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How to plaster the slopes on the windows without experience?

Question, as a plaster slopes windows, It can occur in two cases: slopes were once made, but in need of repair, or none at all. It does not matter, when the windows were installed and from which they are material, often the builders of this issue do not want to deal with, and the owners are forced to plaster the slopes. This procedure is simple, and learn how it can be anyone.

Why apply slopes?

These elements are necessary not only from the inside, but also outside of the window. They perform the following functions:

  • decorative: they make a complete window, can decorate it, help give a certain stylistic direction
  • With the help of slopes finish can hide assembly components, traces of foam and other construction activities.

Oštukaturivanie window slopes helps get rid of excess moisture on the glass, make the room warmer, eliminate drafts, increase the level of silence.

Plastering window slopes
Prepared slopes for plaster

What is required for operation?

How to plaster the slopes on the windowsRun finishing slopes yourself can do without a lot of experience, it will require only read the instruction and to acquire the necessary tools, which include:

  • Building level.

Council: to use the best long tool, which will see exactly, Do bevel at the large scale has not occurred.

  • rule (most commonly used aluminum).
  • Roulette.
  • Capacity, which will be stirred solution of, gain water or primer.
  • Spatula convenient size.
  • Master OK.
  • Grater for cement.
  • Sealant gun.
  • Profiles and strap.
  • Small auxiliary tools, such, like a knife, pencil, Brush primer.

Council: before the plastering slopes on the inner side windows, Organize goats. Use a stepladder uncomfortable, you can fall or drop the bucket.

How to make a solution for plastering?

Plaster diluted with water, however it may be different consistence and hang on how much fluid was added to a mixture of. May differ and the very composition of the substance. Ideally, for the mixture should be similar to semolina. For those areas, where the humidity is high or the street, better use of the composition, containing cement.

Plastering of window and door slopes
Finished dry mixes for plastering

Decide, than plaster on slopes inside windows, not difficult, as in most stores you can find ready-made mixture for this purpose, but slightly different composition of matter. For outdoor require cement species. If the work will be carried out indoors, gypsum mixture can be used: it is convenient to use, hardens quickly, It has an optimal consumption.

Before you begin plasterer surface, you need to close all the gaps, it can be done with the help of a construction foam. Also it needed to cover the surface primer.

Council: It works better in a headdress, because, falling from a height, plaster might fall on your hair and freeze. Get rid of it would be difficult.

Plastering of window and door slopes
Preparation of the solution for plastering

Order of works

Plastering window and door slopes It needs to start with the preparation of the area for this. First, the window opening clears, remove dirt, dust, degreased surface and fill voids with foam. When the foam hardens, the excess can be cut. Do not need to worry about her appearance, plaster still close mounting material.

In order to make the joints do not get wet, they require a special seal tape, which can be bought at any hardware store. Windowsill assembled before, how to start plastering. This will allow the right to close up the gap with foam and give additional strength to the structure.

Council: If the window is already ready for operation, installed underneath the battery, mounted sill, available accessories, it is best to close all these elements film, otherwise the plaster can stain them, prisyhaya and getting to the surfaces of the work on time.

plastering slopes plastic windows carried out after, the elements of the slope permeate primer. It is needed in order, better to plaster fell on the surface of the wall. Priming is chosen depending on the wall material. There are different types of it, designed for wood, concrete, other materials. You can not start work before, than the primer dry completely. At room temperature, this is about one day.

After the slots were sealed, early to think about plastering. Required to put a vapor barrier. It looks like a film, However, it is possible and sealant. The purpose of this layer is to protect from moisture plaster. If we neglect this milestone, slopes may deteriorate over time, they will begin to appear condensate, possible fungus, plaster will start to soak and crumble. Besides, the film will help to avoid drafts.

Council: sealant must be frost-proof. Usual, which is used in the room, in the winter and lose their properties destroyed.

The excess material must be removed immediately after application of the substances, to do so it's best with a wet sponge.

How to plaster the slopes on the windows
Plastering slopes after installation profiles Glov


Work with the composition is necessary at a temperature above zero, if the composition of gypsum, it is no less +5 degrees, cement - +10. Each solution has certain requirements, their manufacturer has on the packaging, the proportions need to abide by the, as instructed.

The plaster slopes on windows within
Preparation of slopes for painting

Plastering door slopes begins with the installation of angular profiles. They will be required to protect the slope from mechanical damage, as well as provide orientation beacons. After that, the guides, and can begin to cause solution. In order to obtain a clean slope, You need to put it to work the corners and on the level of.

Council: plaster is applied in three layers. Before applying the second first must carefully dry: it will take about a day, so do not think, that the work will take a little time.

After the last layer has dried, it can be cleaned with sand paper and coat primer paint.

Conclusion: as a plaster soffits, it is easy to learn, learn this skill, you can almost immediately. However, you need to immediately prepare to, that this process is time-consuming.



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