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Sound-proof wallpaper

Звукоизоляционные обоиIn our modern 21st century, often when the ambient noise does not stop, day, or night, have to think about the quality of his protection. Out of the situation found a modern engineers together with scientists. Repair of apartments with their own hands It becomes exciting experience.

Solving the problem - the sound-absorbing wallpaper. This is a normal basis of ordinary wallpaper: textile, paper or plastic, but on the surface of the pile. That is, the front side of wallpaper covered with a fibrous material. By the sound-absorbing wallpaper is true is another kind of wallpaper. This cork wallpaper. Here as well on a regular basis with a thin layer of natural cork glued. In addition, cork, except sound-absorbing abilities, It has also antibacterial properties.

Basically absorbing Wallpaper glue on the wall in children's rooms, in disco halls, home theater and other premises, need extra protection from the sound.

Useful tips papering the walls with sound-absorbing wallpaper

Sound-absorbing wallpaper glued much the same, as conventional wallpaper. The only difference is, that the sound-absorbing wallpaper is much heavier than normal. Therefore, they use a special glue for heavy wallpapers.

Before you start pasting wallpaper, Prepare everything you need. For applying adhesive to the cloth wallpaper - kleysternuyu brush, for promazyvaniya wallpaper edges and corners - high brush, for smoothing wallpaper - rubber roller, for smaller jobs - scissors, roulette, for trimming wallpaper - a sharp knife, for layout Wallpaper - table.

Once again carefully inspect the walls. If there are irregularities, if necessary further walk sandpaper. A rough crack seal the filler. Make sure before starting work in the, the walls are dry. otherwise, pasted on a damp or wet wall wallpaper, simply will not stick, and all your hard work could be meaningless. From old wallpaper better try to get rid.

Wallpapering start from the window, including sound-absorbing. Better glue joint to joint, since they are fat. otherwise, when pasting overlapping, will be visible seams. And vice versa corners, mucilage vnahlest, because they are often uneven.

Wallpaper stuck to well, during 5-8 minutes, let them soak glue, and only then proceed to hang wallpaper.

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