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Ways to protect the window from intrusion

Most often criminals come into the room through the door is not, and through a window, especially for private households, dachas, Apartments, located on the first and second floors. The reason is, the window is much easier to open, than even a simple door, that's why topical protection from penetration of windows. There are various ways to protect themselves from such incidents, what we describe below.

What methods of protection exist?

In order for the offender was unable to crack the plastic window, manufacturers offer several options for protection. Optionally for this install bars on the windows, which will spoil the view. Available options might include:

  • Installation solid glass with a special coating.
  • installation of shutters.
  • get up.
  • Using the lattice.
  • Application alarms.

Windows coated in combating crime

Protect windows from penetration in the country or in private buildings can be quite invisible to the eye. Such methods of defense against intruders include glass with a special film. It is applied at the factory, when he made double-glazed window, the task of this material is to protect the glass from breaking.

Protect windows from penetration in the country
Window, coated with anti-vandal film

Upon impact, the glass will not sleep in the form of fragments, pull it out to be quite difficult, if you do it from the street. This glass is not only more durable, but also safer, even if not to take into account the possible assaults to housing. If you accidentally break the window, the room will not be dangerous sharp splinters. However, the protective film on the windows of the thieves are not able to create an obstacle to professional criminals, which simply pull the broken glazing.

The protective film on the windows of thieves
The complexity of the plan at home helps a thief to hide

The use of roller blinds to protect the room

Solve a problem, how to protect the window from intrusion, It is possible by means of roller shutters systems. Their use greatly complicates the opening window. Rollet is an aluminum structure, which is installed on the outside and has a retractable blade, is rolled up, if you raise it up. Movement occurs on special guides. Quite often you can see similar products on the windows and entrance door of the store. The apparatus is equipped with a lock, to reveal his bare hands will not work. Thief need power tools, which attract the attention of strangers.

How to protect the window from Pierce
Roller shutters with locks

Rolls have the following positive features:

  • Reliable protection against the penetration of windows, so breaking the construction materials at hand will not work.
  • The material is not afraid of the frost, moisture, It has high strength.
  • Aluminum does not rust, does not rot, thereon is formed a mold.
  • It is possible to choose how to control device. It can be manual or mechanical drive, therefore not have to open roller shutters manually, You can use the remote control.
  • Lamella have additional features, they are in the closed state is not passed into the room light, good protection against dust, noise from the street.

Council: if you need strong slats, purchase construction, equipped with stiffening ribs. They give extra strength and do not make it easy to open the window. For ease of application can be equipped with an automatic system, which will close the shutters at a predetermined time.

blinds - a high-quality protection for windows from thieves, but they are quite expensive, because not everyone can afford such a remedy. Also, this method is relevant, if the housing are permanently. Installing blinds in the country and not visiting it during the winter period, in spring you can be surprised to find themselves lack of shutters.

There are two types of devices - built, and overhead. The latter are cheaper, but since the frame is outside, it can be removed if time. In order that the frame remains in place, it can be secured with a bolt locks. The integrated design is more expensive, but also more reliable, you can not get it from the outside, which ensures a high degree of safety and space themselves rolling shutters.

The use of shutters as protection facilities

Shutters can be different. Some designs can be used not only as a decorative ornament, protected from light and dust, but also used to protect the windows from the penetration in the country or in the house. such shutters, usually, It looks like two wooden or metal shutters, with internal or external locks and locks.

Protection against the penetration of windows
Shutters with locks the outer and inner

If you are using a tree, the hardwoods used, eg, oak. The following types of shutters:

  • overhead: it is convenient to use, if the structure is ready and is used. They are often used in close proximity to the outer edge of glass wall. The downside of such a structure is, that it rests on its hinges, an attacker can unscrew.
  • Built-in design. Unlike the previous, just remove it will not work. Keep these shutters anchor bolts, which are arranged inside the opening. Such shutters are equipped with internal locks, and they are quite serious protection from thieves window.

If shutters are made of metal sheets, they are able to cope better with their tasks, moreover, the metal is not exposed to fire. The design is well suited for the protection of a country house in the winter. It may seem like a steel sheet or lamella, disposed apart by a small distance.

The use of the classical version in the form of lattices

The traditional solution to, how to protect windows from thieves, is the use of arrays. In order to bend the rod does not have sufficient strength and the breaking, its cross section should not be less than 16 mm. Round or square, it does not matter, grille must not be hollow. To design does not spoil the appearance of the facade, it is possible to arrange and decorate figured forged elements.

Protect windows from thieves
Lattice stationary outer

Council: good combination is the intersection of horizontal and vertical rods. They not only create smaller holes, through which a person can not get through, but also make the design more rigid.

Grilles provide affordable and high-performance protection facilities. However, some disadvantages are also present:

  • The metal must be regularly painted, but it is still subject to corrosive changes.
  • If the lattice opens, the thief is easier to get inside; if not open, It better protects, but it is a violation of fire safety rules, as it will be impossible to leave the building through the window in fire.

The following types of bars on the windows:

  • stationary: mounted inside the window opening, usually, when building a house. This grille can not be removed, not dismantling the window unit. It is a serious obstacle to entering the premises, but get out of it will not give.
  • swing: mounted on the outside of the box, have two swing open shutters, which is lockable. The thief will be able to open the lock, However, such a grille meets the requirements of fire in case of fire can be opened with the key.
  • sliding: elements can if necessary move away to the side, moving on runners, or folded like an accordion. parts, in which the web moves, hidden from prying, and the lattice itself lockable. As the functionality of the device is different from the swing. The only drawback is the questionable reliability of the frame.
  • Overhead mounted atop the window opening in the corners. Fixing occurs due embedded in the wall bars. To remove it very difficult, if the lattice is welded, it can only cut off a grinder, that thief is problematic.

The use of gratings of different types - the most common way to protect the houses and private buildings from outsiders, it is inexpensive and accessible way. Many gardeners lattice made themselves, which welded of rebar.

Protect windows from penetration in the country
Internal grille with lock

modern method: use alarms to protect

The introduction of a modern tracking system or alarm system will significantly reduce the criminal activity, would not allow an attacker to take away from the value of the premises. The sense of alarm is, that the house was set in motion sensor. Besides, can be a sensor, responsive to opening windows or doors. Once the system has noticed an intruder, it sends a signal to the control of private security, and after a few minutes the guards order to arrive to your home.

Protection box from thieves
A variety of advanced security systems

It is a reliable way to not only protect the home from abuse, but just to catch the alleged offender. However, security firms charge fees for their services, therefore not suitable for all citizens of this solution. Besides, to the room telephone should be held, and if there is no fixed telephone, the system will not notify alarm station burglar.

Conclusion: thought, how to protect the window from intrusion, You can find a lot of effective ways, which can moreover be combined with each other. for example, installing rolling shutters and alarm, you quality secure your home: until the offender will open canvas, alarm to sound, and security officers arrested the attacker.



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One comment on the record "Ways to protect the window from intrusion

  1. Protect windows penetration is necessary only if you live on the ground floor or in your home. But in my case this is the first floor. Area we have not really calm, many addicts and alcoholics in the neighborhood. I can not say, many of which can be taken in the apartment, but of course you can, especially since this is not our apartment, and a removable, suddenly, then again try to prove something. In the summer we plan to put bars on windows, as very often open windows, during the day I'm at home with the child itself, suddenly, nothing I can not even make. And at night often leave the windows open in the summer. In general, I think, that the best protection against the penetration of- it grates on windows. Another alarm is a good thing, but not deshevyh.Hotya about it, we are also thinking, if the hostess is not against.

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