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How to prepare the wall for wallpapering

This coating will not soon go out of fashion, given the variety of assortment in stores, it is quite popular. But over time, the color and texture of obsolete and need to be changed. To be well prepared for wallpapering the walls with his own hands, first need to clear them from the old coating.

Background of paper desirably pre-softened with a soap solution containing a small amount of glue. If you put this solution to tight or waterproof wallpaper, they should be cut and rubbed. When they softened, they can be easily removed with a metal spatula. This procedure should be repeated, if the first attempt failed to clear. On difficult sections can try to iron wall through a wet cloth.

It should also be noted, that dual-layer vinyl wallpapers have a bottom layer. In order to remove the top layer of the coating, you need to make fine horizontal cuts. The second layer can be left, if it is, of course, is firmly in the plaster.

If your walls are painted with oil paint or enamel, then you need to clean up the sandpaper. To remove the whitewash, you can use all the same trowel with soapy water. If the layer whitewash little you can do the usual hot water and a sponge is necessary to moisten the surface.

To fix minor damage on the bare areas, use gypsum plaster or a special putty.

To a new wallpaper is well kept they need to stick to smooth, dry and clean walls. When gluing thin paper wallpaper, pre-stick liner paper. After you have completed to prepare the wall, You can safely proceed to wallpapering their own hands.

Technology remove old wallpaper - advice professional masters

When in the process of repair of an apartment we reach new stickers wallpaper, there is the problem of removing the old. And this should be done very carefully, even if the old "keep very firmly". After all, a little piece of old wallpaper, left on the wall, can significantly spoil the view of the future. how? First of all, he may subsequently come off trite ... together with the new. Secondly, even the most subtle wallpaper will be visible under the new wallpaper and wall it seems not perfectly flat. Well, third, under the remaining pieces easily develop mold and other microorganisms.

Before touching the wall prepare:

  • ordinary warm water, or even better to remove liquid wallpaper;
  • steam generator (or steam mop), which apply water to the walls is much easier;
  • Tiger wallpaper or roller with needles, or any other device for the perforation of end wallpaper;
  • Two different spatula to remove the soaked and punched the wall with wallpaper. Different - it's a, and narrow, but both - equally sharp.
  • polyethylene film, which should be enough for the flooring in the room, and which will fall and crumble all, What used to be on the wall;
  • masking tape, which is necessary to glue the film to the baseboards around the perimeter. The same tape we glue outlet, not to hit them in the water, dust, paper. And indeed, the wiring in the room it is desirable to disconnect.
 removing wallpaper roller
Moisten wall roller

Yet it would be good to have a knife for drywall, a bucket and a sponge (although it is more convenient - Tray, and a paint roller).

Ideally use a sprayer to remove wallpaper.

 removing wallpaper
Use sprayer for removing wallpaper

However, and may need something else.

Well - all cooked: Getting Started. And further actions depend on the type of wallpaper. The least effort would require vinyl wallpaper. They need to be incised wallpapering tiger, then drench and leave for a while. Liquid gets under the resin layer and the adhesive begins to dissolve. Then take the upper edge of the web and remove in one piece. They should not be torn because of the strength of PVC layer. What if, something will remain on the wall of the base paper, Moisten with water and is easy to remove with a spatula. For non-woven wallpaper and cleaning action similar to. They are also strong enough.

But with paper wallpaper is necessary to tinker, because they are easily torn. Therefore, good wetting surface, methodically remove portions thereof. Using water instead of a special liquid for removing wallpaper, work will be much easier. And if it does add a little glue for pasting wallpaper and wallpaper to dry, then quite simply. If you do not have a special liquid, "Otparte" wallpaper using the steam generator or iron with steam generation function.

But not water soluble PVA and will have to detach the wallpaper with a spatula by hand or use a grinder. Consider protection from dust! Liquid wallpaper and fiberglass are also removed as a non-woven.

There are cases where it is difficult to remove the paper taped to the wall with the addition of PVA and it does not help water. Method removal adhered to the wall of the newspaper is to use a gas torch or hot air gun technical.

But all is much more difficult, If the old wallpaper glued to drywall. Water can not be used, will have to seek special funds, solvent adhesives. And - little by little, spatula, carefully remove the former beauty. May God give you patience! We hope, the new wallpaper will look perfect, because on a wall or a piece of old left!





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  1. My husband and I twice made repairs and self-pasted wallpaper. We chose vinyl wallpaper. The walls were far from perfect (Khrushev), but this wallpaper hidden flaws. Glue was easy. the main thing, choose a good adhesive, not save, and work fast. But the ceiling has been more difficult, but alone it is really.

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