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Tips for washing of plastic windows, chemical and folk

Due to the stability of polyvinylchloride Chemicals, home cleaning plastic windows can be made using virtually any household cleaners. However, it is important to choose the right way to wash and observe a number of rules, that the cleaning was fast and efficient.

Chemical and folk cleaners

There are a variety of household cleaning products for washing windows. They have their own characteristics and better acting against a particular type of pollution. In this way, selection is based on the goal of washing:

  • "Mr. Muscle" - a universal remedy, the cleaning most of the contaminants. Advantages - no stains on plastic and a sharp chemical smell.
  • "White Cat" - Microfiber cloth, carefully manufacturing a smooth plastic surface. It can be used as a household cleaning, and a conventional soap solution or pure water.
  • "Formula 409" - is intended for fresh dirt.
  • "Frosch" - best suited for domestic pollution, and effectively cope with spots, remaining after the installation window.
  • "Sanita" - despite the absence of aggressive components, It copes well with this old spots.

How to Wash a plastic window in the home
Set required for washing windows

If you need to quickly remove dirt, and cleaning agents are no, not to worry, since wash plastic windows in the home can be folk remedies, which is in every house. As is the case with chemistry, Different substances are suitable for different types of stains:

  • A solution of a soap or detergent powder - Removal divorces and bleaching plastic. Means necessary to put a tough side sponge, followed by warm water rinse.
  • A solution of baking soda, vinegar or starch - to get rid of old stains. When using the alkali or acid should wear rubber gloves, because these funds are corrosive to the skin.
  • Mel and low abrasive dentifrice are substances, safe for plastic, but effectively removes contamination of any type.
  • Newsprint, used for drying wet glass, to avoid the appearance of divorces.

Important! For washing windows can not use strong alkalis and acids, because they destroy the PVC.

To wash does not cause difficulties, should remove all debris immediately after their appearance - it will get results even when using plain water, and think, you wash plastic windows in the home, do not have.

Rules wash PVC windows

Not to harm the aesthetics of plastic window, it is important to observe a number of rules cleaning. The circumstances must be taken into account - when cleaning the newly installed windows, and to launder the old spots effective are different methods of harvesting.

The main recommendations are as follows:

  1. Watching and wash better in cloudy weather, glass to dry faster.
  2. First it is necessary to wash the frame, and then clean the glass.
  3. The detergent should be applied uniformly, performing movement in one direction. Rub in circular motions should not - in which case there will be divorces.
  4. It is best suited for washing glasses alcohol-based.

In this way, in, How to clean plastic windows and window sills, no special difficulties.

The wash plastic windows in the home,
When washing windows do not make circular motions, will divorce

Washing windows after installation

Upon completion of construction works on the frames and glasses are still many traces. To properly remove them, you need to consider a few things. Firstly, We need to wait for foam drying and cut its surplus. If she got on plastic, scrape it can not - should use a special solvent or Dimexidum, which can be bought at any drugstore.

Important! Before, as a wash frame, since it is necessary to remove the protective film. This must be done immediately, the adhesive does not yellow and did not spoil the appearance of the window under the action of ultraviolet radiation.

How to clean plastic windows and window sills
Washing windows steam generator

What can wash plastic windows in the home, if they had just been installed? Because of serious chronic pollution yet, household chemicals used are not necessarily. Suffice it to dissolve several small pieces of soap in a bucket of water and wipe the window frame and a soft sponge. The window is wiped with a napkin. It must be done quickly, that does not remain divorces. This will help the special rubber scraper, which also will ensure perfectly clean glasses.

Wash plastic windows in the home
Cleaning of new windows without special tools

Removal of difficult stains

With some types of stains standard cleaners can not cope. These include:

  • Glue. It remains after removal of the protective film or adhesive tape. It can be rubbed away by using vegetable oils or dishwashing detergent.
  • Sheer protective film. If she could prisohnut, We have to use hot steam, which soften the old glue. You can then use acetone.
  • Plaster. She gets on the frame for finishing the surrounding wall window, soap solution removed, but not the first time - you need to wait, until the material will soften.

solving, than wash the plastic windows in the home, We can not resort to aggressive chemicals, even if the old stains will not scour.

What can wash plastic windows in the home
Washing sill microfibre cloth

Despite, that the sill is somewhat different from the frame appearance, it consists exactly of the same material, therefore, tools and cleaning rules are similar. The only difference is that, that the window sill is rough, because of what the scrub pollution can be tricky. We should not resort to the use of hard metal rags and sharp objects - it will spoil the view window. Windowsill will clear the same, than can be washed plastic windows in the home - the usual non-aggressive household cleaning products.



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One comment on the record "Tips for washing of plastic windows, chemical and folk

  1. Windows always start to wash the outside of the. First, the plastic itself via Cif, it is very well launder heavily soiled window, especially after winter. I do my first glass of water and dishwashing detergent, then I wash off and rub detergent glass Mr muscle, and dry cloth designed for cleaning windows. After windows are clean and without any streaks. The kitchen often yellow plastic inside due to gas, of these I get rid of spots with the help of Domestos and Cif, always helpful and plastic acquires its natural white color.

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