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modern wallpaper. A kind of wallpaper for the walls, specifications

Разновидность обоев для стен фото

Among the most common and heavily used methods to update your interior space can be called the design of the walls and ceiling. fast, and that much important - quality, change the design of walls and ceilings can be done, using traditional wallpaper. Of course, type of wallpaper choices play a significant role, Considering that, that the range of modern building materials extremely large and diverse. This website article renovated apartment with his hands consider some basic types of modern wallpaper for walls, which can be purchased at any hardware store and some important characteristics.

Modern non-woven wallpaper

One fairly new, but very well-known types of modern wallpaper, are non-woven wallpaper. This kind of building material is based on a nonwoven, which is a good substitute for paper. Through the use of this material, operational and decorative features have been enhanced wallpaper. change texture, drawing volume, lighting, and many other parameters, which give a unique effect walls, ceiling and overall interior space as a whole. The distinguishing feature of this material is, that it is not deformed (It does not change its size) when wet and dries. This is important in the case of gluing wallpaper with your own hands butt. If you decide to glue these wallpapers, the adhesive should be applied only on the wall. This kind of wallpaper can be glued to the wall (ceiling) of any material.

washable, Vinyl wallpaper for the walls and ceiling

Моющиеся обоиIf you are going to hang wallpaper and know in advance, there may be a need for them to wash, then preference when choosing the material necessary to give a vinyl varieties of wallpapers for walls. A huge range of these species Wallpaper can simulate a lot of building materials. Vinyl wallpaper are very durable and long-lasting, and they can be washed, if necessary,. Along with all the advantages of this variety of building material, there is a disadvantage. It lies in the airtightness of the material, although, at the present time, work is underway to eliminate this "minus". This kind of wallpaper for the walls and ceiling varies in density, texture and other parameters. Adhered modern vinyl wallpaper, should take into account the, that they have a sufficiently high degree of linear deformation, i.e, stretch when wet and narrow after drying, Consider these characteristics. Given the relatively high weight of this type of wallpaper and its features, before applying them on the wall, We need to determine the extent of wicking glue wall. If the glue is absorbed quite rapidly, you must perform a special priming emulsions. Gluing of wallpaper is executed back to back. Expel the air from under the canvas stands with a roller.

Wallpaper for walls under painting

Обои для стен под покраскуAn interesting solution is to frequently change the interior by means of pasting wallpaper for painting. If you wish to periodically "refreshing" its premises, then this kind of wallpaper is for you. For example, You can use the wallpaper for painting vinyl-based. They have specific features, that allow them repeatedly repainted. These wallpapers are available in different color versions. A huge variety of decoration of these wallpapers allows them to pick up any interior space.

One rather interesting type of wallpaper for painting can be called a modern glass-fiber group. The most important difference of the variety of wallpaper from all existing types is their highest fire. These characteristics allow the use of the building material in areas with low fire resistance. Along with this advantage, fiberglass wallpaper are very durable, elastic etc. This wallpaper allows withstand cleaning using brushes. Apply the wallpaper can be, practically, on any type of surface, thus extending their use to a large extent.

Considering paintable wallpaper, one can not forget about flizelinovom representative. At all, the variety of modern wallpaper, It was considered above, but it is worth noting, that among the huge assortment of this group there are also paintable wallpaper. when painting, non-woven wallpaper is very similar to vinyl, but at the same time, they are very flexible, durable, durable ... See also how to glue sound-proof wallpaper, If you want to lower the penetration of noise in the room, usually use them in children's rooms.

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