater.

Besides, the kit may include a safety valve pressure gauges and valves. It depends on the manufacturer.


The importance of proper functioning of the valve

If the water heating system safety valve is not installed, this can lead to tragic consequences, up to an arbitrary spontaneous combustion boiler. Let's consider some situations:

  • The device will not work properly, even if there is a constant pressure in the water supply system. This is due to the fact, that heating water is able to expand capacity, in which it is, Consequently, and the pressure in the device will grow.

At some point, pressures above the norm in the absence of the valve, will discharge the heated water in pipe. This will lead to failure and possible damage to the water system.

  • Also, a situation may arise, at which the pressure in the pipes will plummet, and the water will disappear. In this case, in the absence of the valve, heating elements will heat an empty boiler, which will lead to their rapid burnout. Some artists in this situation are pinning their hopes on the boiler automation, However, equipment can fail.
  • Another example of a critical situation. When you break the thermostat on the boiler may be irreparable. Water is gradually heated, and, without getting out of the container, she reaches the maximum limit of the boiling - 100 degrees. There will be instantaneous formation of a large amount of steam, and as a result of the explosion.

So do not ignore the installation of the safety valve, In order to avoid critical situations in the water heater.

Typically, electric heaters are equipped with safety valves, but uncommon, requiring a separate purchase and installation of the valve

How to select a safety valve for boiler

It is necessary to consider certain criteria when selecting the correct safety valve on the boiler:

  1. Price of the device. Today the market of safety components is represented low-level models, which are usually equipped with boilers, as well as samples of the higher grade with improved quality. Do not skimp on this important element.
  2. For ease of installation, choose model, where on the body of water are labeled directions.
  3. Modern safety valves are fitted with special nozzles for hose connection for water drainage. Choose those models, which will be convenient for connecting and fixing the drainage hose.
  4. Choose those valves, which device can be disassembled and cleaned. In this way, you can eliminate clogging, arising from the poor quality of tap water.

At the time of buying, Pay attention to the weight of the product. Sometimes, instead of brass, manufacturer of cheaper production and releasing the safety valve of silumin. The quality of the product is poor.


Features installation of the valve on the boiler

Once installed and secured boiler, you can proceed to the installation of the safety valve. Installation of the valve is as follows:

  1. Turn off the device, and drain all water from it;
  2. Installation of the valve occurs at the inlet of cold water into the boiler. Valve twists key, applying the necessary supplementary materials for sealing - sanitary flax, fum-tape, and on the other side of the valve is connected to a cold water pipe. At this stage it is necessary to follow the direction of the arrow on the valve body and set it up in accordance with recommendation.


As seen, install a safety valve has no difficulties, but if you are not sure and do not have the skills to work with the installation of plumbing fixtures and plumbing systems, better to call a specialist. Such a service will not take much time and does not entail high costs.



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