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Assembly of plastic windows from measuring to installation and mounting

Plastic windows are popular enough: in modern apartments the developer installs them, and in the homes of old buildings gradually change the owners themselves. Assembly of plastic windowsnot the most complicated process. Designs are sold ready, made to order in the desired sizes. Everything, you need - is to install in places fittings and sash and the window itself set into the window opening.

To Get You Started, in order to economize?

usually companies, producing window, provide additional services for their installation, but it is worth it dearly, as well as hire a master privately.

Price of window largely depends on the manufacturer, the material used, design complexity, size, Togo, you buy a finished product or order individual. Expensive window done and finishing slopes. The average cost of installation is 50% of the cost of the design. therefore, if you want to save a considerable amount, better to take a ready-made plastic windows; assembly and installation of this should take place independently.

How is the dismantling?

It does not always get to buy window in the house, which is still under construction and does not have windows; often have to deal with this problem, as removal of old design. In fact, no problems, these works do not cause, However, in order, to spend their, you need to know some of the principles of, have certain tools. Careless disassembly can not only destroy the old structure, but also cause damage to the window opening, that is much more serious, especially if the old window you still going to throw and not re-used.

Instructions for installation of plastic windows

installation plastic windows, User is invited to contact, uncomplicated, but before you get started, We need to solve two problems:

  • Pick up new windows correctly. This will require not only to the corresponding measurement, but also to solve, for what and under what conditions will be operated by a new window. The fact, that manufacturers offer windows of different thicknesses and different designs, may differ opening system. for example, irrelevant to the south thick glazing, and are not suitable for the northern regions of the two-chamber. The living room should not put a single chamber design. opening support system has no impact on the room heat, however, affect the use of comfort design, as well as its cost.
  • Installation of PVC windows Manual provides start with the precise measurements of the window opening: if you spend them wrong, the new window may not be suitable in size. If it proves to be slightly less, it is fixable, and install it still possible, but if more, then your money will be wasted. That is why if you are in doubt, that will be able to measure accurately and correctly, better order froze in that company, where you will order the window. Zamerschik usually comes for free. Measure the window opening is necessary from the wall of the wall, the design should be at 2 cm less on each side of the opening, because you need a place to align the window, foam. If you order a box of the same size, and that the opening, install it will not work properly.

Instructions for installation of plastic windows with their hands
Installation Manual of plastic windows with their hands says, it must first carry out the dismantling of old windows, otherwise the new will be nowhere to put.

Council: when dismantling the old structures try to pull it out completely. Easier to break window, but it can cause damage to the aperture, complicate the work, because the individual elements have to pull out one by one. If you remove the old window carefully, it can be used again.

It is not necessary to break the old glass, as its fragments will be further hinder, the same applies to the chips on a wooden frame, so it should not be sawn.

Assembly of plastic windows

Instructions for installation of PVC windows for dismantling. Last should be carried out as follows::

  • First shot of the window sash.
  • frame to file, but not until the end, then pulled using scrap, trying not to break the window opening. You can not rasp, but it will take more time.
  • If the old window, too plastic, they can be removed, cutting through the foam core, on which they are kept.

Council: The more accurate you shoot window, the less work to fix on opening.

Vacant window opening must be thoroughly cleaned, for this you can use a metal brush. Garbage, even small, You need to remove, desirable to remove dust and degrease. If there are gaps, they need to be close, to a new window is not blown. You can then move on to the main stage - installation of new PVC windows.

dismantling window
dismantling window

How to mount a plastic window?

Instructions for installation of plastic windows does not require complex skills or extensive experience. Enough to pay attention to the problem, after analyzing all the details of. Rules window installation is usually the same regardless of whether, a product of the firm. The sequence of actions should be such:

  • Window, which is sold by a, must be dismantled. You do not need to pull out all the elements, simply remove sash from the frame. Make it easy, unscrewing the hinges. Such a procedure is required in order, to not break and does not stain the glazed window at installation, and are more likely to set the frame correctly, as the flap will not only interfere with work, but also to add a minimum of 20 kg of the total weight of the window structure.
  • The frame may be secured to the window opening by means of foam or rock bolts. Before you fix it, you need to put the right frame, using the level and special prorate, which are made of plastic and slips under the bottom frame, to align it. After the frame is fixed, they are removed.
  • Instructions for installation of plastic windows provide strict parallel arrangement of the window relative to the floor plane. Only in this case mounted on its place the flap is opened and closed correctly, it will be possible to avoid distortions.
  • After the frame is installed and securely fastened, can be hung sash back. If you use assembly foam, it is impossible to put items before, it hardens, otherwise change the design of the mass will lead to the inevitable misalignment, and the work will have to re-prodelyvat.

Council: during the installation of the frame is required to form the gaps. Get rid of them, you can use the foam. This method does not take long, quality seals all gaps.

Installation of plastic windows, instruction
Assembly of plastic windows Installation of PVC windows Instructions

When applying the foam need to distribute it evenly. Layer should not be too thick. If the gap is large, causing a layer of foam, wait for, until it hardens, and then apply a second layer, if required, and the additional layers, after setting the previous. In the last set sill, mounted slopes.

Conclusion: plastic windows, assembly which does not take long, They can be set independently. This will help save money on assembling services.



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